True’s curved glass display cases
include refrigerated, dry, and dual zone units and come into following sizes: 36,
48, 50, 59, 60, 72, and 77 inches. Make sure to leave
adequate room for the cabinet’s dimensions. Each model offers oversized
environmentally-friendly forced air refrigeration. The curved glass cold
LED display cases hold 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit — ideal for meats,
cheeses, and salads. All other curved glass cases hold 38 to 40 degrees for
other refrigerated items. Dry display cases are available as well as dual zone
units, which feature both dry and refrigerated compartments in one unit.
The exterior comes standard with white laminate. Five additional color options
are available at no charge or stainless steel with an up charge. The interior of
the curved glass display case comes with an attractive NSF approved white
aluminum sides, top, coved corners, and high-impact plastic floor. A stainless
steel floor comes standard on all display cases. These units come standard
with heavy-duty PVC coated wire shelves as well as other shelving options such
as glass or stainless steel mezzanine. Each model comes equipped with positive
self-closing low E thermal insulated rear doors. Versatile and durable
stainless steel top provides a surface for support equipment such as registers
and point-of-purchase novelties. Insulated double-pane curved glass front
provides extra large viewing area to maximize bakery product presentations.
True’s curved glass refrigerators tilt forward for easy cleaning. The curved
glass display cases are designed for convenient access, fast service, and an
attractive display. Each has exclusive top and shelf position interior lighting
with fluorescent lamps, which are low UV emitting. Cabinets are available with
optional two and a half inch casters or 6-inch legs at no charge. The entire
cabinet is filmed in place using Ecomate — an environmentally friendly
insulation offering zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming
potential. Curved glass display cases have an oversized and balanced
refrigeration system, which ensures faster temperature recovery and shorter
run times in the busiest of foodservice environments. Many accessories are available
for curved glass display cases. Please contact your local food service
equipment provider for more information. Certain features and benefits may vary
by country or location. True’s curved glass display cases.