I’m Nicole Isaacs and I’m in beautiful Tuscany Italy. I’m here with Jetsetter, a luxury travel
magazine owned by TripAdvisor and I’m staying at the beautiful Il Borro
resort owned by the Salvatore Ferragamo family themselves but before we get
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always be up-to-date to the newest travel trends Hi how are you? Good to see you again. Thanks for having me. Welcome back to Il Borro. Thank you. So will you just tell me a
little bit about the history of Il Borro Well this is a medieval village we can
see here in our background is a village that dates back to 1039 so almost a
thousand year old medieval village it was you know the feudal system in Italy
so you would have the farmers that would be live in the village and the noble
families that would stay in the main villa back there and then the last
owners which was the Savoy-Aosta family from which we purchased the
property back in 1993 and so the immediate approach was one of transforming the medieval village into a hotel so now as of December 2013 we are
a relais and chateau five-star hotel property. in a medieval village so there
is an incredible element of authenticity and there is a really unique experience. Alright can we just take a second
because this Villa is the most beautiful Villa I’ve ever seen with the most
incredible view the medieval village right in front of me it’s breathtaking
I’m giving you guys an exclusive tour of this villa so let’s go check this out. This is incredible So this is the master suite it’s the Royal bedroom there’s 10 guest bedrooms in this house a 24/7 residential staff that’s at your disposal at anytime you want for the
royal treatment. There’s a sauna an indoor swimming pool. I mean it has it
all. The land has been completely put to work We have today about a 1300 hectares about 3,000 acres of land where we produce our own
vegetables, olive oil, honey, bees and of course our wonderful wines that we have
back here everything produced 100% organically this is the concept of Il Borro Food is the heart and soul of every
place and here at Il Borro they really really take pride in their food to make
it such a special experience tonight I couldn’t decide if I wanted pizza or
pasta my biggest problem in Italy so I’m gonna make both. We are making tomato sauce from scratch. Right now what we like and we do for tomato sauce is use the most fresh
part of the vegetables you just use some extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic,
some salt and pepper Super simple. When it’s fresh you don’t need much ingredients right You just need to take care of the ingredients Smells like garlic, fresh tomatoes, and you can really
smell the basil too it’s very strong okay oh and then you cut it like this
and then down it’s all about the finesse tagliatelle alright so the pasta is almost done
right I’m gonna add in a little bit of olive oil Some basil. I love basil alright my first bite here we go. Oh my god it really melts in your mouth Wow so good. What do you say buona Time for pizza We’re making pizza? Yes let’s do it. they do a pizza night every Wednesday
night and it’s from 7:15 to around 10 o’clock and the guests can come and they
can order for different types of pizzas I like lots of cheese on my pizza. Too much. No really? and they can watch them make it right in the brick oven right here. Mamma Mia look at this pizza. Here we go Good? Woo! It’s so flavorful. It really is
amazing. she’s like nibbling my arm right now Alright we are riding through the most incredible vineyard right now I’m
on pinky He’s a Irish horse and he keeps stopping to eat so he’s like me always eating I just got off the most amazing horseback ride of my life
in the middle of a vineyard There’s a farmhouse behind me, grapes, mountans this
could not be any more Tuscan. So beautiful so as you can see the grapes aren’t here yet they’re not in season but at Il Borro they make their own wine and I’m about to find out everything that there is to know about winemaking and grape harvesting and obviously wine taste
which I’m very excited about so let’s go Oh yeah that’s so smooth it’s very nice.
Yes this is a lovely wine So this is the Alessandro del Borro 2012 100% Syrah another fantastic product from Tuscany. Shall we try another wine? Sure! Why
not absolutely now let’s try the Il
Borro Toscana 2015 just a great wine blend of Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah. Cheers yeah this one to me is a little bit more poignant appointment like it has like a little
bit of more of like a jarring but like a good jarring like it’s just more
powerful to me a little stronger this one is more smooth like more
creamy, smooth. Very good very good. Absolutely. See I’m learning wine lingo. Alright cheers. Thank you so much for having me again. Thank you so much for coming to Il Borro. This is one of my favorite places in the world, honestly. It really is. if you’ve enjoyed this video like and
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