Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. And today we’re coming at you from Boulder, Colorado at Centro Latin Kitchen.
Today we’re going to talk about upcoming trends in your glassware. First, let’s talk about stemware, or the lack thereof. Here, we have an Excalibur wine glass by Cardinal.
The nice thing about this is that it’s made from fully tempered glass so it’s going
to resist a lot of the wear and tear from the nightly grind at your bar. As well as
it has a nice feature of a tall body that slightly narrows at the tip to help trap in
the aromatics of the wine. Here, we have a stemless wine glass that’s a much more current
trend going on in the scene. And the nice thing about the stemless is exactly that, it’s
stemless. So there’s a less chance of your bartenders knocking over your glasses. Here,
we have the Perfection glass by Cardinal. Next let’s talk about the versatility of
your common glassware. Here, we have something you would often put soft drinks in and here
we have something you would often put your mixed cocktails in. However, if you think
about it, you can also put your soft drinks in this Islande Hi-Ball glass as well. The
nice thing about this glass is that it’s the only glass that features nice, tall straight sleek
lines on the side, as opposed to this one that has a curved belly. Also, you think about
portion control. Yeah, you’re a little scared at first of using a smaller glass for your
soft drinks, but that can work to your benefit. Smaller portions also means less waste at
the end of the day. As the craft beer trend moves forward, it’s made us rethink our barware with the same, thoughtful care that we do with the brews themselves. As more craft
breweries start to use these specialty glasses, we as drinkers start to realize that it does affect the aromas and flavors of the brews themselves. And here we have a Belgian beer
glass, the thing that makes it a Belgian beer glass specifically is its unique tulip shape
that helps trap the aromatics of the brew. Next we’re going to show you a fun take
on some unique shapes to replace your common pint glasses. For instance, we have this shape
that resembles your common party cup. Or we also have this uniquely shaped beer can styles.
They also come in a chalkboard version. The nice thing about these chalkboard versions
is you can help identify specific customers or specific brews that you’re trying to showcase.
You can also further customize your glasses by adding your logo And here we have specialty
glasses, like this Excalibur Margarita glass. Unfortunately it only serves one purpose, serving
margaritas. As great as that may sound, it unfortunately takes up a lot of real estate
with this large bowl on your shelf. So, you’re starting to see a new current trend where
a lot more establishments are starting to serve their margaritas in this rocks glass.
Looks just as nice, a little more upscale, saves a lot more space and you can even put
in this fancy ice cube. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, leaving you
from Centro Latin Kitchen with a new take on your glassware. Cheers!