Galatoire’s you know at 110 years old– 111 years old has a great great history. But really what makes us who we are in addition to that is the fact that our customer base has been coming here for generations. We–you know I’m biased, but we truly are a thread in the fabric of New Orleans and what makes it what it is. A lot of menus evolved over time. Ours doesn’t. We really are a staple in people’s lives, and they have things that they associate with us at a certain standard and then they expect us to hold that standard and so not changing its kind of who we are. So right now it is soft shell season so what I do is we do a sauteed soft shell with yvonne topping on it, which is going to be our fresh jumbo lump crab meat that comes out of the Gulf. So I’ll do a sauteed soft-shell crab with jumbo lump crab meat, fresh artichoke hearts, button mushrooms, and green onions with minuet sauce. When we did the renovations back in nineteen ninety eight and nineteen ninety nine, we made a very conscious decision to invest into equipment knowing that that would help our consistency. So we just went with top of the line everything. And to us that means Traulsen. You know when we’re holding anywhere from two thousand to ten thousand dollars worth of wine in a cooler, the last thing that we want is overnight it is for it to go out and then come to find out that all that wine is now hot and unsellable. So we put a lot of faith in our equipment to sustain the life of our products and we found that Traulsen has been the best so far. When you invest in your facility. When you invest in high-quality equipment like Traulsen and high quality stoves and ovens and you’re not repairing them, then your team has the tools that they need to prepare consistent product. And again, that ties back to what our mission is: to put out consistent product and make it just like it used to be made. What as a passionate customer who’s been coming here your whole life–what you always remembered it to be. That’s important to us. So we invest in that.