Welcome back. Thanks for joining me again today. Currently I am in China and I’m on my press
trip and roaming around Qinghai region. I’ve been getting some questions from some
of you about hotels and a couple of months ago, I got this comment from Fiona R. who
left like a lot of questions that were all hotel related. At first I was very overwhelmed because all
these questions and then I realized it was actually a blessing because it outlined an
entire blog post for me or outlined entire video for me so I can just answer these questions
and give you my ideas on staying at hotels. So today, I’m going to do a video for you
on tips for staying in hotels. Number one: What are some tips for choosing
your hotel? Because I have a short time where I feel it
short time in a city. I like to be able to navigate it very quickly
and easily. So the first things they always look for are
location, location, location. Obviously I don’t want to be stationed somewhere
far outside of the city where I have to take taxis to get into the cities. Now, I like to walk out on the street and
just the town is right there, and then comes other things like reviews, and you know how
accessible it is to public transportation. How close it is to sight seeing sights, right,
sight seeing landmarks. What is your security tip for entering and
leaving a hotel? Do you use a doorstopper so that no one else
can enter? Depends on how safe I feel in the hotel obviously,
I would not book a hotel I don’t feel safe in but in the case that I do, a chain lock,
I use that. I might take a doorstop with me as a kind
of things that I might use but for the most part, the hotels that I’ve stayed at not really
needed them so much. Number three. Do you leave your stuff in your room? Do you unpack your clothes, keep it away or
toothbrush or other item so that it wouldn’t get stolen? Toothbrush really? Once the cleaners get an idea that you’re
staying alone will they steal from you? I think someone else is staying with me by
having an extra pair of shoes maybe mill shoes while one of my suitcase gets stolen with
all my clothes what should I do? You can understand why when I first got this
comment I was a little overwhelmed that’s like number three A, B, C and D but no this
is all good. It’s only myself in my room I think it depends
on the typical tell that I’m staying at whether it’s a guest house or a hostel or a hotel. And what I feel at the safety conditions are. Having worked in the hospitality industry
for a brief stint. I do believe that people are very dedicated
to their work that they do and they try their best to create a good experience for people
and nobody wants to lose their job. Nobody wants to be accused of stealing. I think getting stolen by cleaners it’s probably
the exception than the rule. But at the same time I wouldn’t even leave
anything out for temptation. Or the other option that I do utilize special
I’m staying at guest houses or hotels and I feel are a little unsteady maybe the doors
seems a little too flimsy. The locker doesn’t feel stable. I will take everything with me and will pack
it in my day pack and toting that around sightseeing and it’s definitely not comfortable. Other than that, Yes I do leave my stuff in
my room. I will pack all my stuff away like any valuables
and will not leave them out. Leaving money out leaving valuables out. Leaving your computer out or your camera equipment
out, those are things I would probably pack up and stick in my bag or at least, cover
and hide a little. What I will do is I’ll put the ‘Do Not Disturb’
sign on my room so that no one comes into it might know a hotel cleaners or anything
that. When I used to work in television and campers
and I had a lot of expensive equipment in my room and so therefore I didn’t want a lot
of cleaning going on in my room because they don’t have to like pack everything up every
day before I left for my shoot. What I would do is always put out the ‘Do
Not Disturb’ sign because I just want my room untouched. I don’t want anyone to tamper with anything. I don’t want them to clean. I don’t want them to organize, no. I just want my room to be the way it is. Are they in room safes safe? I think they are but I’ve never used them. It’s all personal preference but I’ll tell
you why I never use them. It’s because I like to keep my things organized
and invisible sight, like visible sight. I don’t like to put things in spaces that
can be concealed or be invisible. Things that I can forget that I put my junk
in so, like drawers. The only thing I might do is hang up my coats
and my nicer clothes in the closet. This is the ONLY Yes I definitely go to. This might be safe? No. Still forget to look at that when I am rounding
up all my things, I don’t want to forget what’s been left in this hidden space that I forgot
I stored my things in and that can happen especially if you’re in a rush. You’re running late for your play, but you
forget that you’ve left your stuff in the safe. I mean a passport is a pretty valuable thing
that means I definitely have to go back but there are other alternatives that I will use
like for instance, I’ll put the door to not disturb sign on my door that is one thing,
I won’t get my room cleaned. It’s for a variety of reasons: One, I like
to travel a little more socially responsible. I like to be more eco friendly about things
I don’t like I don’t like waste I don’t need clean towels every day. I don’t need new toiletries; you know I’m
fine with using when I got. I feel like it’s a waste of time for cleaners
come to my room. Two, budget. I don’t want to feel like I have to tip the
time and three, and only things touched when I come in. I like to sprawl all my chargers out and I
don’t like people to come in and move them or arrange them or anything like that
Number five: What’s a good time to be off the streets? And that’s really hard question. I don’t really come back to my hotel until
it’s midnight. Because I’m usually running around and trying
to film things and as I need to make the most of the trip and most of my time I’m very aware
of everything. I don’t take anything for granted and you
know my surroundings especially if they’re foreign. But if you feel like you know the place is
sketchy or you don’t feel too confident traveling at night I think a good time to be off the
streets is anywhere from seven to nine. If you’re comfortable that maybe ten o’clock. Sure there are other travelers out there who
will suggest not staying out or going out at night, you know but at the same time there’s
so much stuff that does go on at night to completely remove them from your schedule
is kind of like removing a part of the culture in the lifestyle of that area that you’re
going into. Like when I was in India, I was in Darjeeling
at night. Yeah it gets dark. It’s very dark. But the streets are lit up and people are
roaming around it’s almost like little mini festival. Shops are open and people are you know buying
souvenirs or buying things. Families are out and they’re going you know
going for dinner or they’re just walking around strolling. So, I think it’s really up to your comfort
level. Number six: Tips. Ha. Now that’s a really hard one because I’m an
American and in America Land, tips are an expected thing. I know this is going to be a touchy subject
for some people because some people really believe in tipping. Like I should just tip everyone. That’s Western approach. In the United States tips are just kind of
like an etiquette. It’s an etiquette that turned rampantly into
an expectation. When it comes to hotels, I think it’s up to
personal preference budget and cultural etiquette. But there are some countries in which tipping
can be considered offensive, or tipping is not expected or a normal part of the working
life style. It’s up to you how you want to set the tone
of your trip. If I’m going to someplace like Las Vegas,
I might tip a dollar a day and you know your you’ll see like Chinese or Asians coming in
and staying in a hotel, they don’t tip. That’s their thing because they’re not at
tipping culture. If you’re Westerner and you go to Asian hotels,
it’s really up to you when you’re not you want to you want to tip and provide a kind
of like a thank you service to them. Now say that you’re in a hotel and you don’t
quite have the budget to tip every single day. There are two things their way out when I’m
in that situation. One, I’m on a budget and I’m feeling very
frugal. Two, It’s also part of my philosophy to be
more eco friendly when I stay at hotels because there’s a lot of waste. I don’t need fresh towels every day I don’t
need my bed to be fluffed every day I don’t need new toiletries or new soap every day. Basically whatever I come in and I get I can
use through the entire extent of my trip. I put out the Do Not Disturb sign on my door
and I don’t let the cleaner clean my room and that way, I also have a safe room and
I don’t have to tip every day and I don’t have to waste resources. Have to call like a three in one package there. So I hope this video was hopeful for you. If it was, please give me a thumbs up or like. Subscribe to my channel, you know the deal. Until then, travel safe, smart and have fun. May the GRRR be with you.