(rock music) (slamming) – [Jon Taffer] She’s drunk. – [Man] She’s drunk. – Look at how she’s
moving her body you can tell she’s
incredibly drunk. – And shut the (beep)
up before I smack you. – The hell was that? (intense music) – [Man] There you go. – Whoa. – [Woman] Chill out. – And that’s a customer. – Hey! – Okay. – How do they make it
through a shift Michael? – I have no idea. – Both of y’all. – Bitch (beep) you ho
I’m trying to help you. – Stop. – Bitch you ain’t trying to
help me ’cause bitch I’m… – What’s good? – Girl get the (beep)
on with your silk jacket on who you think you is? Bitch you think you
Prince tonight ho. – Fuck, so what’s your point? – Shitty green (beep) jacket on. (crowd yelling) That’s probably itching
her skin last night. (laughing) – [Women] No ask that bitch. – [Woman] Bitch you got to go. – With that jacket
that’s scratching her
up I know it’s been scratching her all night
that cheap ass jacket. – Buns. (crowd yelling) – You suppose to be on my
side the (beep) you talking bout move your
mother (beep) hand. – Whoa. – Buns stop. (laughing) (bell ringing) – I’m getting to
old for this (beep). – Any bitch got something to
say bitch see me outside ho. – What? – Robert you don’t
hear all this (beep) and I’m yelling and
they’re not listening. – And I’ll beat any
bitch up outside these mother (beep) doors not on mother (beep) cameras
’cause after tonight – What’s going on? I quit this (beep) y’all
bitches won’t see me no more the rest of this week
and I swear to god I’m clocking out this my
last clock in forever. (rock music) – This is the most uncontrolled
staff I’ve ever seen. – Y’all can cash out and do
what y’all (beep) wanna do. – What did they do right
could they make a drink? – No. – Did they have the food
items that they wanted? – No. – Excuse me. – [Woman] Yes. Where is my old fashioned? – [Bartender] I don’t
have the ingredients. – Really? – Did they respect each other
did they respect the customers they are failing because
of everything they do! Let’s do this ’cause
this is unbelievable. (Cymbal music) – What happened? – She want’s to know why we
didn’t fix the (beep) floor. – Gary why didn’t
you fix the floor? – Ugh. – I think that’s like
pretty (beep) seriously. You’ve re-mopped everything
and it’s a disaster now. (intense music) – She’s worked up
now it’s gonna take a lot to slow her down. (intense music) – Look at this people are
tripping it’s a liability now are you insuring this place? – You wanna see a liability
here you go this is being a liability for the
last hundred years. – You just caused
more liability! – That’s a liability! – That’s not a liability
that’s a (beep) staff! – That’s a liability! – That is not a liability!
– It’s a liability! – This is a spectacle in
front of your customers. And your brother isn’t
doing anything about it. – [Woman] You’re a (beep) idiot
you know that look at this. (intense music) – Is it normally
like this in here? – This isn’t a liability
I’m walking on plywood. – They couldn’t drink their
drink they’re watching your sister and
Gary scream and yell and curse each other
across the bar. I think right now that
they’re just in shock. – [Woman] Everything in
your life has failed. – They aren’t even taking this into the back or
into the office. My brother look at
him he’s stressed. – It was in bad taste you
went right after my father passed away you got
in my brothers head when he was vulnerable
and you know what you did? You destroyed the bar it
never came out of your pocket my mom is struggling you suck. – You’re a (beep) bitch. – You’re a (beep) idiot man
you could say what you want about me when you (beep)
my (beep) mess with my (beep) get the (beep)
out of my face! (chiming) – [Customer] What’s that? – I’m not gonna to
tell you what’s in it. Are you kiddin’ me? – [Employee] Hey! – Customer. – You’re not a customer. – My employee– – [Customer] I’m not! – Go serve shots. – [John Taffer] Way
to go, Sharissa. She’s actually looking out
for a customer’s safety. It’s nice to see
somebody doin’ their job. – Oh, absolutely. – All I was asking
her what was in it. – She doesn’t know, We
don’t tell her our plans. – I don’t know! – What the (beep) are you doin’? – Hey! – Stop talkin’ (beep)! – What’s going on here? They’re arguing. – Tell her to go sell the shots. Amanda, hey! – Stop, stop! – Did you really just
hit me in the face? – Look at this, how
dysfunctional this is. – It’s ridiculous. – They’re all arguing
with each other. – Yeah. – [Woman] Go! – Sell the shots! Don’t sit back here and bitch. Go sell ’em! – That’s how the bar owner acts. ‘Cause you’re a (beep) bitch. – [Woman] She’s a bitch? You’re a bitch. – [Sharisa] Holy (beep),
you guys are dumb. I swear to God, I’m never
(drowned out by crowd). Stop (beep) being that way. – Are you (beep) serious? – Stop!
– Stop doing that then. – So Amanda, the manager,
and Sharisa, the shot girl, are arguing. Oh! We’ve got a fight! And they’re really beating
the hell out of each other. – It’s a full blown cat fight. – Russell! Let’s stop this. (beep) – [Jon Taffer]
She’s hitting her. – Stop, what are you doing? – Are you (beep) high? – Hold on. This is your bar! Wait a second, you’re
the manager of this bar! How dare you
disrespect that girl! – Shut the (beep) up! Get out of my face! – Where’s the
owner of this bar?! Get him out here now! Is this your manager?! Do you allow her to
beat up your employees? – No. – You have an employee
beating her up. Her head hits that concrete,
you’re out of business. – I understand.
– That’s assault! If she got hurt,
she could sue you. This is your representative. She’s beating up an employee! Why aren’t you upset?! Why am I screaming
and you’re not?! – I wasn’t out here, I didn’t– – I will scream at
you all day long! – Never yell at my wife! – I’m trying to save her ass. – You’re not talkin’ to
her, you’re yellin’ at her! – Why don’t you stick up
for her a little bit?! – Calm down!
– I am sticking up for her! – Bull (beep)! – You stick up
for your business. – I’m fighting
for her right now! – You stick up
for your business! – This girl will bury you! Fire her ass! If she’s here tomorrow, I’m not! That’s your choice, goodnight! – Thank you. (chiming) – [Man I’m hella mad. – Oh, wow. – [Bartender] I can
only take so much man. I’m telling you boy, you run anywhere near me and I’m going to kick
you in the (bleep) face. – Oh, I don’t like this Jon. I don’t like this one bit. – [Blond Woman] Wait,
Church, you can’t be coming right back here now though. Seriously, Church? – Church about to
make me hit him. – Hey, y’all got a tab? – [Woman] Fool, you crazy! – Bro, back up bro. – What’s up, for real? – Wow! – [Woman] Hey, wow! What! (shouting) (dishes and bottles
breaking and crashing) (beep) – Hey, hey, that’s it! (beep) No! – Break it up, break it up. (crashing dishes and bottles) – Look at him. (yelling) (beep) – Oh my God. – They ain’t gonna leave. – Y’all think I’m
a bitch like that? – They are still fighting. They’ve been fighting,
look he will not stop. There’s four people
holding him back. – Listen, you bleeding,
go in the bathroom. – See, he’s bleeding. – Break them up. – This is not a fight anymore. This is now a war. (police siren beeping) Oh, police unit get
those lights going that’s what will calm them down. – Exactly. – This is the perfect
example of what happens when a bar is out of control. (chiming) – Taylor just told me
she doesn’t work for me. She works for Justin. That’s what she just told me. That’s the kind of
(beep) you told me about. I’m tired of this (beep) man. – So, Taylor is loyal to Justin. She doesn’t respect
Shawn as an owner. – What you don’t understand
I own this place. – That’s nice. – That’s nice? So you work for me, right? You work for me. – I’m sorry you’re done talking? Can I speak now? I will not work for
you, get out of my face. – You know what? – So there is Stephanie,
Shawn’s wife getting in. – Get out of my face. You don’t even
(beep) know me bitch. – I don’t care.
– Let go, let go of me. Don’t (beep) assault me. Don’t (beep) assault me. You don’t know me. You don’t even know
me as a person. – Look at this! – Can you get the (beep)
out of my face please? – Bring it! That’s what you get for
calling me a (beep) bitch. You’re a (beep) whore! – This is a business place! Can you believe this? – It’s disrespecting
your guests. – You do not cry. He is not worth it, I’m serious. Don’t do that. You don’t give him the
satisfaction of that. He freaks every single
person that comes in here. – He’s crying. – To play like he’s the victim. (smash) (yells) (smash) – [Shawn] You (beep)
disrespecting my (beep) wife. You should have stepped up and (beep) got
Taylor out of here right when she did
that to my wife! You don’t respect me! – Oh my God, dude. – You took my money
and made me look like a (beep) prick dude. This place is down
because of you! – (beep) you!
– Walk, walk away. – This place is down because
I brought you on (beep) more obviously! – What the (beep) are
you talking about? – These guys are horrific! It’s getting worse
by the second. – I (beep) take care
of the (beep) place! Financially, it’s all me! Financially, that was
before I got here. – You want that side of me! Now you’re going to get
it you little (beep)! – Get the (beep) out bitch! (beep) – Go! – You’re a piece of (beep)! – Yeah, (beep) you! – Shawn, I swear to God. (dramatic upbeat theme music)