hey um this is my next video I’ll be talking about the top five best cheapest hotel and angle assistance now I would like you guys to know that these hotels they don’t pay me or anything just it’s my own opinion I usually comment that TripAdvisor you would also see my name right there about my comments you know regarding the hotels now I don’t really know all about the hotel tonight West City because I can’t enter all of them but I had this chance before when I worked for one hotel I wouldn’t say which one but probably people who so who are familiar with me even know where I work but anyway um the top five cheapest hotels my number five number five is um this is located near Fields Avenue it is new it is letter C the hotel mother Sita Hotel it’s a new hotel that’s why I always say it’s very comfortable and treat at the same time um the most expensive room could be three thousand five hundred but your cheapest room you can get it for about 1800 or so the rooms are not that big so you cannot expect a real big room in a very not you know big amount but um when it comes to cleaning and the amenities like the elevator and also the bathroom and the bed they’re always well-kept so I could say that it’s really good to stay here especially if yeah it’s a long-term stay they also have a swimming pool which is good just don’t go there during December or maybe if you’re a person like me you can’t sort of just don’t go there but they’re sinful it’s not that big and not that small but I could assure you that you can swim you can fit in there the only problem about them is that they don’t have food ah maybe whenever enough I’m gonna confined with them but just kidding um they don’t really serve food oh I believe because maybe people prefer to eat out um when it comes to its location I would say it’s only about five minutes small and then you will be that feels Avenue not exactly feels Avenue but um you would find this right you know it’s a long icarus bar and then 7-eleven you will get out and then there’s 7-eleven at the left side and the right side is Natalia hotel and then my number for my number for ah I would say um you’re a hotel your own hotel it’s a business called a business hotel usually for Filipinos uh I cannot really say it’s a motel because in my own observation ah euro hotel is still more of a business class why’s that business class they have hair dryers they could they have this little soaps and also some toiletries available they can also clean 24 hours as for the price they usually have a five if you stay there for five nights one night is for free I just don’t know if they still do that right now but when it comes to their price is quite affordable then other hotels as for the beddings I would say it’s a little bit it’s not that comfortable maybe because the Commerce are not um comforters I like con four-door squad maybe that’s my only thing but the good thing is you’re always entitled for a brief free breakfast for two this is a buffet breakfast think about not worrying your about your breakfast the next day they usually serve on ham egg jelly sandwiches rise something like that so even if your girl stays for overnight it’s okay are usually Asians stay here especially if they are booked wider tourist guides this is because a tourist guide can get about 150 per night for a person who stays under their name so for those who’ve and I got a tourist guide they’re earning from you and for those warning for the tourist guide sorry I told the other people and then my number three my number three is ah I could say so go hotel but it’s quite far it’s at the station and ah I can’t really say it’s cheaper this is about two thousand per night if you’re really going to calculate it right but the point here is um it’s not really accessible but they have these fancy rooms like a look at your own James Bond room casino room I read that in their website but it’s too far like especially if you’re a person who doesn’t really trust Philippine transportation system just like me with this one trip for a foreigner they would ask you to pay for one hundred pesos think about that if you added one hundred two hundred pesos to your next hotel it would be much better right probably you can stay at leather cheap hotels um along Fields Avenue probably great so um aside from surco hotel I could also say walkabout Hotel walkabout Hotel is cheap and good um how did I get there okay I am a person who doesn’t discriminate people I have a best friend she works in a bar oh we met true well my ex boss was her girlfriend was her boyfriend before but I I already quit my ex boss and then she still stayed as my friend she stayed there before and since her partner was not there I hang out with her they’re all so good they have comforters but it’s not really did but they have a swimming pool and it’s more of a western style and outside they have these cheap you know burgers like that and then you would be right at field stuff and just really safe as we all know the only safest place in emulous City is the Walking Street of course there is some secrets but I would advise I could say I’m so go hotel and walkabout hotel are in the middle of my yeah of my choice now you might tell me that there are other hotels like Bangkok Hotel like that well the I’m not gonna I’m gonna say talk about being Korean hotels later um now let’s move on to my second i’ll number two it would be the Vera Hotel the Vera hotel is owned by a Filipino and they also have a free breakfast and their receptions are pretty I have a girl that I really admire to employ they’re so sexy I need to diet but that’s not the point right here so um the good thing about this place in my own own observation sometimes they didn’t keep all the rooms neat what I mean is there is a room at the second floor on 202 item to want to I don’t know but the mirrors they have these patches so that’s a little bit disgusting for me but when it comes to the room itself yeah they are not big but they’re not that small but the bed is very comfortable and the Internet is good so most of the places that I’ve mentioned their internet what works perfectly but of course don’t expect like a DSL you know one and the good thing is the comforter I really love comfort or something sorry and also the location is near Fields Avenue but the problem is you have to go through you know the tricycle drivers who would bow yes sir right tricycle and it’s 100 s is slide and then the beggars sorry that’s the outside of being cheap and then it’s also beside your old hotel so um I believe that the Vera hotel is not that but now I’m in my number one actually I have two were once one would be the most affordable and then the other one is affordable ah I could say well yeah maybe three I would say Wild Orchid Wild Orchid Hotel has these small hotels in the back which are relatively cheap about 1,300 oh by the way um so go Hotel is about 2,000 a night and then walk about hotel is 1300 to 1800 I saw their paper way back and then uh the very hotel their cheapest is 1800 I think their most expensive is already 2000 plus so that’s not really expensive right especially for the location and then for my top three probably my number one hotel list um first one uh if you’re into European settings I would recommend you are the one owned by Mark Savino Oh gross were in our square it’s like a studio type room 2500 and I the only downside is the location so they’re not really having this transport service and if you’re gonna walk it’s really really far um usually they rent it out yearly or monthly one sleeps about 20 28 thousand a month but this style since the owner is so European guy an English guy you can expect you’re in London and I tell you it’s very beautiful I mean god I would die to have that room I’m dead I still don’t have it but I really like that room and yeah you can cool you can it’s very beautiful I can check out their website um allow you can just type grass were in our square like that or yeah um he has a lot of places around Angeles City so most of them have swimming pools jacuzzis and yeah he also a good guy um the owners mark Savino he’s really gonna take care of you take good care of us and he’s also a party goer I’ve known him since I was 17 I didn’t date him I work in the hotel and he stayed there he likes to party so I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be a good guy he’s also a good man by donating many things in Iowa City and you can also buy a place in his apartment mention my name so that I can get some uh you know some michael–ah a percentage right I’m telling my red jelly white uh yeah she told me about you if you’re selling a place right there I want to do I want you to give her your commission instead of going to another person why not me your day well anyway um that’s not a sign of it here it’s not about my commission but I would be happy if you do that really and and then the next top five uh this hotel is also located in for surround Angeles City um it is relatively cheap and also good mmm it’s you won’t believe it is also like a dormitory style that if you’re staying long-term it’s also good to stay here it’s koi hotel and a bar tell this is located at the back off you flew in you guys can just ask the tricycle drivers there they’re very well inform about that um it’s only 30,000 a month a month we left with Wi-Fi internet connection cleaning services you know those cheap hotels around Angliss see it’s similar with that I’m just everything is in there once you feel your 13,000 you have your internet you have your Wi-Fi you have your TV cable and then you have your internet and then they can clean your room three times a week so it’s very affordable for those people who are planning to stay a long time I have secured this they have a CCTV and they also have a now the security Guardium plus the people are really good right there um for more information maybe you can send a message right here never comment down there so that I can tell the owner but mind you they don’t pay me to do this to be honest I stayed there for about three months so it’s very affordable their per day is 1,000 pesos and then their per week is 4,000 pesos for Thompson process is very cheap for one week gray you can save a lot of money I would say it’s very about 10 minutes walk from there to SML Fields Avenue the downside is you have to cross astro park which is a little bit no creepy if you know there are beggars or things whatever but the good thing is you can pay 70 pesos at the tricycle driver so I think that’s not really a big ripoff and then by the the other one the yeah I could recommend of course one of the cheapest but not so bad Sal and Angeles City would be hmm oh oh you flip off my behind let me remember it just one minute oh okay um this is not really exactly cheap but I wouldn’t say it is also that expensive but I could say that it’s also a good place um it’s half a Hidayat um the problem is the location is really far so you’re going to pay for the transportation they have a Jacuzzi which would cost you or only about 3000 pesos and they could give more discounts they can also have room service the press outside the only problem is the transportation so it’s much better if you could point out all driver to pick you up and off there and then tell them 70 verses like that because then you can give them a call to pick you up and drop you off look it’s also good for them the 30 does this is like a disco instead of calling one by one every now and then and yeah I miss along handsome Ville I would say this place is a good place because aside from its chief price and it’s far from the noise if you really don’t like noise so yeah you can just give it a call and those are those are the cheapest hotels of course there are other cheap hotels such as Korean hotels I would love to recommend them to you but there’s a chance that you might get you know like they might remove your bookings suddenly because you’re not a Korean because they are usually prioritize Koreans and yeah probably my next video would be the worst hotels so um you might ask me why do I know these things um first of all I work for a hotel is my that was my dream before a hotel here since I was 16 until 21 and I know which service is good or not and I know when while I complain or not of course I also know the dirty secrets but I wouldn’t tell them how I don’t want to be bad from my own City right but anyway I hope you guys would try those hotels and I would type them down on the list so that you guys won’t get lost um have a great day yourself right