We’ve got Audi, Nadia and Fendy.
And this is JAPAN. Oh my god.
Somebody should chain up my wallet. Multiple locks. Oh there it is. Harajuku. And specifically Jingumae. The place where I will spend the most money. And not a very good idea because I’m already here on the second freaking day Already we were at Atmos and I’m like… Stress! But we’re here because Audi says there’s this place called Nike Kicks Lounge where you can go in and like customise your shoes. Nadia’s gonna get new shoes. NO. But I’m not gonna customise anything ah. But we just check out what they have. You can customise your Air Force Ones black or white, you pick one. And then there are specific prints, patterns or designs that have been customed by the local artists from here. Usually it’s on the swoosh or at the side and there are little patterns or designs that you can choose. There’s my girl right there.
That’s my girl. Miss Tsai, gimme a call. I bought my first pair of AF1s man. It takes about a day to settle. More shops to head to. Nanti Master Audi will get upset. What’s that? What?
How did this?