[Funky Background Music Starts] From the Clown Motel to the CasAnus, we count
down the top 10 weirdest hotels. #10: Hotel Costa Verde: If you love planes
but hate flying, consider booking a suite made from a refurbished Boeing 727. It boasts
two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a large screen TV, among other things. Best of all, the folks
at Hotel Costa Verde claim you can watch the local monkeys from the terrace. If you don’t
want to hang out there, you can always head to the hotel bar, a Fairchild C-123 plane. #9: Dog Bark Park Inn: For the animal lovers
in the audience, we give you the most canine-friendly hotel in the world – it’s shaped like
one, after all. Because of its popularity, guests at the Dog Bark Park Inn have to book
weeks in advance. It’s only room sleeps four and is stocked with games, a fridge,
and a microwave. They don’t provide you with a phone or television, but you can bring
your pet with you to the hotel for a small fee. #8: Free Spirit Spheres: Looking for something
well-rounded? Try this hotel on for size. The owners offer three spheres named Eve,
Eryn, and Melody. Accommodations include a shared outhouse and electric heaters for each
sphere. Need some entertainment? You can bring along an MP3 player or tablet and hook it
up to provided speakers. Free Spirit Spheres has appeared on Extreme Homes, Beyond Tomorrow
and Amazing Vacation Homes. #7: Clown Motel: Nestled between Las Vegas
and Reno, the Clown Motel is truly a sight to behold. Every room is stuffed with clown
dolls and portraits. As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, the motel is located next to an abandoned
graveyard dating back hundreds of years. But if you
think people stay away in droves, think again. You might have to put in a reservation – they
tend to get booked up quick #6: Das Park Hotel: Have you always wanted
to sleep in a drain pipe? Now’s your chance. Each
“sanitube” at the hotel is furnished with a bed and lamp. They even offer an outlet
so you can charge your phone. Each tube has a personal door code and guests can pay whatever
they can afford for their stay. Toilets and showers are provided by nearby facilities,
but you’ll have to bring your own towel. #5: Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort: Some
say it looks like a donut. Others think it’s more like a horseshoe. Whatever it is, it
made our list. Located in Huzhou, China, this place has 321 rooms available for weary travelers.
A health and wellness center, children’s pool, and café are available for guests to
visit. Looking for the “hot spring” part of the hotel? This Sheraton offers 40 hot
springs in a special ‘spa village.’ #4: Treebones Resort: No bones about it – this
place is unique. If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to sleep in a nest, the Treebones
Resort is where you should go. Considered a luxury camping destination, they also offer
a “human nest” for adventurous individuals. It sleeps two and requires a ladder for access.
Guests are expected to bring their own sleeping bags and camping
supplies. Don’t worry; you won’t have to sit on sticks all night. A futon mattress
is included. #3: V8 Hotel: Rev up your engines – this
destination will really get you moving. Each room in
this hotel uses a classic car theme. Some beds are actually shaped like cars, leaving
you free to cruise the highway in your dreams. Don’t want to sit in your room all day?
You can head down to the sauna or get a massage. Special packages that include entry tickets
for the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Porsche Museum are also available. #2: CasAnus: We swear we didn’t make this
up. Shaped like a giant colon, this unforgettable hotel started life as an art sculpture created
by Joep Van Lieshout. For some reason, somebody thought it would be a great place for sleeping.
For the price of $150 a night, you get a double bed and a shower. Thousands of people visit
the area each year, many opting to rest at the CasAnus. We guess it’s something you
just have to get out of your system. #1: Karostas Cietums Hotel: What’s it like
to be a prisoner? The Karostas Cietums Hotel can help you find out. Guests are expected
to sign an agreement in advance. The accommodations are anything but comfortable, you’ll find
no luxuries here. Group activities are available. Hey guys fresh here and thanks for watching
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