Center’s Children’s Center, our family centered
approach creates a partnership between
medical teams and families that is vital to providing
exceptional care. [MUSIC PLAYING] Pediatricians, pediatric
subspecialists, nurses, and technicians are
dedicated to caring for the 6,000 or more
children we see each year. [MUSIC PLAYING] From the moment you enter
the Children’s Center, you can tell it’s
designed for kids. [MUSIC PLAYING] With 60 beds, our rooms
are large and private, with bathrooms
and space for you, or another family
member to sleep. [MUSIC PLAYING] We have many items to
help you feel comfortable. Child Life specialists
offer emotional support, age appropriate explanations of
medical procedures, activities, and entertainment. They use their expertise to help
your child understand and cope with their medical experiences. Our trained Canine
Companion facility dogs also brighten children’s
days, bringing joy and comfort to our youngest patients,
and to our staff. [MUSIC PLAYING] We believe that play is the
best way for children to express themselves, thrive, and heal. We offer children therapeutic
play in playrooms, and at their bedside to
support development, explore medical materials,
express their feelings, and feel more in control of
their own hospital experiences. [MUSIC PLAYING] For school age
kids and teens, we offer a hospital school program,
providing homework assistance, and coordination. [MUSIC PLAYING] Family lounges have all
the basics available for you to take a
moment and relax. There is a fridge for
storing food, coffee, water, a washing machine, and
dryer, and a television. [MUSIC PLAYING] Being in the hospital can
be frightening for children. At Sutter Medical Centers
Children’s Center, providing the best possible
care is at the heart of everything we do. For help getting a
referral for your child to see a pediatric
specialist, talk with your child’s
primary care provider, or call the Sutter specialty
networks referral service. [MUSIC PLAYING]