You’re gonna have to give me
a beer or something to be back here. Dirty Red is asking
for a drink over there. Order up. They’re probably going
be writing home about this
(bleep) I say the three of us go in,
you go back in the kitchen. They can’t serve that food. Yup. Let’s go (bleep) on them, okay? Yeah, I suppose so. You Joe? Yes.
I’m Jon Taffer. Very nice to meet you. This might be the worst bar
I’ve ever seen in my life. Okay. When was the last time
you washed your hands? When I went to the restroom. When you went to the restroom. You got a cook in the back who curses every time
he gets an order. Yes, he does. All he wants to do is go home. Doesn’t want to
cook anything, correct? Yeah. Dirty Ray. How’s it going? Who the fuck are you? Who the (bleep) am I? Yeah. I’m going to be the guy
who shows you how to run a kitchen properly.
Let me ask you a question. How many cigarettes
you smoke tonight? Two. Two. How many times
you wash your hands tonight? I want you to understand
how bad this is. I’m sitting outside watching
a cook who doesn’t want to cook and you have raw meat
and chicken everywhere that you touched.
You then make a bloody Mary. Her hands are all over
everything. Your kitchen is disgusting. Where’s the manager
in this place? I seen you coming over
to this disgusting grill. Tell me about it. Tell you about it.
You’re the cook. Who cleans this (bleep) I can’t (bleep) do everything. I cannot do every (bleep)
thing here. What’s your name? Michael. You run this place? Yes sir. Do your employees,
are they required to wash hands? Yes sir. Did they? If you’re yelling at me I might have to assume no sir,
they haven’t. Do you have a cook who’s putting
on gloves properly or not? I saw gloves on his hands, yes. Well, he’s touching raw
product with the gloves on. You don’t know what’s
going on in the kitchen. You don’t know
what’s going on in the bar. How much money
you losing a month? Four, or six thousand. How much more you got
before you’re out of money. Not much. I’ve been watching you back
and forth tonight, smoking,
asking for drinks, and you’re telling me
you’re too busy to clean the
(bleep) kitchen? You know this
is straight up lying? Yeah. You’re a Navy man aren’t you? Yes.
You’re going to battle. Gotcha. Everything is on the line,
right? Yep. Is this the guy
you’re going to battle with? -Yes.
-Really? Yes. He’s going to keep it clean?
He’s going to keep it organized? Absolutely. I think you’re both full of
(bleep) You know he won’t do
that. I know damn well he will. So, why isn’t he? Lack of training. You have to be trained
to go look? Not to go look, no. Bullets are coming at you,
and he doesn’t even know it. Have you drained the oil and cleaned the fryer? Nobody’s ever (bleep) showed me how to drain the oil,
like clean it and put the same (bleep)
oil back in there. You get paid, right? Yeah. This is your job.
This is not rocket science. This is drain the oil, clean it,
and strain it back in. You’re blowing it
and he’s paying the price. You know better.
Don’t claim ignorance. You’re not trying.
As long as you don’t try, I will bust you
and I will embarrass you because I am going
to save his retirement. Get it? Yes sir. Go clean your freaking kitchen. I will come back here tomorrow
and I will teach you how to win because right now
you’re just losing. These are straight up excuses. You’re right. You know when someone told me
earlier tonight that you want to do
a good job here and you haven’t- I do (bleep) want to do a good
job. With this attitude. This is
(bleep) And that cook, if he doesn’t
clean his mess, does he have a job here?
Does he? No. Go tell him. Take control of this
and then I will bail you out. Damn. You’re acting like
a straight idiot right now. You’re acting like you
normally act which is (bleep) Yeah, okay, I’m working.
I’m working that out. Don’t act like you’re doing me
a (bleep) favor, brother. You’re done.
I know can you just give me- You’re done. No. No, seriously Nope. Hey, Oy, Oy to Ken. (bleep) you mother (bleep)
give me a (bleep) shot. Stop now. Stop dude, stop. Are we done?
Can we chill out now? At least Travis cut him off. Get the (bleep) out of here. This is really hard to watch. My purpose in being here is you. Do you need to go in
and see him? He needs a kick in the
freaking ass, do you agree? I agree, yes. He needs to stop. Okay. Rock his world. Get the (bleep) out of here. What the hell? Remember me? Your wife?
You come home and you say, “Oh, I’m working so hard
to turn around the business. I’m working so hard.” I am. No, no you’re not.
If you were really working hard to turn around the business
you would stop drinking, you would stop cursing
in front of customers. Hey, guess what, if you came
in here and actually worked
a little bit. No. No. Josh, is actually
blaming this on Alexia. I’m going in and putting a stop
to this right away. I’m done. I am not
watching this anymore and I am not having you
take the kids down the tubes with you.
You either agree to stop this, recommit to this business
and recommit to our family. We have put everything
on the line. We have put our family
on the line. We have put your parents
on the line. You need, no. Let me just finish that. Finish that and this is over. Give it to me. Jon. You’ve been embarrassing
her all night. Leaning in on these girls. And you had the audacity,
sitting on your ass drunk to actually blame
your failure on her? It’s been tough, Jon. Oh, sure I know.
You’re working so hard tonight. How many customers
have you checked their food? I don’t know. How many people did you
make sure he rang up? You have two children
at home and a wife. You know you’re a drunk,
right? Yeah. -You know it.
-I do. You know you’re not working. So, folks,
now you know why I’m here. It’s not because
of the failing bar, it’s because
of a failing person. I think a man should earn
the right to come home every (bleep) day. You should (bleep)
sleep in your bar tonight. Let’s go, let’s just
get out of here. Get me a beer, by the way. Terry, do you care at all that
it’s illegal that you’re gambling- Hello. Did you know
that it’s a misdemeanor? I was just mentioning that. I just was mentioning
that to him. For the owner of a bar
to be gambling? Do you understand that? I do Jon. How many people have you
taken money from? You running a gambling
operation or a bar? -Which is it?
-A bar. Stop the game.
Give him his money back. Okay. Is there anybody else who lost
money to the asshole tonight? -I did.
-I did. You guys all lost money
to him tonight? He’s paying everyone
of you back right now. Yeah. Pay them all back.
Give them their money. You can go (bleep) yourself. You’re in a bar business,
you’re not a pool hustler. That’s illegal isn’t it? Yeah. Pay them all back now. Yeah. Line up. Who has money coming? What did you put on? 20. Pay him back. Let’s go. He just gave him his 20,
didn’t you? You knew how to count pretty
well when you were getting it. Yeah, yeah, I did. But you don’t count so good
when you’re giving it back. Do you? Come on. That’s what I have left
so that’s what was (bleep) gambled.
Exactly. Now you’re going
to give them back some of her money, aren’t you? You see, big shot Terry,
they’re in debt $300,000. He’s losing $2,000 a month
and now he’s going to give your bar money
back to them, isn’t he? Yes. Here’s the deal. You want me to help your bar
so you don’t lose money anymore? Yes I do. Would you like me to help you
get your 300,000 back? I certainly would. Would you like me to make you
perceive as less of an asshole? I tell you here now Jon,
there’s not one of them ever had the balls to come
and say it to me face. I did. Bars owned by assholes typically
don’t make money, do they? No. To fix the bar,
I got to fix the asshole. Good luck. But she owns part of it. She sits in a corner while you
walk around and insult everyone. Do you ever tell him
to stop? No. You’ve given up
haven’t you? Basically. Yes. So, you’re wife gave up on you
as a husband. Now she’s going to give up
on you as a business man too. Good (bleep) job.
Can you do anything right? Apparently not. Well, let’s see if you can
close your bar, empty it because I’ll have
a staff meeting in 10 minutes. Then I’ll know
how to fix it. Okay. Close your bar, empty it. I’ll be back.
Guys you got your money back. Don’t gamble with
this asshole anymore, okay? All right boys and girls, let’s pay the tabs
and leave please. Until I get me
assed reamed again. I hate starting a rescue
so angrily but when I see raw chicken
mixed with cooked product and know people
are going to get sick, I can’t contain myself. I had to go in right then
and there and stop it. -You Joel?
-I am. I’m Jon Taffer. Where’s Keith? I think he’s right
behind the bar or maybe in the kitchen. Let’s go stand back here
for a minute. Keith, I’m Jon Taffer. Hi, Jon. How are you? Let’s go in there for a minute. I have never been so angry
before. They nearly got
my daughter sick tonight. You, hello. My name is Jon,
what’s yours? Tammy. Tammy, I watched you pick up
raw chicken, all night in your hand
and then touch cooked food. Do you know how bad that is? What the hell do I do? How dare you pick up raw chicken and then pick up cheese
with your hand, pick up crab with your hand,
pick up spices with your hand. Shame on you. I have never seen anything
like this before. How many times have you
picked up raw chicken? Have you ever
washed your hands? Yes. I’m (bleep) beside myself. Is this funny to you?
What’s the deal? Didn’t see it. You didn’t see it?
She’s touching raw chicken and she’s not even
washing her hands. Don’t you know that’s wrong? -That was it.
-You do know it’s wrong? Yeah.
So, you don’t give a (bleep)? I do give a (bleep) No, you don’t care because you’re not doing anything
about it. Okay. All right. Somebody who is irresponsible
like you and gets (bleep) and doesn’t give a (bleep) Will you stop
for one second. That’s right. Like you.
You’re like a (bleep) criminal. Call me all the names you want. Why, because you know
you’re a (bleep) right? Okay, yes, I’m an
(bleep) Those people are going to know
you’re an ass(bleep) when I walk out of here too. You’re going to
get sued from this. Take that food throw it away. Throw it all away.
Shut it down. Nobody eats. Clean this (bleep) damn kitchen.
I’m the (bleep) out of here. Could of gone better. Don’t eat anything here. Don’t eat the freaking fruit
and I’m not kidding. You will get sick.
I could rescue any bar, but there might be some people
that I can’t rescue.