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since our last video in March 2019 outlining all the new additions at the theme parks,
well theres even more to update you on. From new attractions and nighttime entertainment,
to reimagined updates on familiar shows, plus a new birds eye view of the resort plus the
loss of some entertainment, we’re gonna fill you in on all of it. So today we’re gonna be counting down the
Top 10 New Attractions and Changes at Walt Disney World in 2019. Number 10
Back in April of 2018 Up a Great Bird adventure replaced Flights of Wonder for the 20th anniversary
of Animal Kingdom but the show has already seen an update. Doug and Russel can still be found along with
the various bird species from across the globe but Troop Leader Jones has now replaced the
old host Anika. {Troop Leader Jones} Now look! Thats a bird! Troop Leader Jones is a wilderness explorer
trying to help Russel get his bird badge. The new script is a huge improvement from
the story with Anika and this new character actually brings back a lot of the old humour
and playfulness that was at the heart of the original Flights Of Wonder with Guanamo Joe. {Doug} Hi there! {Troop Leader} Hello Doug…oh I should have
warned you, he’s a talking dog. {Off camera} Well thats a new one. {Troop Leader} Mhmmmm it sure is The show is definitely a lot more engaging. Another Animal Kingdom show that saw an update
was Rivers of Light which now became Rivers of Light We Are One. The new show celebrates our connection with
animals and features more familiar characters from other Disney films. {Music} Circle of life. We are one! Number 9
Staying at Animal Kingdom, in July of 2019 Rafiki’s planet watch reopened after being
closed since Oct 2018. Here at the conservation Station, the Animation
Experience debuted as part of the Lion King celebration at the park. Here you get the opportunity to draw some
of your favorite Disney animals including characters from the original Lion King. A Disney animator will walk you through drawing
the character step by step. When we did it, Pumba was the character for
that session and at the end of the half an hour experience this was the end result. So how did I do? There’s usually 9 opportunities each day
a day to take part in the Animation Experience. It’s really great to have this unique opportunity
at Animal Kingdom, and I mean It’s not every day that you get to draw with a Disney animator. Number 8
October 1st marked the brink of a new age at Epcot. The former Odyssey restaurant has been transformed
into The Epcot Experience which gives us an in depth look into Epcot’s transformation. We spoke a lot about these plans in our D23
video, you can find that video in a card on the right hand side. A similar looking model that was on display
at D23 has been recreated in Florida along with some new additions and enhancements. This mini spectacular features A 360 degree
screen and along and with the power of projection mapping the room comes to life right before
your eyes. This 12 minute show takes you through all
of the upcoming projects at Epcot including Journey of Water the Moana inspired experience,
Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in the France Pavilion,
the Mary Poppins attraction coming to the UK Pavilion as well as a little peak into
more visuals and music from HarmonioUS the new long term firework show that will debut
after Epcot Forever. {Music} Find where I belong The entire experience is a very Epcot way
of showing the changes coming to Epcot and you can honestly watch it over and over again
and still notice new details every time. Its definitely an attraction that you shouldn’t
miss on your next trip to Epcot. Number 7
Staying on the topic of Epcot, since the park transformation isa in full swing this comes
with some changes to what’s currently known as Future World. The Epcot plans call for the demolition of
the Innoventions West Buildings and some well known spots have already closed. If you’re a thirsty person well you might
need to find a new spot to quench that thirst since Fountain View with the Starbucks has
closed along with Club cool. That’s right…no more free Beverly. Also the old character Spot with Mickey and
friends has closed but a new temporary location has set up around the corner from the other
character spot location with Baymax. The new room looks really great and Mickey,
Goofy and Minnie have all received new colourful backdrops but they did get rid of Fastpass
for this experience. Number 6
Some changes at Walt Disney World have us saying goodbye to some entertainment at Magic
Kingdom. Over in Liberty Square the Muppets presents
Great Moments in History originally made its debut in October of 2016 and after a 3 year
run, October 5th marked the last day to catch to the show. It’s really sad to see this show go since
it added so much unexpected kinetic energy into the land. {Music} Great moments in history but just
the American parts! It was always a treat walking through Liberty
Square seeing Kermit, Mrs Piggy, Gonzo and the gang sharing this muppet humour with us. {Ms. Piggy} This works! Hiiii-ahh! {Fonzie} Well I’d say that song was a hit! It’s one show that will be greatly missed
and now the only place to see the Muppets is at Hollywood Studios. So Disney please bring this show back at some
point. The next change in Magic Kingdom entertainment
comes with the closing of the Royal Majesty Makers. They were able to be seen roaming around Fantasyland
interacting with guests and would also host the show at the Sword in the Stone. One lucky guest used to be able to pull the
sword from the stone and sadly with these characters leaving Fantasyland it’s uncertain
whether this opportunity with the Sword in the Stone will come back in some other way. Number 5
Over the last couple years we’ve seen many dance parties added to the parks and although
these were popular with the little ones, some of these have unfortunately come to an end. The Hukuna Matta Time Dance party and the
Dino- Riffic Dance party at Animal Kingdom have both ended their runs. This also goes for the Super Shindig Dance
party in Municiberg at Disney’s Hollywood studios. Back in January of 2019, Disney reopened Pixar
Place as Municiberg. This area was slated to close on Sept 30th
and although the dance party is ending the good news is that Disney has decided to keep
this area open. The Edna Mode experience meet and greet is
staying as of now but the news anchors from the dance party will be greatly missed. They really made the experience much more
interactive and different from other dance parties but Municberg is here to stay! Number 4
The Disney Skyliner opened on September 29th and although this is not a theme park ride
and was built to be a mode of transpiration around the resort, you can really consider
this an attraction experience; just like the monorail. The Disney Skyliner connects EPCOT and Disney’s
Hollywood Studios to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Resort, Art of Animation
and Pop Century. There’s 300 brightly gondolas and about
half of them are wrapped with characters from many well known Disney properties. Some of these designs are actually quite fun! Now each cabin holds a maximum of 10 guests
so if you’re traveling with a smaller party, you will be seated with some new friends in
the gondola. When you’re getting those bird eye views
of the resort its reminiscent of the old Skyway attraction at Magic Kingdom if that’s something
you ever got to experience. The gondolas do not have air conditioning
but its open windows allow for air to circulate in the cabin and when you’re in flight and
moving its actually quite comfortable inside. This does change if for whatever reason the
gondolas comes to a halt on the line. You really have no breeze flowing through
the cabin and it can get pretty hot inside, but it’s nothing that isn’t bearable. You can expect a very smooth ride on the Disney
Skyliner to get you to your next destination at Walt Disney World. Number 3
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios the park debuted the Wonderful
World of Animation on May 1st. The show is a projection based show but it
does open and close with some fireworks. Now Disney has gotten really good at Projection
mapping and this show new nighttime show really demonstrates that. Going to the tune of a catchy new score, the
show starts with Mickey Mouse then takes you through Disney animation history from old
classics to many new favourites as well! There’s one opportunity each night to catch
this 12 minute projection show and it happens just before Star Wars A Galactic Spectacular
firework show. So be sure to check the times guide so you
don’t miss the Wonderful World of Animation. Number 2
On September 30th Illuminations, the longtime firework show at Epcot ended its 20 year run
and October 1st marked the debut of Epcot Forever. This is a new limited show that will only
be around for about a year until HarmonioUS, the new long term show, makes its official
debut. Now Epcot Forever celebrates the history of
Epcot and takes us from 1982 all the way into the future of what Epcot will become. The soundtrack features songs from many past
and present Epcot favorites. It opens with one little spark from Imagination
and features songs like Universe of Energy, Magic Journeys, Tapestry of Nations, Celebrate
the Future Hand in Hand and ends with a Whole New World. Epcot will be a whole new world once the transformation
is completed. Epcot Forever features some impressive fireworks
and a lot of them are much higher than the fireworks in Illuminations. {Music} We just begun to dream! A big highlight are also the flying colourful
kites that eventually turn into fiery kites; they’re pretty impressive. The show is fun and is a great way to celebrate
Epcot, but I wouldn’t classify this as a spectacular when you put it next to shows
like Illuminations and Happily Ever After, but if you find yourself at Epcot this year,
definitely check out Epcot Forever! Number 1
On August 29th, 2019 Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s most ambitious project to
date opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This new 14 acre land transports you to a
Galaxy far, far away and places you on the planet of Batuu. Theres a lot to do and see from building your
own customizable droid in the droid depot, to walking through the Marketplace while enjoying
a glass of Blue milk, experiencing the Cantina, or even just seeing the Millennium Falcon. This hunk of junk is massive but the real
highlight is getting to fly the millennium Falcon on the new attraction Millennium Falcon
Smugglers Run. With interactive elements built into the ride,
you and 5 other crew members fly the ship where your’e either a pilot, gunner or engineer. You and your team need to work together to
help Hondo transport the merchandise across the galaxy. {Ride Audio} Yes Chewie will pilot us in remotely. You retrieved two containers of covaxia. This will greatly help the resistance. You have heard the first order and made Chewie
proud. Smugglers Run is a really fun attraction that
has a great re-ride ability and it guarantees a unique experience every time. We have full videos of this ride and the land
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