True’s TBB 24 inch deep back bars come in
a variety of sizes and styles. There are three different sizes to choose from: 48
inch, 60 inch, and 72 inch long. Made with quality metals, 24 inch TBBs have a
stainless steel countertop and either heavy duty wear resistant laminated
black vinyl front and sides with matching black aluminum back or a
stainless steel exterior. Galvanized top versions are available to fit under
existing bar countertops. The 24-inch back parts are available with solid or
glass doors. The glass doors are made of low e double pane thermal flasks with
extruded aluminum frame angles and are available in swing or slide door. The
doors are fitted with a 12-inch long extruded aluminum handle, easily
removable gaskets, and locks. On the interior of the TBB-24 you will find a
stainless steel floor and heavy gauge galvanized steel walls. Food-graded models
are available with stainless steel interiors. The cabinet comes with two
adjustable heavy duty black PVC coated wire shelves per door. To show off the
product, each door utilizes a full-length patented integrated door light system
using fluorescent T8 bulbs. The entire cabinet is foamed in place with zero
ozone depletion potential, zero global warming potential Ecomate foam. TVB-24s have an oversized and balanced refrigeration system that ensures faster
temperature recovery and shorter run times in the busiest of food service
environments. Many accessories are available for the 24 inch back bars.
Please contact your local food service equipment provider for more information.
Certain features and benefits may vary by country or location. True’s TBB-24s.