I’m Kim the Abundant Traveler and this is
the gorgeous Casa Las Tortugas in Holbox, Mexico. Welcome to this beautiful Island off the Yucatan
Peninsula in Holbox, Mexico. If you’re new to the channel, I’m Kim, and
I share weekly videos about exciting destinations and tips on how to make your travels easier
and more fun. This channel is laid-back luxury with a little
side of shenanigans. I hope that my experiences encourage you to
get out there and go. Casa las Tortugas is a well known boutique
hotel in the heart of Holbox just a couple of blocks east of the main square. As you enter the compound you are welcomed
by the gorgeous tropical greenery and a sense of peacefulness. The front entrance leads to a central courtyard
where you find a cool and inviting swimming pool. Next you cross the short bridge to the open
reception area. Here, you’re welcomed by the friendly staff
who check you in and share all the amenities of the hotel. After you’ve been checked in one of the staff
members will guide you around the property show you where everything is, and lead you
to your casita. Each room and casita is unique and all of
them have private balconies and private hammocks. We chose one of the garden casitas which were
located at the back of the property but we didn’t feel like we were missing out on the
ocean front views because it was only about twenty steps to the beach. Our room was named after Frita Calo. It was a traditional white washed adobe style
casita with two beds, traditional Mexican artwork, tiles, and a stunning painting of
Frita herself. Note this hotel and Holbox in general is very
eco friendly. The grounds of the hotel are just spectacular. It’s a private oasis with sand walkways, lush
foliage, and waves crashing in the background. The hotel has an inviting yet simple spa,
and yoga every single morning. The setup at the beach just beyond Restaurant
Mandarina is to die for. There are plenty of daybeds and hammocks for
everyone. But I do recommend you head out early and
find your perfect lounge spot before everybody else gets out there. Breakfast is included at the hotel and on
Sundays, look at what you get. Chilaquiles with eggs, green sauce. I’m ready to dig in. Holbox is known for seeing the whale sharks. Make sure to check out my video on tips for
going out and seeing the whale sharks. The hotel can definitely book your excursion
for you. If boat rides and adventures aren’t your thing,
this hotel is perfect for leisurely strolls along the beach or reading out on one of the
day beds. And while you’re staying at the hotel, you
definitely want to have a spa treatment. I chose the More Mud bath and massage. I love the simplicity of the spa and the ease
of booking my treatments. Make sure to take advantage of restaurant
Mandarina’s morning breakfast. They always have delicious coffee and pastries
and always offer fruit and granola. Also, make sure to book at least one dinner
at the restaurant while you’re staying at the hotel. It was absolutely the most delicious food
we had during our entire stay on Holbox. I hope you enjoyed this tour of Casa Las Tortugas
in Holbox, Mexico. If you’d like to know more about this hotel,
check out the description below. I’m Kim the Abundant Traveler and I’ll see
you on the next adventure.