Hey guys, my name’s Monica and I’m here
with Jetsetter.com in the beautiful French Riviera. I’m gonna take you around the fabulous
Nice and Monaco, but first you have to like this video and subscribe to
Jetsetter’s YouTube channel. I’m gonna hit the beach so let’s go. So the promenade and the beach here in
Nice is one of the most iconic seafronts in the whole of France and it
stretches for seven kilometers. That’s all the way from the airport to the castle
here and, as you can see, it’s popular. It’s very busy, and it has been since
Queen Victoria used to come holidaying here and now it’s become the
place to spend the season. I’m in the market in Old Town in Nice
and it’s called Cours Saleya. It changes every day so sometimes you’ll
have fruits and vegetables, sometimes it’s flowers, but today, it’s antiques
that are on show which is my favorite, so let’s go check it out. This is amazing. Okay, so we’ve got some Bob Marley, some Jimmy Cliff… Everything is so unique and diverse.
One of the things I love about this market is that it’s full of antiques and
hidden gems around every corner. Just a 15-minute car ride or it’s 20
minutes on the train and you’ll end up in Monaco. It’s small and glamorous. It’s
famous for its Formula One, its super yachts, and it’s actually the second-smallest
country in the world. It’s so hard to choose where eat in Monaco because everything is incredible. This area is
known for its seafood, its French cuisine. I chose to dine at La Marée which is a
Michelin-starred restaurant and it overlooks the gorgeous Port Hercules. Can I get the king crab with asparagus,
zucchini, and grapefruit? Yes, sure. And the tuna tartare with
spicy mango. Good choices? Yeah. Very good choices. Okay good. So good. This is amazing. If you’re lucky enough to be in Monaco
in September then you might catch the Monaco Yacht Show where the world’s
largest and most luxurious yachts are on display. Let’s take a look. So the Monaco Yacht Show is Europe’s
biggest in-water display of large yachts over 20 meters. It started almost 30
years ago and now there’s 125 yachts on display and almost 600 exhibitors. You’ll
see luxury cars, ship brokers, builders, designers, and luxury brands. It’s nighttime in Monaco right now and
the only place to be is at the Monte Carlo Casino which I’m heading to right
now. So make sure you like this video and subscribe to Jetsetter’s YouTube channel.
There’s no cameras allowed in the casino, I’m afraid, so you’ll have to wish me luck.