Hello. Thank you for joining us! This is our
travel top five list. And I’m Philip Banks, President of Legacy Travel.
And I’ve got two of my top agents with me, over here I have Terrah “Heyyy”
and Hannah “Hiiii” And we’re gonna talk about our top five all
inclusive adults only resorts in the Cancun Riviera Maya area. So that’s going to be from
a little bit north of Cancun and the Playa Mujeres area all the way down to Tulum.
And just to give you a little bit of background, I really don’t know how many times I’ve been
to Cancun/ Riviera Maya, it’s got to be 50,60, 70 times, it’s been alot!
In fact, in the next two months I’m going three times. So we’re down there alot, and
I know Terrah, you’ve been down there a ton and Hannah I know you have too.
We’ve been there alot so, this is an area that we do know alot about, we’ve been to
alot of resorts. So I’m going to kick it off, we’re going to
do top five resorts, that are all inclusive and adults only.
I’ll start with my number five propert, and that’s going to be Live Aqua. Live Aqua is
in Cancun, it became an all inclusive a few years ago and they hired a good friend of
all of ours, Alfredo, who had been the General Manager at El Dorado Maroma, and he moved
over to help it become an all inclusive and they’ve done a great job. So normally I’m
not big on the Cancun resorts compared to Riviera Maya, I prefer Riviera Maya, but in
this case, I love Live Aqua. What do you think, do you like it?
Oh yeah, yeah that’s a great property, definitely a great property. Not in my top five, but
I love it. It’s fabulous, great beach! What’s your number five, Miss Hannah?
My number five would have to be Iberostar Grand, it’s a fabulous property, it is one
of the larger adults only resorts, but even though it is large it does not feel large.
The staff is very welcoming and friendly, it has pretty good food, it has a great beach,
the beach does tend to be a little bit more crowded just because of the family resorts
next door. But overall for quality and you’re definitely wanting that luxury feel, with
marble bathrooms and marble floors, it’s definitely, definitely a good one.
Also, another thing I like about your property, Iberostar Grand, is that you can go to the
properties next door, the other Iberostars. Absolutely, absolutely.
But they can’t come to yours, but you do get to enjoy theirs.
Definitely. And if you enjoy golf, the Iberostar Grand
has golf included, one of the best golf courses in the area, right on site.
You know I actually forgot about that, I forgot about that, not in my top five but that golf
thing might make it to be in the top five. It’s a big quest for groups and stuff too
that golf for sure. It is, what’s your number five Miss Terrah?
Alright, my number five is a very budget friendly resort, it’s down in Tulum, about an hour
drive south of Cancun, it’s called The Catalonia Royal Tulum.
Really? Yes!
In your top five? Top five!
Ok. I know, i know.
I wanted to throw in a budget friendly one, not everybody can afford the Iberostar Grand.
True So yes, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches
in the area, Cathi and I got to see the resort a couple years ago and we just fell in love
with it. It was actually adorable, very authentic, alot of jungle and beach plafas??? They have
beach butler service included, overall I love it!
I’m a little suprised, to be honest with you. Number four, Miss Hannah, why don’t you lead
us off with your number four. My number four would have to be Secrets Capri.
It is, again it’s going to be a little bit of a larger adults only property but it’s
one of the smaller adults only properties. It is a quiet resort, it’s in the shape of
a U, so most of the views, most of the rooms, excuse me, that do offer an ocean view do
actually indeeed have a view of the ocean. There aren’t very many high trees in front
of the property so it’s easy to see the beach and the ocean. It’s also not a very tall property
and it does feel very intimate, you have one large pool that the entire resort shares.
It’s very jungley feeling and it does have a great great beach. I absolutely, absolutely
love it. And let me jump in here because I heard what
Hannah said, and I understand her completely but I want to clarify, when she said it was
one of the larger AND smaller all inclusives, what she means is, it’s not boutique, because
some of these ones are like 40/50 rooms, this isn’t going to be that. But compared to the
other all inclusives adults all inclusive, it is smaller when you compare it to even
the Iberostar Grand and or any of the elements. How about you, number four?
Number four, is going to be the brand new Secrets Playa Mujeres, which is just opening
just north of Cancun. All the rooms are ocean view suites, it’s a Secret’s resort so you
know the food and the service is going to be amazing, no reservations at the restaurants,
no wrist bands, no towel cards, just going to be a more easy come easy go resort experience.
You must have a lot of confidence in them because it’s not even opened yet and you put
it in your top five? Totally!
Okay! It’s a very trust worthy brand
Okay. My number four, my memory is not as good as you young ladies here. Is THE Royal
in Playa del Carmen. Now THE Royale just through an ownership change and so far we haven’t
seen any huge ripples from that so we’re getting good reviews on it, the only recent negative
reviews are that it is noisy with construction but that will be over soon, we trust. But
I love this resort because there is wonderful food, great drinks, you have your beach, but
also you walk out the front door and you are in Playa. So you could go do the nightlife
and all the fun things that you do in Playa Del Carmen right there without having to do
a taxi. It’s very convenient. I totally agree. It’s a super fun property,
alot of bachelor/bachelorette party groups love to be there because of teh close access
to the city. Now if you’re wanting a quieter resort, it definitely probably would not be
the place that you would want to go, but lots of entertainment on site for sure that you
don’t have to pay for, that you dont have to go anywhere except for the lobby to get.
And similiar, they have Gran Porto Real next door. It’s a family resort and you can go
there right? You can go over there. It’s just across the street.
Not sure you’d want to, but if you have THE Royal in Playa Del Carmen, you’ll probably
want to hangout there, it’s a great, great property.
Number three, Miss Terrah. Mine is going to be the Live Aqua, which was
your number five. There we go!
But yes, Great minds.
My good friend Alfredo is the GM there. They just do a phenomonal job, the spa is amazing,
the beach is of course picture perfect and they have a huge infinity pool. All the rooms
face the Caribbean Ocean, just top notch, love it!
And it smells really pretty on the inside. It does, kind of like the whole thing feels
like a spa. Kind of laid back and very nice place.
Number three for me, is… Now this is one that I’m going by reputation because I have
not actually seen this one yet, but we are getting great reviews from it. I know others
have seen it, it is the Blue Diamond. The guests seem to love it, has a strong management
team and they seem to be doing everyhting right. And so that is, that is one that I’m
very excited that we’ve got that new high quality all inclusive adults only in the are.
It’s a beautiful resort, it’s very pretty. The rooms are HUGE!
That’s right, you did see it right? I have, the rooms are huge! It is just luxury
at its finest and it is a very quiet resort so if you’re wanting calm and relaxation and
just a peaceful, quiet getaway, it’s wonderful, especailly if you enjoy nature and you want
to be surrounded by natural senotes??? and lagoons and just the jungle, it’s just such
a peaceful experience, to just bring you back to nature. The food is amazing and just absolutely
fantastic. Have you seen it?
*shakes head* You haven’t seen it? Yah, me either.
What is your, My number three?
Yah. My number three, to throw a Cancun one in
there, would have to be Secrets The Vine. I think it’s fabulous, I was there the second
day that this resort was open, and it was amazing! I know several other people in our
office have seen it and stayed there. It’s just fantastic when you first walk into the
property, they have this huge glass wall of just wine bottles all in the back, so it’s
just very wine focused. They do wine tastings and tequila tastings here and they have a
beautiful pier when you walk out. You just overlook the beach and the ocean and it’s
just absolutely gorgeous! When I think of chic, modern luxury I think of that property.
The ocean views are just spectacular, even the lagoon views are beautiful. You can literally
see all of Cancun. And their preferred club is actaully one of the more, I think, important
resorts to get the preferred club at because you do have a private rooftop lounge with
a private pool that overlooks also the beach and the entire resort and its just a very
luxury experience and I, I absolutely love that property.
And they have the fun piano bar that is crack-a-lackin every night.
I know, I know that it loses points for you because it doesn’t have a swimup bar right
but besides that. It does not have a swimup bar.. yah I need
a swimup bar. We did not prepare a list before we did this,
so just so you know that. I think it’s down to number, our number twos. And so my number
two is Secrets The Vine. So ditto! What is your number two?
My number two is El Dorado Maroma. It’s a fabulous, beautiful beach front property on
one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the ENTIRE world! Entire world, that’s
saying something! The beach is absolutely grogeous, it has the air conditioned sand
when you walk on it, your feet don’t ever get hot. It’s absolutely beautiful and breathtaking
and the ocean water is just so blue and so pretty. And it is a boutique property, I do
love it and the food is fantastic. If you want a great relaxing getaway, you are not
going to find any better service or food just anything, it’s got the whole package.
I totally forgot about THE Royal Playa… I was going to do Secrets
I would have loved for that to be on the list. I was thinking Maroma.
No, no no no, we don’t Ok so that was your number two, Miss Rominger
what is your number two? My number two is going to have to be THE Royal
in Palya Del Carmen. Really, really?
Shut up?! No wayy Yes, I love that resort. It’s right in the
heart of Playa Del Carmen. Voted top ten beaches in the world by the travel channel. It’s about
a forty-five minute drive from Cancun. All the rooms are jacuzzi suites with liqour dispensers,
royal beds, the most comfortable beds. Fantastic service, they all take very good care of their
employees there so everybody is always happy and I think that spreads to the guests. Easy
access to downtown Playa Del Carmen, overall, love it!
Very good. Thank you, thank you.
Now we are down to our number one. Number one.
I think you’ll lead us off with number one. My number one resort and favorite vacation
spot personally and for my clients is El Dorado Casitas Royale. The reason being, that it’s
fantastic, the Casita Suites are sectioned off into these little horseshoe sections,
so it feels like you’re in your own little resort when you’re really in this larger resort
that’s spread a mile across the beach, so you’re beachfront, you have this huge room
with the MORE comfortable bed, it’s a giant king sized bed with a huge jacuzzi tub that’s
so romantic, you have an outdoor shower, they actually call those the Aguas De La More??
Setting the mood, but the outdoor shower is absolutely beautiful, they have a rain shower
inside, a double vanity sink. I just absolutely love it. My favorite room category there is
the Infinity Swim Up Casita, because you actaully have direct swim up acess to the lazy river,
that connects to your own little Casitas section swim up bar, and you actually have an infinirty
pool, so you have your own private little pool right there and you’re literally just
a rock throw from the beach, you are so close. Just beautiful and if you’re actually in one
of the two story, the second story castia sections, you can actually see the ocean from
most of those. I just, again with El Dorado Maroma, with the Casitas, you can’t beat the
food, it’s the only gourmet all inclusive resort chain in the world. So it’s just absolutely
fantastic and I can’t think of any better was to spend a vacation.
There you go. What’s your number one? Nicely done.
Top that! Well, my number one is the same, it’s going
to be the El Dorado Royale. Really?
Yes, the El Dorado Royale, which is you know, part of the Casitas, I mean back in the day
it was all just one hotel but now Casitas is loaded in the system as a different hotel,
but I still consider it all one hotel. They have a really fun beach club, Guacamillas?
is also crack-a-lackin everynight. It is!
And they have a really just amazing staff, once again, and the food is always made fresh
in house, never frozen. They have their own greenhouse on site, they have perot wineo???,
they have fantastic house wine, and let’s see. All the rooms there are also jacuzzi,
jacuzzi suites and they offer 24 hour insuite dining in every room category. Overall it’s
great, especially for multi-generational groups and for wedding groups, honeymoon couples,
because everybody has a good time there. Well again, we’ve got two people in a row.
So here are a couple of these that are really good resorts, we’ve got great resorts down
in this area that are all inclusive and adults only, here are some that are like honorable
mentions, that didn’t get picked that, What was your number one?!
I’m getting to it, I’m getting to it. But you got things like Valentin. I’m really
surpised that no one did Royal Hideaway. Anyways, and Le Blanc, those are some that are still
just very good resorts, just didn’t make any of our top fives. And i swear to you, you
know, scout’s honor, we did not compare lists before we did this and mine is going to be
Casitas Royale. The El Dorado Royale complex and when I hear these two talk about it, I
felt a little bit bad because Hannah was talking about the outdoor shower and how it “gets
you in the mood” and Terrah is talking about the great night life and mine is going to
be for food. I’m kind of a big guy, I like my food and it’s got like a million restaurants,
like 13 or 14 restuarnts here. Talking about that, next door at Generations, which is a
family resort but you have access to that one, so you can go to both places. They have
amazing, amazing cuisine. You’ve got Italian, you’ve got French, you’ve got, my favorite,
which is going to be campi?? which is going to be Asian, but there are so many different
things food wise you can do. Also the drinks, they’ve got great bars in there, the martini
bar obviously focusing on martinis. So it’s by far my number one, and it feels like going
home when I got there. We all picked the same place, we did not compare notes ahead of time
probably would have been more exciting if we had different choices at number one but
it is what it is. So anyways, thank y’all very much for watching
and we will be back in a couple weeks with our next top five list.
Thank you!