S2 – Trueheat’s all purpose gas cooking equipment features quality stainless steel construction
and a modular design to offer total flexibility. S3 – 600mm gas cooktop and oven range models
S4 – 900mm gas cooktop and oven range S5 – Gas cooktop and oven range features
* All purpose gas range with static oven * Powerful open burners
* Stainless steel ?nish * Fabricated stainless steel oven racks
* 100% flame failure device to all burners S6 – Gas heated, heavy duty barbeque models
B60 – 600mm and b90 – 900mm Features:
* Heavy duty cast iron radiant hoods and grates * Stand with fully adjustable shelf
* Full width grease drip tray * Stainless steel finish
* Adjustable legs S7 – Gas single pot deep fryer csr42g with
20 ltr. Capacity Features:
* Thermo tube design * Flow-tube baffles
* Wide cold zone frytop * Stainless steel frytop
* Aluminized sides S8 – Gas salamander broiler with stand
Features: * 2 x 14mj powerful high speed gas burners
* Full width cooking tray * Cooking shelf doubles as branding plate
* 100% flame failure to all burners * Dual burner controls
* Stand with salamander brackets S9 – Trueheat cooking equipment
Trueheat equipment is versatile enough for any commercial cooking needs.