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animatronics are a Disney staple when it comes to rides and attractions at the
theme parks for decades the animatronics and star tours have been the only Star
Wars characters present at the parks well that is until Star Wars Galaxies
edge this new 14 acre land features quite a few audio animatronics that
transport you to the planet of batoo now this is all happening currently at
Disneyland in California but soon you’ll be able to experience galaxy’s edge at
Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World on August 29th today we’re
gonna be taking a look at some of the best animatronics Disney has created to
date while sharing some secrets hidden details and fun facts so sit back as we
count down the top 7 animatronic secrets of Star Wars Galaxies edge number 7
let’s start off by heading into black spy outpost marketplace once you’re
inside right here beside the restrooms you’ll find this water fountain station
you may have noticed a sign on the holding tank and when we translate it
from air veg it reads warning this water is not safe to consume for most
life-forms please drink with caution now don’t worry the water is completely safe
to drink in black spy outpost but if you do go and drink from one of the
fountains you may be greeted by a little hidden surprise living in the water tank
is the one I died Noga monster and you may remember this creature from the
compactor seen an episode for a new hope well Imagineers hid this animatronic in
Star Wars Galaxies edge as a fun little easter egg and it’s also an interactive
figure since it’s activated when someone presses one of the
buttons now there seem to be a couple different
variations of movements from this creature but if you happen to catch this
sequence where it fully extends out of the water
you get a great glimpse into how detailed this animatronic really is number six the creature stall in the
marketplace is where you can find many exotic creatures and critters from
across the galaxy there’s everything in here from these cute pogs too
temperamental lost cats now this is a baby loth-cat which you can buy and take
home but in the center of the shop you’ll find the mother in her cage she’s
kept locked away due to the temperamental nature of the species
depending on the amount of people in the stall it’s an easy figure to miss but
Disney Imagineering delivered another fantastic audio-animatronic the loth-cat
was first introduced in the Star Wars rebels animated series and watching this
figure come to life in galaxy’s edge it’s a lot of fun with the wag of a tail
along with each breath the figures movements are unlimited in terms of
audio-animatronic technology but they’re very convincing seeing an animatronic
breathe brings so much life into a figure just like that sleeping monk on
Spaceship Earth at Epcot even though the loth-cat can be a bit temperamental
don’t you just want to reach in the cage and pet it look how cute she is number five we’ve checked our watch and
yes it’s time to head into Iran so roasters one of the quick service
restaurants in galaxy’s edge after following the smell of grilled meat once
you’re inside you’ll find some rant Oh a beasts native to the planet of tatooine
being grilled by this podracing engine with each hiss of the engine this
impressive grilling apparatus is powered by another audio-animatronic 8 d j8 the
former smelter droid is a brand new character that was introduced into the
Star Wars Canon right here in galaxies edge it’s easy to pull off these droid
characters with simple animatronics since their actions and movements can be
pretty robotic as it is 8 D smelter droids were first introduced in episode
6 Return of the Jedi and are usually programmed to have minimal intelligence
so having a DJ perform the simple task of grilling meat it’s a perfect fit for
this type of droid now although the figures mouth doesn’t move it does have
dialogue that place continuously in the restaurant with the echo from the domed
ceiling plus the hissing of the engine and the murmur of guests it is kind of
hard to hear a lot of it but just to give you an idea of what he sounds like
take a listen to this number four the Droid Depot is where you
can build your own customizable droid but it’s also where you can find a
couple more audio-animatronics behind the cash desk you’ll find this
cage that holds an r2 and a BB unit although these figures are confined to
this small space they actually have quite a bit of movement while
communicating with each other it’s actually quite entertaining watching
these two droids have a conversation a fun little secret with these figures
is that their colors are the reverse of r2d2 and bb-8 instead of the BB unit
being orange it’s blue and instead of the r2 unit being blue it’s orange now
there is an r2d2 replica animatronic that you can buy in the Droid Depot for
the hefty price of twenty five thousand dollars that’s a lot of money it’s a
fully functioning figure and sometimes there’s a cast member operating the
droid in the depot so you may get a chance to see this animatronic in action
as well on your next trip to galaxies edge number three over a togas Cantina
you can indulge in some delicious specialty drinks while enjoying the
musical entertainment from DJ Rex this animatronic droid is a small but
extremely fluid figure and Rex actually has a pretty rich history at the Disney
parks before becoming the resident DJ of the Cantina breakfast formerly known as
our x24 and used to pilot the star speeder ship on Star Tours
he was voiced by actor Paul Reubens who’s well known as pee-wee Herman for
galaxy’s edge Imagineers wanted the land to be as authentic as possible so Paul
Reubens was brought back to voice DJ Rex in the cantina now it’s ironic that the
theme parks Disney is building galaxy’s edge in that being Disneyland and
Disney’s Hollywood Studios are both of the parks where you can find
Star Tours in our recycled animatronics video we talked about Rex and how
although he no longer moves he can still be found in the Star Tours queue at both
parks muttering some of his old dialogue and speaking of old dialogue when
Imagineers were writing new dialogue for Rex they made sure to include a couple
nods to star tours in the cantina Rex malfunctions and just before he
shuts down he mutters this at the end of your Star Tours flight he used to say it’s pretty much the exact same piece of
dialogue and you know that famous Star Tours chime yeah that one
well Rex’s reboot sound is actually the start to really exciting seeing Rex back
in action but you’re probably wondering how did he end up on the planet of Batou
well there is a story for it and it starts with Rex flunking his way at a
Star Tours he found his way into the rebellion and into the battle of jakku
in an epic TIE fighter chase Rex crashes into Batou where the Droid Smith mu Bo
finds him move over cycles and repairs Rex at the Droid Depot where he was
given the new name of r3x and in an effort to pay off a debt he was given to
auga at the cantina now we haven’t seen any sources saying Rex in the cantina
was recycled from an old animatronic from Star Tours but you can probably bet
that the original mold was recycled here in this fantastic audio-animatronic number two next we’re gonna head into
dock on Dora’s den of Antiquities and when it comes to advanced
audio-animatronic figures disney delivers big time in here
da con dar who’s the head of the black market and black spire outposts has
collected many treasures and placed them here in the shop and this big gritty
Ithorian is ready to barter with visitors who come to black spy outpost when you’re up close the detail on this
figure is so impressive with many subtle movements from his eyes blinking to head
movements and the ever so subtle cheek movements while he mumbles you’re
convinced you’re face to face with a living Ithorian it’s absolutely incredible how fluid in
life like Disney’s animatronics have gotten over the years and the fact that
he’s so large makes the figure even more impressive now doc andar is a fairly new
character in the Star Wars canon briefly being mentioned in solo
even though Doc andar can be a bit grumpy and temperamental this
audio-animatronic is definitely one of the best figures Disney has produced but
he isn’t the only highly impressive animatronic in Star Wars Galaxies edge
number one Millennium Falcon smugglers run is home to one of the most advanced
audio animatronics Disney has developed to date as you make your way through
onaka transport solutions you’ll come face to face with the droid r5 p8 and a
life-size hondo ohnaka in the pre-show and Wow is this animatronic impressive hondo ohnaka made his first appearance
in the Clone Wars and he was voiced by Jim Cummings with keeping authenticity
in check Imagineers brought Jim Cummings back to voice Hondo and his sarcastic
sense of humor is brought right to life with this animatronic Hondo is a hybrid of an a 1,000 advanced
figure which precedes the a 100 figures introduced in the 80s along with
custom-built elements these a 1,000 figures incorporate electric functions
that replace hydraulic functions allowing the figures to move in a hyper
realistic manner when you walk into the pre-show if you didn’t know he was an
audio-animatronic you’d be convinced it was an actor dressed as hondo ohnaka
that is how convincing and fluid this animatronic figure is and honestly it’s
worth experiencing Smuggler’s run just to see this audio-animatronic in action now there is one attraction in galaxy’s
edge that is yet to open and that’s rise of the resistance this trackless dark
ride is supposed to feature many audio animatronics so it’s gonna be exciting
to see what’s in store once the attraction opens so what’s your favorite
audio-animatronic in Star Wars Galaxies edge do you think we’ll see figures as
advanced as Hondo and rise of the resistance I’d love to know your
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