that’s the entrance Hey guys welcome to Rion’s TV
I’m Rion So today I am at Shinjuku Station If someone asks me about the best place in Shinjuku for the sightseen Maybe I am gonna tell them that Godzilla in the Kabuki-cho So in this video I am gonna introduce
How Godzilla looks like and how to touch Godzilla Alright so let’s go to check you see Don Quijote over there and the gate over
there so that’s the main street of the Kabuki-cho, that’s called it Kabuki-cho central road and you will see Godzilla almost there okay so let’s keep walking
yes so you see Godzilla right there right?
Well it’s too tiny and anyone knows that you can see the concealer from here So let’s go to touch Godzilla Actually there are two ways to touch Godzilla one
stay at that huge hotel which is expensive one So of course, yon don’t wanna spend that much money to touch Godzilla the second the way to touch Godzilla is to use the restaurant at 8th floor in that building right there! So I am heading to that restaurant and eat lunch
so that I can touch Godzilla Al right, sounds good right?
such a beautiful day huh? You see the Godzilla’s hand right there right?
there’s elevator front of the hotel but we can’t use that one
that one is only going up for the third floor so we have to get inside and we have to use the
hotel elevator which can go up to eighth floor which can go up up to eighth level That’s the entrance
let’s go!! So this is the only elevator which can go up to 8th level
Let’s ride on!! Well you see, actually that’s the Godzilla head right there, if you use this restaurant right here on the lunchtime price is only 1200 Japanese
yen which is a bit expensive but you can choose from that those menus and you can
have a coffee as well and you can touch Godzilla!! this is how it looks like
inside the restroom you know since it’s winter no one here look at that! that’s
a huge Godzilla head it’s cool isn’t it And there are many building you can see as well,
After eat it, I am gonna go there Let’s wait for the food Well so the lunch is ready actually there is a salad, soup, and
“Hayashirice” which is the hashed beef such a beautiful day how lucky I am to eat
lunch at this place This salad matches with the dressing so well I love it So it’s a tomato soup
Look at this So good! Actually there are a lot of Vegies and Bacons inside well this place kind of too shiny but if
you choose the right place don’t have to worry I just wanted to sit next to Godzilla well so the main one looks so yummy so
good there’s a huge beef inside it’s really soft I used to eat this
kind of hashed beef at regular restaurant but meat was really hard,
but this one soft and good!! I love it!! this restaurant cost 1200 JPY
no wonder!! Even there was no Godzilla head I’m gonna come over here Well good thing about this
restaurant the coffee you can drink as much as you want if you wanna eat the
lunch in Shinjuku usually it costs over 1000 Japanese yen and then if you wanna
drink coffee as much as you want then it costs more especially if you want to
drink coffee next to Godzilla then of course it cost more, and this place you
can get all of them and it’s only 1200 Japanese yen for the lunch time
why not? I love this place such a nice weather
well so it’s huge right? well actually we can make the Godzilla roar
but as you see they’re fixing right now so if we touch Godzilla head then
we can make Godzilla roar it’s good right okay so let’s check Godzilla head
Wow look at that Godzilla head right there! Huge huh? that’s Godzilla how it should be!!
if you see from the far place then Godzilla wouldn’t be that huge!! Yes this is what I have expected well Godzilla show almost starts Wow totally wet, wow so this is the tower right? and Godzilla is this much big no wonder, Godzilla’s head is as big as that one, but actually this hotel is much taller than Godzilla We can see Kabuki-cho from here too That’s the Shinjuku station
So how was the Godzilla head? Hope you like the video Thanks for watching my video
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