– [Speaker] The one place in
our lives that we all seek a little more excitement
in is the bathroom. Truly, it is the last frontier
for oddity and absurdity. But, thanks to some plucky
inventors and designers jazzing up the cubicles,
our toilet experience has never been wackier,
stranger, or more unique! Here are 20 of the weirdest
toilets on planet Earth. (playful music) – Amazing. – [Speaker] Number 20,
Toilets Shaped Like People. Ladies, we know you like to
go to the bathroom together. But what can you do
when you’re on your own? Perhaps instead you can visit this toilet, which is shaped like a man
also sitting on a toilet. If you can get past his
unsettling smile and staring eyes, you’ll have to sit between
his legs to do your business. But where does that leave us guys? Well, instead here’s a filthy
urinal shaped like a lady with her legs up, complete
with fishnets and high heels. If that’s not enough dismembered
female body parts for you, you can also wash your hands off in this lower back and ass-shaped sink. Number 19, Interactive Video Game Toilets. Using a urinal is a complicated
bit of social etiquette. You have to keep your distance
and your eyes forward. But what if you could use something else to distract from the awkwardness? That’s what UK-based company Captive Media has attempted with these
video game urinals. Thankfully hands-free,
players can urinate on sensors in the urinal to play anything from a multiple-choice pub quiz or skiing. Similar here is the Sega
Toylet, a branded gaming toilet experience on display
at Joypolis in Japan. Users must urinate directly onto a target in the bowl to play the
games on the screen, such as fighting simulators and more, with strength and length of your flow determining your success. Number 18, Thermo chromic Urinals. Writing your name in the
snow is so old fashioned. Besides, who wants to go outside? This urinal is instead covered
with thermo chromic paint, which means it reacts to heat. Against the cold blues
and greens of the metal, the warm urine comes up red and yellow, which is probably how the Predator also views his morning pee. This amazing piece of
technology will make sure you want to keep it all on target! Number 17, Jet-Fueled Outhouse. Good luck getting in
line for this bathroom. Visitors to the Westfield
International Airshow at Massachusetts a few
years ago got more than they bargained for when this outhouse rolled onto the landing strip. But this is no ordinary
outdoor toilet, as the inventor had combined his love of restrooms with his love of jet plane
engines to make one very unique bathroom experience. The result? A very speedy, fiery toilet. (play video) (inaudible announcer) – Talk about five alarm,
he’s redefining it out there. (backfire sounds) You’re move’n. – [Speaker] Look at that fart cart go! Number 16, The Diamond Toilet. Who says using the toilet can’t
be a luxurious experience? This dazzling example comes from Japan, where someone decided to
add a little bit of sparkle to their bathroom. This toilet contains
72,000 Swarovski Crystals, and is worth more than $100,000. But the question remains,
is it too nice to use? Number 15, Fish’n Flush. For those who like to keep pets, perhaps this next one is of interest. The Fish’n Flush toilets turn
a neat spin on the tradition of flushing your pet
goldfish down the bowl . Instead, these fish sit in a
specially-made aquarium on top of the toilet and around the cistern. Developed by company Aqua Flush in 2006, these debuted in Chicago in
2006 and retail for around $400. But do you want to be
truly surrounded by fish? This bathroom in Akashi
Japan will make you feel like you’re the one in the bowl. This bathroom cost $270,000 to install, and sits in the Mumim Papa Cafe. Users can watch turtles float past as well as all manner of sea creatures, with the experience
intended to make users feel like they’re relieving
themselves in the sea. Weird! Number 14, Toodle-loo. Here’s one for the couples among you. Why should you be apart
from your loved ones, even while in the bathroom? Presenting the Toodle-loo. A Chinese-invented pair of
toilets that sit side by side, facing one another. With this, you can really
see your partner or friend at their most vulnerable, or maybe even just continue
the conversation you’re having! Maybe even play a board game? Retailing at $1200 dollars,
can you afford not to have it? Number 13, Modern Toilet Restaurant. Finally! A restaurant that can make
you feel like you’re having dinner in the bathroom
section of Home Depot! Modern Toilet Restaurant is,
as you might have guessed, a restaurant themed around the experience of using the restroom. Originally founded in Taiwan, the franchise is growing
around the whole of Asia, thanks to its unique,
commode-themed decor, featuring seats and bowls shaped
like all types of toilets. But the fun doesn’t end there,
and the theme includes food, like this, appetizing dessert
shaped like a fresh, wet turd. Number 12, The Most Advanced
Toilet In The World. If Apple made an iToilet,
this would probably be it. The Kohler Numi toilet is
priced at a modest $6000 and may well be the piece of technology leading the robot uprising in a few years. But why so much? Firstly, it has motion-activated
foot and seat warmers. Meaning no more chilly cheeks! On top of that it has an mp3
player and a charcoal filter which will remove smells. You might not want to get off of it! Number 11, Iceland Toilet. For those who like a poo
with a view this toilet, which can be found in Mývatn Iceland, is an example of one of a few
public toilets accessible by tourists to the country
who are caught short. As well as the publicity of
dropping your trousers in full view of everyone, you can also
strip down and scrub up using the attached shower. It’s not as cold as it looks. It’s all powered by the Krafla
Geothermal Power Station which is next door, meaning
the water that comes through is nice and hot, at least! Number 10, The Urilift. You’ve heard of pop-up restaurants, but what about pop-up toilets? Introducing the Urilift, one
of 600 examples spread across Europe to combat street urination. This secret lift-urinal is the
closest thing we’ll ever get to living in the Bat Cave,
so take advantage of it! (play video) Be warned, it takes about
two minutes to rise fully, so you’d better cross
your legs while you wait! This is also available in a
slightly less impressive way in Amsterdam, thanks to these
plastic public urinals that can save a drunk tourist blushes. Number 9, Crane Toilet. Port-a-potties are a regular
feature of construction sites but getting to them is
easier for some than others. Ask any crane operator and
they’ll tell you they just relieve themselves in jars or bottles rather than leave their seat. But others get more creative. While constructing the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, these crane
drivers decided to bring the loo to them and hoisted
a whole port-a-potty to the scaffolding, so they could use it! Just don’t look down! Number 8, Egg Toilets. Sketch is a self-described,
artist conceived gastro-brasserie restaurant, which is fancy-speak for,
they make expensive food. The real reason to go to this
London-based eatery however, is the toilets. Shaped like eggs, they’re
more like sensory-deprivation chambers than anything else. Aside from the unique setting,
each plays calming bird songs to help relax you. (birds chirping) Number 7, NASA’s Space Station Toilet. Due to the forces acting on their bodies, most astronauts have to use
the bathroom within 2 hours of taking off. But it’s complicated to do this in space. To avoid any mishaps in zero gravity, astronauts have to be very careful about how they relieve themselves. On the International Space Station, bathroom users have to
strap themselves into this $19 million toilet as a
series of tubes and pipes pump the waste away from them. Because resources are limited, a lot of this waste is
compartmentalized and turned back into potable water. Aboard the additional
Zvezda Service Module, bacteria in waste is killed
with vacuum pressure, and some waste is kept for later study. Number 6, Golden Toilet. President Donald Trump is a fan of glamor. When he asked the Guggenheim
museum for a, small loan of a Van Gogh painting, they suggested something
more up his alley. Instead, they presented him
with an 18-karat gold toilet. Designed by Maurizio Cattelan, it was first made when Trump
announced his candidacy, and sat in the museum for a year, where over 100,000 people used it. Obviously, he didn’t want it, but that hasn’t stopped
others from owning their own. Like this one built by Hang
Fung Gold Technology Group in Japan, made from solid 24-karat gold and part of a whole golden
bathroom worth over $37 million! Number 5, Chongqing Toilet Complex. Ever wanted to spend a day in a bathroom like it was an amusement park? Well, grab 10 liters of water
and come on down to Chongqing. Built as the worlds biggest
bathroom, this mega-loo contains over 1000 toilets
and covers over 32,000 square meters over 4 stories. It features urinals shaped
like everything from Nuns to Elephants, and even Dragons! Number 4, Tuba Toilet. These musical urinals can be
found in an unassuming pub in Tycehurst in the UK. To complete the theme, whoever
installed them has also plastered the walls with sheet music, should you wish to play a quick tune while you’re standing there. Handy if you ever manage
to play the brown note! Number 3, Lip Urinals. For fans of the Rolling Stones, these lip urinals can be
found in a garden center in Dartford UK. Designed by Meike van Schijndel, these were originally
supposed to be tulips, which would have been a lot less weird. But maybe they just decided
they wanted something that would be… (throat clearing cough) jaw-dropping. Number 2, Vertebrae Toilet. Designed to resemble a spinal column, this vertebrae-inspired toilet
contains everything you need in one tower design. Each section folds out
individually at different levels, meaning you can use the toilet, sink, and shower unit
separately of one another. Pricey, at around $10,500 and 8-foot tall, its perfect for those with limited space. It also means you could brush your teeth while someone else is pooping! Number 1, Inax Satis. No, it’s not a magic chant that conjures some sort of toilet God. The Inex Satis is instead
one of the most cutting-edge toilets in the entire world. A powerful vortex sucks
away all of your deposits like you’re on an airplane, and its remote-controlled to
spray deodorizer into the room. It also features a massager, if you’re feeling particularly fancy. It costs $5,600 but can you
really afford not to have this, weird toilet in your life? Thanks to the inventors and
designers of these urinals and toilets, going to the
bathroom has never been a weirder experience. But what was your favorite on the list? Have you seen any weirder
toilets out there? Let me know your thoughts
in the comments section down below. Thanks for watching! (upbeat music)