hello everybody! hello everybody!!! today is our last day at the beach yes today we will make a video to show you.. see you later.. see you later! here we are! is that the house? no go up there over there to the right 91. it’s nice, alone. let’s put it this way? go down a bit, because it’s a bit short yes, yes. wait, I watch you from there wow he turned on the light right away look mom.. what? here we have no, not there.. go on.. ah, there is.. look baby.. how beautiful here! here.. here what is it? do you want to eat shrimp? yes? there is nobody! but it is still early my love.. daddy.. what time is it? we are the first! baby, we are the first! they’re already there.. wow.. let’s see what’s there Italian stuff.. Italian stuff.. good.. good let’s see if there is your favorite ah this is.. where is the shrimp let’s see what is there there is sausage, there is meat there is not there is not! there is the chicken take the chicken potatoes.. go a little bit there with that one there yes so take.. these potatoes here yes and then there is dessert of course my love let’s choose what you want these potatoes here potatoes.. with which chicken? with this one here is this for one person or?? this is turkey, right? chicken is this one here because it is too big for you yes? wait.. daddy if he couldn’t finish.. can you eat some? he want this one here ok you take that.. yes, yes and where is for Steven? it is here! only this? to the beach you can already hear the wave yes so go.. walk properly, Steven! look at mommy.. say hello to mommy.. hello mommy!! you have to look where it is written, the beach I don’t know, or it is up there what’s up? hello.. I can hear the sea!!! Steven, it is right? slow down! oh my God this.. it is the sea!!! where are you? hello!!! what a wave! tomorrow .. let’s go tomorrow morning look at mommy! hi.. we were there a long time ago, right? the parking area we were there.. and that would be the Burger King? there was already Burger King before? tonight, take the chicken from the restaurant there.. I already ate that one, I didn’t like it you didn’t like it? no baby didn’t eat, I ate there! tennis court ah do you remember that.. we sat there look at this tree here.. my goodness! and this is the children’s area this would be the.. candy club there is nobody! there are no children? and this would be the??? there is still.. there is still but but it is from 4 o’clock daddy.. my love, they do not exist anymore it is polygon baby.. what is polygon? that is what you shoot! yes, that with arch it is open from 4 o’clock it is also dangerous, to shoot but do you remember that.. they drove here.. there is no longer here that little train that car was here yeah but this would be the children’s playground, right? yes, the track was here. we are really.. in the nature here.. my goodness! let’s say to keep a place like this.. it is not only for summer but for the whole year for the whole year! I was wondering.. if someone comes.. during winter they said yes, my father asked them. oh yeah.. health centre is here this would be here let’s see if it is open maybe it is closed? the people are still sleeping.. ah look at that one! this is the gym, yeah it is already open there are some people we just want to look around. of course.. it is open all day? yes, exactly! from 9:30 until 19:30 everyday yes, everyday. for the gym you have a free access until 13:30 pm yes and in the afternoon you can come but with 17 euro for entry then we come in the morning ehh in the morning it is always, the time.. it’s a little bit it is ok let’s go tomorrow yeah let’s see.. here is for reservation, you can if you want here are all the informations and all the treatments ok thank you! goodbye! thank you! let’s go tomorrow? I would like to buy a burger!!! the one with… found something? a bit of chips look at these the chips.. we still have something? I need gloves here it is but the size M L all L it’s the only one.. come on the mozzarella and buffalo.. its not there the cheese baby tell me.. where we are going? candy club so tonight, we are going to the candy club!!! yes this one, no! nooo.. strange! this yes! nooo no this yes this is very beautiful! the color one is beautiful