[romantic music][line trilling]– This is Jennie,
how can I help you?
– Hey, look, Jennie.
My name is Spoonie Love from up above.
Um, I just wanted to call and inquire about
your facilities. I mean, your staff.
Do you have, like, cool people on your staff? – Um…yes, we have
cool people that work here. – Like, people that could keep
secrets and stuff like that? – Um…I’m not really sure… – Well, do you have
any “Do Disturb” signs? – We do not have signs
that say, “Do Disturb.” – So how do I–how am I
supposed to let the maids know to come in? – You would remove
your “Do Not Disturb” sign and then you could let us know and we can schedule
a time if that’s easier. – This is a baby boom weekend, and that’s the thing,
you know. We role play all the time, you know what I mean? – Uh…
– I know you know what I’m trying to do.
You know, I’m Spoonie Love. I’m trying to keep it hot
and together, you know?– Yeah.
– We role play– we role play, you know.
Last week… – Yeah, that weird.
Okay, so…– She said,
“Mister, do you wanna buy
some butter crunch cookies?”
And I said,
“Yeah, come on in here.Let me buy a couple
of boxes from you.”
And then we had sex
like animals, then we ate the cookies. – Okay, you–I can’t keep talking to you ’cause
that’s too racy for me.– No, I’m not
trying to be racy.
We just wanna come
and use your hotel.
– Okay, well, let me see… – We just wanna
make some babies. – All right,
let me see what we got. What is your email? – Okay…
Spoonie Love, AKA Caligula… at flaccid mandingo dot com.
Gmail, Gmail. – That is not
a real email address.– No, no,
Gmail dot com–sorry.
– That’s a weird one. – You guys are gonna
have a good time. Petey the pit bull
won’t hurt nobody. I have him on a leash.
Just sit there… – All right, so we
just have a couple of… – If you guys
wanna get involved, you’re more than welcome. – Okay, that’s too racy.– No, I’m a black man–
I’m dark.
I’m a black, dark man.
– Okay, listen.
I think that
you’re really funny, but… – I’m not being funny.
– Ultimately, I can’tkeep having this
conversation with you.
– I’m for real!
– Yeah.
– What kind of toes you got? Your toes look like skittles? – Okay, well,
I’m gonna let you go. – Would you have my baby?
– Oh, my God…all right,
I’m gonna send you an email
with all of your options,
but I really gotta go
’cause there’s, like, a line of people here
that wanna talk to me. – So what are we
gonna name the baby? What you want
to name the baby? – [sighs]
Tracy. – Wow. – Bye.
[click] [laughter]
– We’ve been had, fellas. We’ve been made.♪ ♪