From glass bottomed pools to amazing views…stay
tuned to number 1 to see the most insanely cool swimming pools in the world! Number 10: Glass Bottomed Sky Pool. Imagine swimming in a pool with the bottom
made of glass. It would be awesome, right? You could see everything below the pool, and
it would give you a nice optical illusion like you’re flying, or something like that. Now imagine that the glass-bottomed pool was
high up in the air. Like, at the top of a building? Well, that would be both exciting and frightening! And this is not just an idea…the actual
pool exists. In the city of Houston, Texas there is a luxury
apartment complex called Market Square Tower, and on top of the building is a swimming pool. The pool is mostly on the deck of the roof,
itself, but a small section hangs a bit over the edge…and it has a glass bottom, so that
the swimmers can admire the view while enjoying the water. This is unfortunately a private pool, so the
public doesn’t have access to it, but if you happen to meet someone who lives there, you
might get a chance to experience swimming in this pool yourself! Number 9: Marina Bay Sands. One of the newest trends in luxury hotels
in the concept of so-called “infinity pools.” But before we talk about this one, we’d really
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bell, and, something else…Oh yeah! Like this video!! Infinity pools are called that way because
they give you the illusion that there is no end to your swimming…you don’t see the edge
of the pool right in front of you, because the water rolls over in such a way that it
creates an illusion that it merges into the landscape, be it the sea, the view of the
city, etc. And one of the most amazing infinity pools
in the world is definitely the one in Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. What makes this infinity pools unique is that
it’s much bigger than other pools of its kind…and it’s located 57 floors above the ground. Hotel guests can enjoy lying around in their
sunbeds, with the wide infinity pools in front of them, and a breathtaking view of the city
ahead. It’s really one of the best hotel views money
can buy. A real gem in Singapore’s crown! Number 8: The Shark Tank
With all of the fierce competition between hotels, trying to win business, all of the
hotels are competing for your dollar. This is especially true in Las Vegas…the
entertainment capital of the world. The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino realized
the importance of exquisite hotel features…and they came up with something pretty wild: swimming
with sharks! No, don’t worry, you’re not actually swimming
with the sharks, like in a James Bond movie, but it’s pretty close to that. To its guests, The Golden Nugget offers a
pool called “The Tank” and, in the middle of the pool, there is a 200,000 gallon shark
tank aquarium. But here’s the best part…you don’t simply
get a chance to swim in the pool and watch the sharks from afar, while they’re prowling
in the water. No, no! The experience is much more intense than that
because there is a special, built-in waterslide. So, you can rush down the waterslide and literally
be a couple of feet away from the sharks…they are right next to you! Now, that’s really something. Number 7: Swimming Pool “Bridge.” In our first entry, we talked about a swimming
pool that goes just a little over the edge of the building. But, imagine a swimming pool that goes all
the way from one building to the other. Yes, this really exists. Okay, so…it will exist. The so-called “Sky Pool” is located in London,
and it’s been dubbed the world’s first pool with a transparent bottom…of that kind. 115 feet in the air, and 82 feet in length,
Sky Pool is a true feat of engineering. The engineer behind the project is the company
Eckersley O’Callaghan, which worked with Apple, helping design their unique Apple stores around
the world. Sky Pool will be part of the property development
called Embassy Gardens, and the plan is to complete it by the summer of 2019, although
there are still some minor difficulties. The pool has to be placed literally between
two buildings, both of which will “pull it,” in different directions. So, this has to be taken into consideration. Also, both buildings are slightly affected
by the wind, which also may come a minor problem in figuring everything out. But the engineers are working hard in order
to turn this project into a reality. Let’s hope they pull it off! Number 6: The Hanging Gardens of Bali. Yes, the name sure sounds mythical and magical,
and rightly so. If you want an exotic location with breathtaking
scenery and a gorgeous pool to top it off, look no further. Near Parayan, a village north of the city
of Ubud in Bali, there is a luxurious destination called the Hanging Gardens of Bali. This award-winning resort overlooks the ancient
temple of Dalem Segara and the Ayung River, and it stands right next to a beautiful valley,
offering its guests so many things to experience and enjoy. The nature is gorgeous, the spa treatments
are luxurious, but what really stands out is the Twin-Tiered Cascading Pool, an absolute
must-see. This swimming pool has been named “the world’s
best swimming pool’ by many travel websites, and it always shows up in the brochures and
travel offers for the Hanging Gardens of Bali. The way it’s designed, with the two levels
overlooking the dense forest ahead and the beautiful nature of the whole region, gives
the Twin-Tiered Cascading Pool that little extra, taking it to a level above the rest. Number 5: Jade Mountain Pool. When you hear the world Caribbean, probably
the first synonym that comes to your mind is “exotic.” The Caribbean islands really have a unique
appeal, and some of the best hotels and tourist attractions are to be found in this part of
the world. And the island of Saint Lucia is no exception
to the rule; this is the place of Jade Mountain, a fantastic resort with so much to offer. You can enjoy yourself on the hotel’s private
beach, or experience all the wonderful things its spa treatment has to offer. Each room in the hotel has a fantastic view,
which means that the good time is guaranteed. But what really makes this hotel resort stand
out is its swimming pool. It doesn’t have a weird design, it doesn’t
stretch across acres of land…but it has a fantastic location, overlooking the sea
and the surrounding mountains. It’s elevated a bit, in the style of infinity
pools, and…if you swim toward the edges, you will have a feeling like you’re flying
towards the sea. A unique feeling. The pool’s tiles are very colorful, and they
create a beautiful visual effect, combined with the sunshine and the water. Number 4: Belmond Caruso Pool. Ahhh, Ravello, Italy…well, what’s not to
love in Italy? The country has everything: great wines, amazing
culture, fantastic cuisine, beautiful women, and astounding landscapes. Yup, if you want to have a good time, go to
Italy, because it really covers all the bases. But Italy wouldn’t be as great were it not
for its hotels; Italy has some of the best hotels in the world…one of which is Belmond
Hotel Caruso. Located on the coast of Amalfi, a small town
in the province of Salerno, the hotel offers one of the most amazing sea views in all of
Italy. Its offer is very, very rich…with terraced
gardens, luxurious rooms, and suites with private balconies. But it also has one of the best swimming pools
any Italian hotel has to offer. It’s done in the infinity pool style, but,
because of the hotel’s altitude, it looks like you’re floating in the air. Even when you’re by the pool, not in it, it
creates an illusion of flying. But, when you’re in the swimming pool, the
feeling is simply indescribable. Number 3: Crocosaurus Cove Pool. If your idea of a good time is swimming with
crocodile, lets do this! Again, this is not really swimming with the
beasts, but it’s definitely pretty close. This type of fun is especially designed for
those who want an adrenaline rush in their life. The Crocosaurus Cove pool offers a lot of
fun for those who adore crocodiles and have a sense of adventure. Here, you can find over 200 species of crocodiles,
literally all kinds! But the best part is that you’re allowed to
go into swimming pools and be very near the crocs. Every day, there are 12 “dips,” from 9:30
AM to 5PM, when you enter a protected cage and go down into the croc-infested swimming
pool. The cage is not that small, as it can carry
up to two people. It’s transparent, made of special material,
and it allows you to look at the crocodiles and admire them up-close. If this is your thing, don’t wait…the swimming
pool at the Croc Cove is waiting. Enjoy yourself; just be sure to stay within
the confines of the glass cage. It’s not your regular swimming pool, you know? Number 2: Pamukkale Thermal Pools. Yes, there are many man-made swimming pools
that are absolutely stunning, but what about the pools mother nature created for us? We haven’t mentioned any of those, yet, so
here it is…one of the best natural pools in the world: the Pamukkale Thermal. If you haven’t heard of it, even better, because
you’re in for a treat. Pamukkale (which in Turkish means “cotton
castle”) is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the country. It is a series of open-air swimming pools
and spa baths, characterized by their sparkling turquoise color; made such because of travertine
sedimentary rocks, which give it that special glow. If you look at some of the pictures or postcards
of Pamukkale, you’d think that the place is covered in snow, because it’s all white, but
no…it’s just the way these rocks are. The pools come in all shapes and sizes, and
their water is extremely beneficial. You’re not only enjoying yourself, but also
working on your health. The entrance fee is less than $20 per person,
and you can enjoy all the splendors the swimming pools of Pamukkale have to offer. Number 1: Nemo 33. Why have we chosen this as number one on our
list? Because…it’s completely bonkers! It’s weird, and amazing at the same time. But this is a special kind of swimming pool,
as it’s designed for deep-sea divers. During the 90s, John Beernaerts, who’s a deep-sea
diver, wanted to create something for other diving enthusiasts, because he saw one major
flaw in the whole preparation system for divers…at the time, there were no real, specialized
pools of this kind. Divers used to practice in shallow pools in
the city of Brussels, but that simply wasn’t enough. John knew, experienced as he was, that there
is a big difference between diving in a basic pool versus a lagoon of an underwater cave. That’s why he wanted to bring the real deep-sea
diving experience right to Brussels…so he made Nemo 33. This is the deepest indoor swimming pool in
the world, and it has everything. From simulated caves to its many platforms,
mimicking those of underwater rocks and lagoons. But the most amazing thing is the 33-meter
cylindrical pit. Nemo 33 is great for those who are just getting
started, but it’s also a great place for experienced divers who simply want to practice. And, if you’re not into deep-sea diving, we
suggest you take a swim in one of the previous entries on the list! Which pool was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and…take