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find us @TPMvideos. On May 31st, 2019 Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
opened at the Disneyland Park in California. This new 14 acre land transports you to a
Galaxy far, far away and places you on the planet of Batuu. For years we’ve seen the model, then we
flew into Batuu on Star Tours and now we can finally walk through the land itself. It’s really exciting! From Gonk droid footprints in the pavement
to the sounds of ships flying overhead, right into Doc Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, you
honestly forget you’re in Disneyland. It’s truly an immersive experience filled
with so much detail. There’s a lot to do and see and the land
is sort of separated into two sections- there’s Resistance Forest and Black Spire Outpost. So today we’ll give you a complete guide
to everything in Galaxy’s Edge- From shops to food to attractions. We’ll share some tips, tour the land and
count down the Top 10 New Rides, Attractions & Experiences in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge! Number 10
We’re gonna start the list off by entering Galaxy’s Edge through Critter Country. Here you’ll pass through Resistance forest,
which will soon be home to the attraction Rise of the Resistance opening later this
year. After passing resistance forest you’ll enter
Black Spire Outpost and reach the marketplace where the local vendors have set up shop. The marketplace has a very intimate feel. It reminded us a lot of walking through the
Morocco Pavilion at Epcot. The shops you can find in the market include
Black Spire Outfitters, the creature stall, Jewels of Bith, and the Toydarian ToyMaker. All of them are very small but there’s a
lot to explore. One of the other stalls in the marketplace
is Kat Saka’s Kettle where they sell the sweet and savoury Outpost Popcorn mix. The purple colored popcorn had a fruity taste,
kinda reminded me of a grape soda flavour and the red popcorn kinda tasted like cinnamon. It’s an interesting mix of flavours that
were surprisingly pretty good and its a fun little snack to walk around with. Also at Kat Saka’s Kettle and all around
the land, you can find these cool coke products and Dasani Water. Not only do they cool you down but the bottles
are great little souvenirs to take home! Number 9
As you make your way through Black Spire Outpost Marketplace, you might smell a whiff of grilled
meat coming from Ronto Roasters at the back of the market. If you’re coming up these stairs its the
circular building on the left hand side. Now inside, this pod racing engine is grilling
the side of Ronto which is a beast native to the planet of Tatooine. Here at Ronto Roasters you can indulge in
the famous Ronto Wrap, grab a piece of Nuna Turkey Jerky or a speciality drink. After trying the Ronto Wrap, we definitely
recommend getting one on your next visit. Inside there’s a sweet pork sausage, grilled
pork with a peppercorn sauce and slaw. It was pretty filling and really delicious,
probably one of the best food items in the land. As for the drinks, well what we found was
that most of them tasted the same; they all had this fruity, sweet lemonade taste. So once you’ve tried one, you’ve sorta
tried them all. Ronto Roasters also offers mobile ordering
so that can save you time but usually the line to grab food or drinks here wasn’t
too long at all. Number 8
If you follow the droid tracks in the pavement, they will lead you to the Droid Depot. It can be found directly across from the Frontierland
entrance on the left hand side. Now once you’re inside, you enter one of
the coolest looking workshops in Black Spire Outpost. There’s droid parts around every corner,
from BB and R series units along the back wall to the various leg and body pieces moving
on the hanging conveyer system. These moving pieces really bring a fun kinetic
energy into the shop. But the main attraction of Droid depot is
getting to build your own customizable droid. At the back of the depot there’s a conveyer
belt where different droid pieces roll on by. You have the option of building a BB unit
or an R unit and there’s a variety of colors to choose from. Once you’ve picked the parts you want, you
take your basket to one the work stations and begin building your droid. When it’s all built and activated they actually
interact with the land and other droids as you walk around. The cost to bring one of these customizable
droids home is about 100 dollars and the line here can get pretty long as well, so think
about lining up sooner rather than later. Number 7
Walking through Black Spire Outpost its hard to miss the cargo ship on top of this building. The numbers on the ship represent the years
the original trilogy was released and this is also the location of Docking Bay 7 Food
and Cargo- the main quick service restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge. Once you’re inside there’s cargo containers
everywhere and the theming is quite detailed. It has a fun vibe, and the food here looks
great but in our honest opinion, it fell kinda short taste wise. Docking Bay 7 has some different entrees for
lunch and dinner but also has all day entrees available so we tried some of these. First up is the Shrimp Noodle Salad. This was a cold shrimp dish, and the noodles
had this sort of sweet and sour spicy thai sauce. The flavour of the sauce was a bit overpowering
and it really wasn’t my favorite dish. Next we tried the Smoked Ribs and these were
actually pretty good. The meat was really tender and the BBQ sauce
had a nice smoky flavour to it. The sweetness of the blueberry corn muffin
its served with really complimented the ribs smoky flavour and this is a dish i’d definitely
get again. The last dish we tried was the Fried Endorian
Tip Yip and this rectangular fried object is actually chicken. It looks cool but the chicken was kinda bland. The entire dish could have had a lot more
flavour including the vegetable mashed potatoes and the herb gravy. We also tried both deserts and these were
actually delicious. The Batuu-Bon here has chocolate fudge cake
on the bottom and the top half is a white chocolate moose. It was really rich and creamy. Then the Oi-Oi puff is a raspberry cream puff
with a passion fruit moose; both desserts are something wed get again. Docking Bay 7 also offers mobile ordering,
and like most major quick service restaurants at the Disney parks, the line can get pretty
long especially during peak eating hours so using mobile ordering will definitely help
cut down the wait. Number 6
Nothing says Star Wars more than lightsabers and you can build your very own customizable
legendary lightsaber right here at Savi’s Workshop. The cost to build your own lightsaber is about
200 dollars and the line to get a reservation does fill up quickly. So definitely head there first if that’s
is something you really want to experience. When you go to make your reservation you’ll
choose one of four lightsaber themes. {Workshop Cast Member} This is gonna be your
elemental nature, protection and defence, peace and justice and power and control. Then when its time to head inside the workshop,
the whole experience is a ceremonious show. {Workshop Cast Member} The green cyber crystal. Once wheilded by Qui-Gon Jinn, master Yoda
and even Luke Skywalker himself. Cast members will help guide you through putting
the lightsaber together then after a message from Yoda.. {Yoda} Now, join, you will be- well it’s time to activate. {Cast Member} You have just built a lightsaber. Like the Jedi and the Sith who have come before
you. The entire ceremony of building a lightsaber
takes about 15 minutes. The footage you just saw was from our friend
Brad at Park Views with Brad Hughes, so if you want to see the full video of building
a lightsaber check out the video on his channel in card in the right hand side. Number 5
The next stop through Black Spire Outpost is the milk stand where you can cool off with
a glass of Blue or green milk. Blue Milk was first introduced in Episode
4 A New Hope, and green milk in episode 8 The Last Jedi. In Galaxy’s Edge the milk isn’t dairy
and both drinks are plant based. They have a frozen slushy constancy which
is different from the liquid consistency in the movies. So you’re probably wondering, what does
it taste like, right? Well both are made from a ride and coconut
milk base and have a creamy texture. The blue milk is creamier and has a fruity
taste to it. Where as the green milk on the other hand
has more of a citrus, herb, earthy taste to it. Personally we found the green milk to be much
more refreshing and had a taste we enjoyed a lot more. The Milk Stand also offers mobile ordering
which can definitely save you time waiting in line. But if you’ve tried the milk, which one
do you prefer Blue or Green? Comment below. Number 4
It wouldn’t be Star Wars without your favorite Star Wars characters and you get the opportunity
to see some of them in Galaxy’s Edge. Here at the TIE Eschlon there’s a mini show
that introduces Kylo Ren which seemed to happen about every hour. {Kylo Ren} The Spy was trapped here. A small outpost on a small plant. I will see this outpost for myself. After the show, all the characters including
the General and the storm troopers roam around the land and interact with guests. {Storm Trooper} All right. Proceed. But stay on civilian frequency. Excellent. The first order will be watching you. Also roaming around Galaxy’s Edge you may
get the chance to see Rey, we didn’t on our trips to Batuu but we did see Chewbacca
multiple times. He was around taking pictures and you may
even get the opportunity to play a little game of Secret Message relay with him. {Cast member} What is it Chewbacca? That was close. Do you remember what it was? {Crowd} Ignite the spark. Light the fire. Also here at the X-Wing ship, its also a stage
and we caught Chewbecca trying to get the ship running again. Now there’s no official meet and greets
for any of them all of these character sightings really add to the story and atmosphere of
Galaxy’s Edge. Number 3
Next we’ll check out Oga’s Cantina which has been a highly anticipated part of the
land for a couple reasons. Stepping into a real cantina is a dream come
true for any star wars fan. This dimly lit bar offers a great atmosphere
with some detailed theming and delicious drinks. This actually marks the first time alcohol
has been served at the Disneyland Park with the exception of Club 33 but thats only open
to members only. Now there are a variety of alcoholic and non
alcoholic drinks so smugglers of all ages can enjoy the Cantina. And I mean its hard to not enjoy the atmosphere
in here especially with Dj Rex providing the bar’s musical entertainment. {Dj Rex} Here we gooo!! DJ Rex, formerly known as Captain Rex, used
to pilot the Starspeeder ship on Star Tours and has now found his way into Batuu. The Cantina has been an extremely popular
spot so far and wait times to get into the bar have been quite long. Recently Disney introduced a text back system
where you put your name on a list and they’ll text you when there’s a spot for your party. This gives you more time to explore other
parts of Galaxy’s Edge. So if the Cantina is something you wanna do,
which we definitely recommend doing, try to head there first. Number 2
Now once you pass Oga’s Cantina and walk under this archway, you’re greeted by the
Millennium Falcon. It’s the centrepiece of the new attraction
Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. At 98 feet long, you don’t realize how big
the Falcon is until you see it in person- the scale of this thing is massive. Now the queue for the attraction also gives
you some great vantage points from the bottom, and then after you make your way through Ohnaka
Transport Solutions which smells like burning rubber, you head upstairs and then get this
view from the top. This hunk of junk has so much detail, its
incredible. Then after a little more walking you make
your way into the pre show that features this impressive Hondo animatronic. {Hondo} I am Hondo Ohnaka, and this is Ohnaka
Transport Solutions. Today I am offering the opportunity of lifetime. Oh, the Millennium Falcon. Its for very fast and profitable expeditions Now this ride does have a single rider line,
but just take note that you bypass the entire queue and pre-show and wont see anything we
just showed here. So we definitely recommend doing standby at
least once to get the full queue and pre show experience. {Hondo} Go go go Number 1
Seeing the Millennium Falcon is a highlight but flying the Millennium Falcon on Smugglers
Run is the real highlight. Before entering the chess room of the millennium
falcon, a cast member hands you a card which assigns you one of three positions. You’re either a pilot, gunner or an engineer. Now the Millennium Falcon cockpit seats 6
guests, two in each position, then once you’re inside get ready for an intimate experience
that’s different every time. With interactive elements assigned to each
position, you and your team work together to fly the ship and help Hondo transport the
merchandise across the galaxy. The more successful the team is with flying
the falcon, the longer your experience can be. All the graphics in the ride are rendered
in realtime and video doesn’t do the clarity of the display justice; its really crisp when
you’re there in person. We really enjoyed the engineer position at
the back since it gave you the best view of all the action happening in front of you. The time of day you ride can also change your
experience. If you ride at night it will show you Batuu
at night! Smugglers Run is a really fun attraction that
has a great re-ride ability that will guarantee a unique experience every time you ride. So what you looking forward to seeing the
most in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Have you already visited the land? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversion
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