– What the hell is this place? There’s raw, uncooked everywhere. How does he make money here? (bluegrass music) This bar is called the Drunken Donkey. Fat Balls. So if that’s the decision they made in a brand and a sign, would you expect that they made any other decisions well? A Fat Balls cherry bomb,
that sounds real good. – We expected to come and
work and earn a living and pretty much the
American dream you know. – We ended up with the Fat Balls. – Fat Balls is whack! – I love bad jokes and historically dive bars
have really stupid names. The joke is what do you get
when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros? – Elephino and that’s the name
that he chose for his bar. – That’s a good name for a bar! (rock music) – Oh my god I hope nobody
orders any food tonight. – There’s our cook
whose name is Dirty Red. – Sounds like a nickname he gave himself. – Am I supposed to know that? Nobody orders that (bleep). – That’s Dirty Red,
that’s your cook, buddy. – Give me a (bleep) beer. – Amazing, I’m looking forward to it. (sultry music) – I took a little bit of
a bath in the dish area. (whistling) Huh? – Tip of the day, don’t get your degreaser in your pee pee, it stings. – Eh, it ain’t gonna be any
worse than gonorrhea, right? – She has flip flops on? In the kitchen?
– Kitchen. First of all, that’s illegal. Not to speak of how dangerous it is. – Yes, you have oil and
you have these fryers and grills and I mean
carrying the food and – Oh, that’s disgusting. – Megan, they sent your ketchup back ’cause the bottle’s nasty. – [Megan] I didn’t get it. That’s Susan, I didn’t do that. – But you’re in charge of the food. – I don’t know where the
(bleep) she got that from. Go ask her, I’m not her. – (shouting) But you’re
in charge of the kitchen! – Mom, get the (bleep) away from me! – [Megan’s Mom] Really, Megan? – Leave me alone! – Apparently they fight
like hell in this bar. – You’re supposed to be doing food orders. – You got people all over your bar. There’s no food orders! – Okay.
– Get away from me right now. Because you can do all of this yourself. Take it and shove it up
your, ooh leave me alone! – [Woman] Wow. – What would happen if you
talked that way to your mother? – Oh, you know exactly what would happen. – Man, I got 12 kids and 6 grandkids. I know how to cook, you
know what I’m saying? – You’re drunk. – I’m wasted! (rock music) – Everyone does basically what they want. – Shot, shot, shot, shot, hey! (yelling, crashing) – We get so (bleep) up here. Who are you? – Who are you? (smashing) – Chill the (bleep) out!
– Hey. – You better give me half of that. You hear me? You better give me half of that (bleep). – You better not be
drinking those Melissa. No more drinking. – Don’t tell me to drink ’cause I’ll take both of these shots. – This is the most obnoxious
bar staff I’ve ever seen. – [Mia] What?
– That she’s drunk and they’re letting her up on the bar. – (laughing) What is she doing? – Melissa if you fall,
it’s on your own, bitch. – [Melissa] I know. (shouting, laughing) – This is actually insane. – Look at my big boobs, guys! – Yeah this girl is all about her. – Yes, I’m beginning to understand why this bar is packed with men. – Get it, get it! (excited shouting) – She don’t have (bleep) on me. That bitch don’t have nothing on me. (blows kiss) – This is a freak show! (upbeat music) There’s Cheeks here, our bartender. – You drink that drink without me? – There’s Bunz, the bartender. (laughing) There’s Bubbles, the other bartender. Can you believe it? And these are their official names that their employers and
other employees call them. – From the looks of it, you know, they’re drinking a little boozy. That’s just a train waiting to crash. – Three shots for the kitchen. – Why are we serving the kitchen drinks? – Shots for the kitchen and
I still ain’t got no food. Shots for the kitchen
and I ain’t got no food. – Do your thing! (upbeat music) – These are employees
in uniform on a shift! (laughing) – Shots for the kitchen! – Hey tell one of the
cooks I say come here. What are they doing back there? – There was no control. These employees are
comfortable acting like that in the presence of both their owners! – That’s how we roll baby! – Well the kitchen got it
quicker than the customers. I’ll tell you that!
– Yeah! (dinging) – You ‘sposed to be on our side. What the (bleep) you talking about? Move your mother (bleep) hand. – Whoa! – Bunz, stop! (laughing, dinging) – I’m getting too old for this (bleep). (rock music) – Myself and my daughter are pretty close. She’s so negative. – ‘Cause I had to be at
your sorry (bleep) bar! – Then you wonder why I’m
not up here (bleep) night because I can’t (bleep)
stand to be around her! – There’s Richie Jr., who’s
the older of the two brothers. – Yo can you stop, please? – Stop what? – Being a fricking dickhead.
– Stop what? – And there’s Joey, his younger brother. (dinging) – Stop what? What? – Stop your complaining,
you stupid (bleep). – Okay so there’s a little animosity here. – Dude, watch out! – [Richie] You watch out! – Richie, he likes to
fight with his brother. He thinks it’s funny. – Nice job, Joey. – There’s Nika, another bartender. – They want this crispier and they said that that doesn’t look like vegan sausage. – Joey, just wash ’em off and redrop ’em. – Well you can’t rinse off hot sauce and then put on mild sauce. – What the hell are these guys doing? – [Woman] They’re
literally washing them off. – Oh! – Graduated, moved back home, and was given a free reign of a bar. – If he was anybody but their son, he would have been fired a long time ago. – I expected him to be as enthusiastic and have as much heart as we do. – I thought, hey, I can’t
(bleep) up that much. I can just continue (bleep) off and getting drunk and
hanging out with chicks. – James is incompetent by choice. – I just sit back and (bleep) play with my (mumbles) on this (bleep). – He’s an only child, college paid for. I don’t wanna use the word spoiled, but I guess I have to. – There is no excuse for him. – Why are you being such
an ass (bleep) right now? – If you had your son running the bar for nine years and it was losing money, would you attach the two? – I would make the connection. – How am I the problem? I feel as if the past few years that I’ve changed myself. I’m adulting. (rock music) – That’s the definition of insanity to keep doing the same
(bleep) over and over and expect a different result! – Jon Taffer called us morons
and he’s absolutely right. (rock music fades out)