I had a rough year.
What’s been so rough
about this year? No. – What’s his name?
– Jaime. Jaime. So are you performing below
what would you have – two, three years ago?
– Oh, hell, yes. – So we got to fix that,
don’t we?
– Yeah. So we have to sit down and talk
to John tomorrow, okay? I saw rats in the kitchen
last night,so I had an exterminator
come in here this morning,
seal the holes in the walls
and exterminate all the rodents.Now I want to sit down
with Jaime and John
after what I learned last night
and talk about it
and make sure the two of them
are communicating.
I know that this has been hard
for you to talk about.I know he wasn’t your son,but you think of him,
too, don’t you? Every day. Everybody died
a little inside on that. And it made you deal with Jaime
differently, didn’t it? I think so. I want you guys
to start communicating like you used to, John. What is it you need to say to
Jaime to open this up again? Well, all I can say is
we just start over now. It’s a new day. We work closer,
we’ll all be on the same page, and that’ll help 100%. Jon:
Look at what you’ve lost.
– If you lose each other, too…
– It could be over. So… I have a hard question
to ask you. When does the mourning end
and your life begin again? You’re gonna have
a brand-new business. You’re gonna have
a whole new future. – Isn’t it time you step up
in his memory?
– Yeah. – Rather than shut down
in his memory?
Yeah.I just, you know,
wanted to sit there and say, “We did it,”
you know? and I hope you’re… ( voice breaking )
peaceful and happy. And tell him
what it’s time to do. You need to say it,
and he needs to hear it. I got to move on. I got to move on. ( sniffles )