The TSIDs are True’s single duty deli
cases. TSIDs come in the following sizes: 36, 48, 72, and 96 inches. TSID’s oversized,
environmentally-friendly gravity coil refrigeration systems provide high
humidity to preserve sliced meat and deli products and holds to 38 to 48 degrees
Fahrenheit for fresher food. The exterior of the TSID is a durable and permanent
non peel or chip white laminate vinyl. The interior of the TSIDs has an
attractive NSF-approved white aluminum sides with stainless steel floor and coved
corners. TSIDs come standard with positive seal self-closing doors which
preserves interior humidity. The versatile and durable stainless steel
top provides a surface that can support equipment such as registers, sales, and
point-of-purchase novelties. Low height units are available to provide a countertop space. TSIDs come with low UV emitting fluorescent lamps, which allow
products to be enhanced in faithful color. Lamps are safety shielded, assuring
longer, brighter, shadow-free illumination. The entire cabinet is foamed in place
using ecomate, an environmentally-friendly insulation
offering zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. The
TSIDs have an oversized and balanced refrigeration system, which ensures
faster temperature recovery and shorter runtimes in even the busiest of food
service environments. Each unit is designed with an extra large energy
efficient, low e thermal insulated glass to maximize your cold product
presentations. Many accessories are available for TSIDs. Please contact your
local food service equipment provider for more information.
Certain features and benefits may vary by country or location. True’s TSIDs.