The Bakers Pride BCO Cyclone Convection oven is known for cooking food evenly and quickly. In the rare case your unit
won’t heat or the convection fan won’t turn on, the following troubleshooting
tips can help you figure out what’s wrong. Let’s get started. Even if the door
is slightly cracked open it can prevent the oven from heating or the fan
from turning on. Open the doors and see if there are any obstructions before
closing them. Make sure they’re sealed shut. If the door won’t seal shut ,see if
the metallic door seal is cracked or the hinges are out of alignment. The
microswitch also could be broken. This part will need to be replaced by an
authorized technician. If the doors are sealed shut, check the control to see if the unit is off. Still not working? Make sure the
power cord is plugged into the wall outlet. If it is, see if the disconnect
switch is turned on or a trip circuit breaker needs to be reset in your
facility. If the previous possibilities aren’t the cause, you might have to have
the igniter repaired or replaced by a technician. Well, there you have it! Those
are some easy tips for troubleshooting a Bakers Pride Convection Oven. If you’re
still having problems, contact an authorized service technician for
assistance. This is Parts Town signing off. We’ll see you next time.