Paul: Brandon! Brandon!
Brandon: What? Paul:
Put some Janet Jackson on! Brandon: I’m not putting (beep)
Janet Jackson on, okay? Paul: Ew, excuse me. Jon Taffer:
For recon tonight, I found a group of girls
to pose as real patrons. That’s Jessica
and her five friends, but Jessica only
has five dollars. Her job is to find out
how many drinks she can get
for her five dollars. Jessica: Its’ my best friend’s
birthday tonight and we’re all out
to celebrate her birthday. Rob: Where is she? Jessica: Right there. Rob: Birthday shots?
Speaker 7: Birthday shots! Jon Taffer:
Look at this guy. Bartender 1:
Which one of you girls are paying for them? Jessica: This girl right here.
Rob: Whatever. Bartender 1:
No, he’s not paying for shots. Rob:
Blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t give a (beep)
what she said, give all the (beep)
pretty girls free (beep) drinks. Raul Faria:
There it is. Rob:
Start doing it. Jon Taffer:
You’ve got one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight shots. Jessica: [inaudible]
Happy birthday, Ashley! Nick Liberato:
What a douche. Jon Taffer:
Here’s what’s unbelievable. We’re seeing incredible amounts
of alcohol being consumed, but have you seen
one transaction? Have you seen $1 move
to register? Raul Faria: No. Nick Liberato:
I haven’t seen money. Raul Faria:
No one’s [crosstalk] register. Rob:
That’s why they’re failing. Jessica: We’re doing ton
of shots and beers and we’re getting it
all for free. Rob: We’re getting some shots. Raul Faria: [inaudible]
is slurring his speech. Jon Taffer: He’s consuming
more alcohol than anyone
in the whole building. Rob: Let me help.
Let me help. Let me help. I’m going to help.
Get out of the bar. Get out of the bar. Jon Taffer:
This is unbelievable. Rob: Yeah! Jon Taffer: Oh, look at this! Rob: (beep). Jon Taffer: Somebody’s going to
kill themselves. Rob:
Shots, shots, shots! Everybody! Jon Taffer: They’re all wasted. Raul Faria:
They’re all wasted. Jon Taffer: Rob is at a point
of unreasonable behavior. He’s binge drinking,
he’s obnoxious, and he doesn’t give a (beep).
So, if he doesn’t give a (beep), I’m sending my experts in
just to tell him I’m not coming. Nick Liberato:
Hey, Rob. Rob. How you doing, buddy?
My name’s Nick Liberato. This is Raul Faria.
We work with Jon Taffer and we just watched
for the past hour and a half. Just want to let you know
we’re out of here, buddy. Have a good night. Tom Gaylord: Cheers, yeah. Jon Taffer:
This guy can drink some beer. Nick Liberato: He’s grabbing
for another one right there. Jon Taffer:
Responsibility starts behind the bar. When you’re this drunk,
you cannot run a business. Tom Gaylord: Do you know why
Mickey was mad at Minnie? Because she was (beep)
Goofy. Jon Taffer:
What is he happy about? Losing 2000 a month? Tom Gaylord:
Is it like a sexual thing? Like you all of a sudden
you could start having an orgasm or something?
What happens? Jon Taffer: You can see
when Tom gets drunk, his mouth gets going, right? Nick Liberato: Mm-hmm
(affirmative), yep. Jon Taffer:
He starts speaking vulgar, starts offending women. Tom Gaylord:
You told me you were a virgin last time I asked you.
Allie: What? Jon Taffer: He’s talking about
Allie’s virginity. Nick Liberato:
Just embarrassing her. Tom Gaylord: Oh my God,
you are such white trash. Jon Taffer:
He called her white trash. You are so funny. Allie: Okay. Speaker 13:
Come on, chill the (beep) out! Allie: All right, Tom.
Tom Gaylord: You don’t know … You don’t know
how funny you are. Allie: Okay, Tom. Tom Gaylord:
Don’t get mad over it. Allie: Okay. Jon Taffer:
She’s working for him and he degrades her in that way.
Owners should not be drunk with loose lips
in their own fricking bar. Coco: Tom, could somebody
change the IPA? Tom Gaylord: Crazy girl with
her one tooth comes in [inaudible 00:03:22]. Coco: Could somebody
change the IPA, like ASAP? Tom is too much (beep)
enjoying himself, so watch he’s not
going to (beep) tell them. Tom Gaylord: Good head. Anybody complains
about the head, say you never got complain
about head before. Coco’s a good girl.
We love Coco. Tom Gaylord:
There goes a beer. Jon Taffer: You know your dad,
how drunk is he right now? Laura: He’s pretty drunk. Tom Gaylord:
George, I need a mop here. He dropped the beer. Jon Taffer: Of course we’re not
making money, Laura. We got an owner
who’s so drunk he can’t talk. I’m going to go to work, okay? Laura: I trust you. Jon Taffer:
And I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Laura:
All right. Tom Gaylord:
I drink a lot of beer. I drink every single day,
sometimes 12. I wish that people would just,
like, come in here and buy me a shot. “We’re going to buy you a shot.
Let me buy you a shot.” You know what I mean?
I would love that. That would be awesome.
That would be great. Oh. Jon Taffer: Jon Taffer. Tom Gaylord:
Tom Gaylord. How are you, sir? Jon Taffer:
Your daughter called me and says to me you’re pretty much (beep)
face drunk there every day. Tom Gaylord: Who gives a (beep)? Jon Taffer:
This is your retirement we’re playing with, right? Tom Gaylord: It is. Jon Taffer: You work
the 27 years keeping us safe. You had the fricking courage
to deal with murderers, drug dealers, right? Tom Gaylord: I did. Jon Taffer:
You saw the worst of the worst, but yet when you come here
you don’t fight for anything. Why do you insult
the people that work for you? Tom Gaylord:
I don’t realize it all the time. I really don’t. Jon Taffer: Coco, how often
does he insult you? Coco: Just about every shift. Jon Taffer:
Allie, what does she call you? White what? Allie: Trash. Jon Taffer:
That’s somebody’s daughter! Rich:
I’m the middle child. I got all the hand me downs
and nothing new ever. Jon Taffer: If you were three
weeks from closing, Ashley, would you be smiling
and drinking? Ashley: Absolutely (beep) not. Kristi: You don’t need a shot.
You’re already foul. Jon Taffer: There’s Kristi.
That’s Rich’s wife. Rich: [inaudible]
in the house! Jon Taffer: So, Kristi
is apparently very social. I understand she invites
a lot of her friends to the bar. Speaker 19:
Another thing you don’t do. Jon Taffer:
He’s completely drunk. Ashley:
It drives me nuts. I’m watching him drink,
I’m watching her drink, I’m watching all
the employees drink and I’m sitting here like,
“You just don’t care at all.” Bar Patron 1: I walk in- Rich: [inaudible]
you guys, right? Bar Patron 1:
No, this is our first time here? Bar Patron 2:
Our first time here. Bar Patron 1:
We’re visiting from Phoenix. Jon Taffer: Watch, he’s going
to figure out a way to get a little closer. Rich:
I come here once in a while. Bar Patron 1:
Very cool. Rich: Do you like
[inaudible 00:05:34]? Bar Patron 1: Yeah. Bar Patron 2:
We’ll look it up later. We’re trying to enjoy a night
of just hanging out right now. Jon Taffer: You have two nice
looking women. Ashley: Uh-oh. Jon Taffer: Well dressed,
laughing and having fun. Why wouldn’t you make sure
that they’re taken care of? Speaker 19: Of course.
Ashley: Of course. Speaker 19: They’re going to
get more people in. They’re going to get guys
to stay and spend money. Carissa: Chip’s going to get
real pissed at me right now because I’m not
serving him a shot. Rich: Whoa. Chip doesn’t
need one, buddy. Carissa: No, he doesn’t.
Rich: I have one. Carissa: Well, I’m not
trying to serve him. Chip:
She tried. Carissa:
I said I’m not serving anymore. Chip: She tried. Rich: You don’t want to party?
Get the (beep) out. Carissa: Rich. Rich:
Come on. Come on. Come on. Carissa:
Rich, he’s scared away … You’re gross. Yeah, exactly.
That’s why. Rich:
I don’t see him. Carissa:
Because they got scared- Rich: I don’t see them. Carissa:
Rich … Rich: I don’t see them. Carissa: Stop! Rich: Like that! Jon Taffer:
So this employee, Carissa, a good employee working gets
harassed by a drunk customer. Rich does nothing
to protect her. If that happened to you, you would never come back here,
would you? Ashley: No. Jon Taffer: He’s justifying not
supporting her. Speaker 19: This guy’s a jerk. Jon Taffer:
Look at, though, she’s crying. Carissa: You antagonize me.
You’re like, “I don’t see … I don’t see …” Jon Taffer: I want to see
why he’s not defending her and why he’s not stepping up,
because he should. Carissa:
Carlos is doing it. Rich:
I need the gross. I don’t have time
for this (beep). Carissa:
You know what? Me either. Rich: I’m transferring it to
[Kaylin 00:07:00]. Carissa: You know what? You do
what you got to do. (beep) Jon Taffer: How is it dealing
with an owner who’s that drunk? Carissa:
I know. I don’t know. Jon Taffer: How does he- Carissa: It sucks. [inaudible]
He doesn’t even give a (beep). He says, “Deal with it,
deal with it.” That’s my (beep) ass on the line
and I’m not doing it. Jon Taffer: Yo!
Rich: Yes, sir. Jon Taffer:
Mr. Correct Manager. Mr. Engaged.
Mr. Protect Your Staff. Mr. Be Responsible. Mr. Sober.
How drunk are you right now? Rich: I’m not sober. Paul: Brandon! Brandon! Brandon: What? Paul:
Put some Janet Jackson on. Brandon: I’m not putting (beep)
Janet Jackson on, okay? Paul: Ew, excuse me. Brandon! Brandon: You need to stop
yelling at me at the bar. Paul: Brandon! Brandon:
Why is he here anyway? Jon Taffer: I hear he’s
barely ever at the bar and when he does show up,
he acts just like this. Paul:
What the … Oh, come here. Oh, you’re kind of yum [inaudible 00:08:09]. Bar Patron 3: Man. Paul: Brandon! Brandon: What? Paul:
Put Janet on or you’re fired. Brandon:
Put her on your (beep) self. You own the jukebox. Paul: Why you [inaudible] bitch? Brandon:
Because you made me this way. Bitter and angry. Paul:
Livio, dude, what are you … What are you … Bar Patron 3: I’m not sure
what’s going on over there, but … Jon Taffer: Oh, it’s going to be
a rough week. Let’s face it. Paul is insulting
his employees verbally. He’s touching them
physically. If you make your employees
uncomfortable and degrade them, you’ll never be successful. Bar Patron 3:
Is this normal? Brandon:
That’s actually the owner. Paul: Yo!
Bar Patron 4: Okay. Bar Patron 3: So we just came
on the right night? Speaker 26: Yeah.
Bar Patron 3: That’s good. Bar Patron 4: Perfect. Paul: You getting paid
for doing nothing. Brandon: Stop yelling. Paul: All right. Oops! Jon Taffer:
What the hell was that? Paul:
If you would do your (beep) job, I wouldn’t have to
throw glasses at you. Speaker 27:
You [crosstalk] (beep) at me. Paul:
You know what? You know what? You know what?
You guys should be fired. Fill my drink on own. Chino: Paul, no, no. Paul: Chino, you’re a manager
and don’t make me ask again. Put some ice in there!
You guys are (beep) worthless. Jon Taffer: These guys
are losing $15,000 a month. He’s incredibly drunk. Screaming, abusing his employees
in front of customers. Speaker 29: In any other bar, someone acting like
that would be removed. Paul:
Livio. Dude, give me a (beep)
lap dance. Come with me.
How big’s you (beep)? Jon Taffer:
I’m going to (beep) lose it. It’s time for me to go inside.
This guy is the anti-owner. He’s doing everything wrong
that he possibly can and the days of this club
are numbered if I don’t rescue it quick. Paul: I love to party
and I’m having a good time. When he comes in,
he;s all pissed off. Ooh, I’m scared.
But you know what? Dude, he’s … Jon Taffer: Paul. Jon Taffer. Paul: Hi, Jon. Jon Taffer: How are you doing? Paul: Good.
Jon Taffer: Are you doing good? Paul: I so have heard of you. Jon Taffer:
How drunk are you now? Because I’ve been watching you
abuse your employees, disrespecting people. Paul: Yeah, because they suck. Jon Taffer:
But they work for you. So if they suck
at your fault, isn’t it? Paul: Yes. Jon Taffer: So you’re the one
who sucks, not them. Paul: I know. Jon Taffer:
Do you like being a failure? Paul: No. But- Jon Taffer: Are you losing
$15,000 a month here? Paul: Yes. Jon Taffer: You think
you’re going to turn that around cursing
at your employees? Paul: I think they deserved it. Jon Taffer: They deserved it?
Paul: Yeah. Jon Taffer: I say nobody
deserves your abuse. They deserve to be treated
with dignity. How would you like it
if I abuse you and tell you that you’re
a (beep), would you like it? Paul: I- Jon Taffer: Do you like
when I talk to you that way? Why should they like it
when you talk to them that way? If I do that, I’m a (beep),
aren’t I? Right? Paul: Yes. Jon Taffer: So if you do it,
aren’t you a (beep), too? Paul: There was no reason
to get like all that. Treat people like people. You don’t talk to people
like that and and my employees, they deserved it. Paul:
Fill my drink, (beep) bitch. Jon Taffer: Paul’s actions
are going to cause him and his employees to fail. And I’m here
to turn that around. Jon Taffer:
You’re the manager, right? Paul: You guys- Jon Taffer: Don’t you treat
your employees with dignity or get them out of here,
one or the other? Does it serve you well
to keep an employee here and then abuse him? Chino: No. Jon Taffer: How’s he going
to treat the other employees? Paul: Get me a drink, bitch. Jon Taffer: I’m talking. Paul:
Dude, give me my (beep) drink. Chino:
Paul, behave. Paul: Fill my drink.
Chino: No, no. Jon Taffer:
I think he’s a drunk (beep). Paul:
I want some more Janet Jackson! Jon Taffer:
I’d like to see you sober because as a drunk, I have no interest
in talking to you. Paul: I want a drink, bitch! Jon Taffer: This is getting
worse by the minute, and you’re only going
to make your debt worse. Paul:
I’m thirsty! Jon Taffer:
I tried to talk with Paul. He looks at me
and says, “I’m thirsty.” The guy’s been drinking
all night. Get him the hell out of here. When he sober,
I’ll come back here tomorrow and fix this bar for you guys.
Get in a cab and go home, jerk. Paul:
Okay, give me a (beep) drink and I’ll go home. Jon Taffer: [crosstalk]
and I will see you all tomorrow.