He Wears No Ties! Subscribe. Hello this is Tio MacDonald of
the East Oakland Times reporting on transgender rights in 2015 last year the
supreme court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage at the same time the discussion of
public transgender rights entered into public discourse and the East Oakland
times has decided to address the question of transgender rights within
the framework of libertarian thought first and foremost transgendered
individuals should be respected and treated with non aggression that is to say transgendered individuals should not be insulted belittled or derided all
expressions of all expressions that fall within public decency are to be accepted while those expressions self expressions
that fall outside of public decency are fine within the sanctity of one’s home public be aware of this this is libertarian thought there is in
fact an interview with a transgender individual whose name is Dinah and the
points i’m stating are supported by her words transgendered individuals should
be treated with respect should not be insulted belittled or derided on a
technical note there are two errors that occur with this video the first is that the video is recorded
with my on camera mic and closed captions are recommended second the interview with Dinah was not
recorded in its entirety and this includes her loving salutations to
friends and the transgender community my apologies for both both errors thank you for watching this is Tio MacDonald signing out in Liberty for the East Oakland Times hello this is Tio MacDonald of The East Oakland Times reporting from the Roxie Theater in San Francisco California on the corner of 16th and Valencia. The date is August 18th 2016 and the East Oakland Times is here because of a series put on by the Gay and Lesbian Bisexual Transgender History Museum about the Compton Cafeteria Riots. The East Oakland Times has a particular interest in this issue revolving around transgender rights. Being that we are in San Francisco ahhhh a mecca for persons of same-sex persuasion. The East Oakland Times would like to get a take from people who identify as transgender on what it’s like to live in the city of San Francisco and additionally the East Oakland Times would like to get a take from people who are transgender on why heterosexual people may have an aversion to transgenders and what they think about it in all a serious talk. we have very direct questions and we are looking for candidates to give us their take. Again this is Tio MacDonald reporting for the East Oakland Times. Hello this is Tio MacDonald for the East Oakland Times speaking with a young lady who’s
working at a taqueria and we’re talking about transgender questions And the
question I have before what is your name Dinah the question i
have before Dinah is what is it like to be transgender in San Francisco? am too
close? okay. hi my name is Dinaya i’m 19 years old
from Oakland California and I would say being transgendered in San Francisco it
has perks because you know you have this idea that San Francisco is like the most
open-minded city in the world but at the same time you get those little sprinkles
of close-minded assholes who like to say a lot of really mean hearted stuff and they
don’t act on it because they see that I defend myself so if you’re going to call me a tranny
or a faggot or whatever you just want to call me out of my name just they need to be
ready for someone like me to retaliate and it’s it’s hard because most
transgender people that I know are either homeless or on drugs like you
know crystal meth or heroin so whenever I see a transgender person that isn’t
doing that sort of stuff it makes me happy because it gives me hope