Hotels run the gamut from urban high class,
to country inn, and on Hotel Hell, nothing is off limits. One of the most critical elements of a hotel
is its food, which often puts a great hotel on the map. And this is why Gordon Ramsay is so critical
to the show. Because one thing we’ve learned, not all
kitchens are equal. Many are disgusting and disastrous. They’re dysfunctional, too small, too cluttered,
disorganized, or, worst of all, completely unhygienic. Here are the most DISASTROUS kitchens from
Hotel Hell. The Lousy Lake Effect The Lakeview Hotel in Washington is set on
beautiful woodsy land surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and overlooks a peaceful lake. While the hotel’s location lived up to its
name, its reputation was lacking). The B.C. McDonald Restaurant is run by the
McDonalds and both establishments were disgusting. The lackluster menu was not even fully available
to guests. But it was the kitchen that was really gross. Once Gordon started digging, he found the
owners were totally oblivious to what frozen food actually means. Brent’s attitude was bizarre, but even more
concerning was how he wouldn’t own up to his culinary failures. The hygiene in the kitchen was a big issue,
and everyone in town talked about the restaurant. Gordon got through to the couple, though,
and brought in an expert to clean up the mess. In the end, it all worked out, and the kitchen,
and the food, were a total hit at the Lakeview. Vulgarity at the Vienna The Vienna Hotel was a place like no other. This country inn had an Austrian flair, complete
with barmaid outfits. There was nothing subtle about the hotel,
or the owner. And it was no surprise that the kitchen was
a disaster! Nothing was where it should’ve been, and
even raw slabs of bacon were tossed all over the food. So disgusting. Still, it looked like a few changes and a
few wake up calls could turn the Vienna around. A brand new menu that was easy to execute
was among some of Gordon’s updates. Still, the disgusting conditions of the kitchen
needed to be dealt with, and not just with a quick makeover fix. Despite Gordon’s help, the Vienna went back
its old ways, and maintained its terrible reputation. Three’s a Frat Crowd One would think that a hotel run by three
people would be in tip-top shape. The Murphy’s Hotel in Northern California
was more like the Murphy’s Frat House. And Gordon was appalled. The walk in fridge was absolutely filthy! What on earth was that stuff? Mystery buckets of liquid, mold on everything? This restaurant kitchen was truly disgusting. It only got worse when he confronted the staff. Indeed, with three owners, how could the place
look like THAT? Gordon was outraged! Maybe some tough love could pull these three
partiers around. Gordon revamped the hotel and the menu to
reflect the wine country that surrounded them , and so the staff could feel proud to serve
their guests. It looks like it all paid off, and these party
boys grew up. Sukie’s Sushi Fail There was a time when the Hotel Chester was
a huge draw, but after one of the owners, David, was in a terrible accident, his wife,
Sukie, tried to fill in the gap as a cook, she just couldn’t keep up. Sukie as chef didn’t really work. This kitchen recipe just didn’t have the
right ingredients. Let’s see what Gordon thought. Things didn’t get better during dinner service. A transformation was needed! Instead of the sushi dinner, Gordon created
a stunning beer garden. But there was an even bigger surprise in store. Dave was all in. And things were looking good for the Hotel
Chester, complete with a new chef who knew how to run a kitchen and execute an appropriate
menu. It was the perfect fix for this hotel hell. Mystery Dinner Mayhem The Roosevelt Inn has a special place… in
hell. These owners were totally oblivious, and there
was no place where that was more apparent than in their kitchen. The food spoke volumes. Yikes. The hotel’s weird murder mystery themed
dinner completely blew Gordon’s mind. Next, Gordon got to try lunch, which was bound
to be as distasteful as the murder mystery. The terrible kitchen was tiny and the heat
was on! As predicted, it didn’t go well. The two men were not seeing eye to eye at
all. Gordon did his usual menu revamp for food
that was appropriate for the inn and its goals. Now, they had to somehow cook a wedding dinner
in that teeny tiny kitchen. With Gordon’s help that little kitchen produced
big results… not just for the guests, but for the owners. Sticky Kitchen Issues There’s a
lot going on in the mind of Kenny, the owner of the River Rock Inn. Kenny was a classic micro manager, but failed
to look at the bigger problems – like this kitchen. As usual, Gordon was on the case. What he found was a kitchen that was really
dirty, but in its talk more than its hygiene. These threatening little sticky notes were
degrading and offensive. No wonder such bad food was coming out of
those doors. Who would want to cook around all that? After Gordon talked some sense into him, Kenny
was ready to make this hotel machine really cook. What’s even steamier? Kenny got a date. Gordon Ramsay: professional hotel perfector,
and cupid. One Hat Fits Only One Head Sandy runs the Four Seasons… Inn . A little misleading, but not anywhere
as misleading as what happens in the kitchen. Not exactly hospitable. And while the dog Layla was a very cute greeter,
she wasn’t the best addition to the kitchen staff. All the same, Sandy was hopeful – even though
he wasn’t a trained chef… we know how this is will go. Yeah, that’s what we thought. Gordon’s post meal chat revealed some of
the problems. The real chef had some candid opinions about
this disastrous kitchen. The biggest change needed for this hellish
hotel, was the owner who wasn’t a chef. After a bonfire from the culinary gods, the
kitchen was ready to turn around, starting with a new menu. Even better, the kitchen staff was full of
chefs, instead of innkeepers, and their dog – sorry Layla. Even better? A happy ending with a happy kitchen. Inept in Idaho A private Idaho inn was plagued by its own
private kitchen disaster. This hand-built lodge was handled with love,
until tragedy found the hotel owners. The idea was to make this a place of love
and family, but not everyone was keen on that idea. A big problem, in the end – inexperience in
the kitchen was killing the hotel. But what’s worse? The kitchen itself was totally disgusting. While Zack couldn’t take any control, Gina
wouldn’t relinquish any… Gordon was heartbroken. It was time to step in. Even Zack was inspired. But, not everything was on the up and up. It seemed like Gordon was getting through
to her, but it was just too much for this control freak who was ruining the Angler Inn
kitchen. But Gordon wasn’t convinced – and he was
right. To save the inn, Gina had to go. He broke the news and Dave didn’t hesitate. Looks like this inn was back in business. The Crumbling Brick The Brick Hotel has a great history – unfortunately,
the present isn’t so hot. Run by Verindar and her son, CJ, who was never
there, the establishment lacked a consistent staff. Not only that, the kitchen was completely
filthy. Even Verindar was shocked as well she should
be. This kitchen was one of the worst we’ve
ever seen on Hotel Hell. But good food does wonders, as Gordon knows
all too well. And it’s a hit! All it took was a little good food and some
communication to clean up this kitchen disaster. Terror in the Town On Hotel Hell, there are kitchens, and then
there are kitchens. The kitchen at the Town’s Inn in West Virginia
was perhaps the most wretched kitchen ever on Hotel Hell. It began with Karen, a totally clueless owner
who had no idea about culinary hospitality. The staff wasn’t afraid to hold back, either. There were fridges everywhere, and everyone
was outside. Insane indeed, Gordon! Karen didn’t really get it, though. Back in the kitchen, things were very odd. Challenging, yes, but boiling a burger? Disgusting. But, it got worse… way worse. Gordon couldn’t let it go. After a major beating, and a heart to heart
with the chef, Gordon put his magic touch on this disastrous kitchen, and sure enough,
it turned around. Everyone was happy, even the town. Karen turned around, and it looked like the
Town’s Inn was here to stay. The most disastrous kitchens from Hotel Hell
may make you lose your lunch, but in the end, Gordon knows how to cook up a fabulous kitchen,
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