Here’s a very interesting story about damage
to the Trump brand. Now, I don’t want to be confusing here because in total, the presidency
has been very profitable for Donald Trump and his family. They’ve continued making hundreds
of millions of dollars in total. Much of it they’ve made by using their positions of power
and privilege in the oval office to make that money trumps hundreds of trips to play golf
at his own golf clubs, for example, funneling government money, your money, taxpayer money
into his businesses. But there’s another side to this. And the Trump presidency has done
some pretty major damage to one of the things that Donald Trump values the most, which is
his brand and his popularity and whether people like him. This is one of the big motivators for people
like Donald Trump and for Trump specifically. And a lot of Trump branded condo buildings,
for example, have removed Donald Trump’s name from them. Uh, not wanting any association
with Trump even even by name, but in Chicago there’s something very interesting going on.
The profits that Trump’s Chicago hotel are reportedly down 89% and Trump’s company is
saying that violence in Chicago is a reason for that downturn. Now understand profits
at Trump’s Chicago hotel are down from nearly 17 million in 2015 to just 1.8 million in
2018 according to documents that were filed with cook County, even though Trump has been
funneling money into that hotel by holding campaign events there and doing all of the
things that we know him to do as a president to self enrich. The Trump organization’s explanation
for this is that number one, Chicago is down as a market overall and that the perceived
threat of gun violence has harmed a visitation to the destination. Now the problem with this explanation is that
gun violence are not downmarket, are not. Other hotels in Chicago are doing just as
well or better over the last few years. It’s Trump’s hotel that is suffering. Interestingly
as well, Donald Trump’s Washington DC hotel, which of course has been patronized by all
sorts of world leaders and diplomats when they visit D C is also struggling and Eric
Trump recently said, quote, this is just an amazing thing to say. People are objecting
to us making so much money on the hotel and therefore we may be willing to sell it, maybe
abandoning that business altogether. I love how Eric says it like it’s unfair. Yeah. People
are objecting to having a profit center blocks from the white house from which you self enrich
thanks to being president of the United States. People have a problem with that and rightly
so and rightly so. So Trump and his kids, you know, they love to repeat that the presidency
has been terrible for them financially because they stepped back. Trump has separated from the businesses. There
are great moral, ethical people who have missed out on a lot of money they could have made
if Trump wasn’t president, do not be confused. Being president has allowed Donald Trump in
totally new ways to funnel money directly into his pockets, but there are also some
specific cases where even Donald Trump’s corruption and self enrichment attempts can’t override
the DNC has done. There are specific cases, see in a DC in Chicago as examples where Trump
being president has so disgusted people that they simply aren’t going to hotels. That’s
a good thing, but it doesn’t make Donald Trump self enrichment schemes any less disgusting
as far as it involves the golf clubs and all of the other stuff that we’ve talked about.
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