Hey guys, Ryan from Pause The Moment here
and today I’ve got a brand new expert travel tip for you guys. Today I’m going to be showing
you how to save $25 on your next hotel stay using the hotel tonight app. Okay for those of you who have been living
under a rock let me give you a quick rundown about what hotel tonight actually is. Hotel
tonight is an awesome little app that every traveler should have on their smartphone.
Well, at least every traveler that wants to save money. If you’re the type of traveler
that likes to book last minute hotels and find really good deals, you’re going to love
this app. Basically how it works is hotel tonight aggregates and gathers up all the
unsold rooms in the hotels in your area and then it serves up those unsold rooms to you
at deeply discounted rates. Realistically the deal is great on both sides of the coin.
The hotel has unsold rooms which are not going to sell tonight and its just going to discount
the rate in order to get you in there and fill the room. On the other side of the coin
you have you, the consumer, who is looking for a last minute hotel and you’re looking
for a deal in your area and hotel tonight just serves up all the local deals. At the
end of the day its a win-win situation for everybody involved. Alright, alright so now you want to know how
you can get $25 off your next hotel tonight stay right? Well, its really simple. All you
have to do to score your $25 hotel tonight credit is to head on over hoteltonight.com
where you can download and install the app. Once installed, go ahead and register for
a new account. Click on the menu to see your options, then click credits. Then click redeem
promo code. Fill in the following promo code. Well, that just about wraps up this tutorial
on how to save $25 on your next hotel tonight stay. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you’re
looking for more deals like this one and more tutorials like this one, please leave a comment
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you next time.