Alright guys, I often get this question Matt What do I go for an epic night out in Tokyo after visiting Tokyo six times you can rest assured I got you fully covered. Welcome to Tokyo tonight we’re are going to show you the nightlife in the biggest city in the world! Tokyo’s nightlife is pretty much split between three major areas Shinjuku Roppongi and Shibuya. Shibuya is where we will kick off this nightlife adventure starting at Nonbei Yokocho. Literally meaning drunkards alley numbe Yokocho, which is a little hidden back alley next to Shibuya station A lot of people do not know about this place, but it’s very very cozy But little bars very similar to the Golden Gun. You might even run into a local soccer event These bars are so tiny that they do not even have their own toilets the toilet for that you have to walk to the end of the alleyway That’s a that’s a door imagine while living here I’d be hunched back by now for most of them to get enough of it next up is the scramble and this is often a spot where people meet up before they go out if you’re from New Zealand or Australia and you like rugby you’ll probably meet some famous rugby players over here. The latest addition to the Shibuya nightlife is a magnet whoa, y-you can grab a beer and check out their free observatory deck which overlooks at the busiest intersection in the entire world the Shibuya crossing just make sure to follow all the rules baby Dixie here. No fighting This place is absolutely free, but they have to pay a penny but keep in mind the fighting is prohibited 50/50 I’ll keep the fish to yourself But if you can keep your fists to yourself check out the unique bar Fight Club 428. First rule of Fight Club… You don’t talk about Fight Club second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club here You can spar with your friends and enjoy a few drinks or watch an actual match on Friday nights at 9 p.m. Is crazy Do not leave this place, but I’ll try their bizarre vodka protein shake We can get games of vodka The most notorious hop here in Shibuya gasp panic This is gas panic a true Tokyo classic, which has been here for many decades The entrance fee at gas panic is free with beer starting at 600 yen. 550 u.s. Dollars Usually alreadypacked by 9 p.m. On weekends and is considered the shibuya pre-party by many Next up coins bar. This one bar is best known for their insanely cheap drinks. We are again for beer in downtown Shibuya That’s steel. That’s right 300 yen, 2 dollars and 70 cents US per drink Points bar is a great bar for travelers on a budget You may have gotten a bit hungry by now so visit an actual Japanese izakaya for a few snacks Anissa Kaya is a Japanese drinking house where you can feast on traditional Japanese tapas style dishes My recommendations are Omiya for their Okinawan themed atmosphere And Samira Shibuya, which is able to host very large groups. My favorite Japanese. Izakaya dish is a pea They’re grilled stingray Now before we move on to the big nightclubs You may want to make a quick pit stop at a Japanese convenience store Like Family Mart to load up on a few cheap drinks. Okay, these things are so strong 9 percent 9 percent Like these big suckers 2 bucks Look at the job done fast. Our first serious nightclub is club. Boom Boom pass a massive dancefloor with special events taking place each weekend Make sure to check wombs event calendar on their website to make sure which DJ is playing on which particular day Job one Stand on your toes by far. My favorite nightclub in Shibuya is Club Camelot I’ve been visiting Club Camelot since 2009 and always have a great time hanging out with the locals The music is excellent and rocks three large dance floors with each an energetic atmosphere And then pay 3500 yen 32 US dollars and women pay 1500 yen 14 US Dollars and includes a drink ticket As a phoner you can even enter for just 1000 yen 9 US dollars with a special discount ticket Which they often hand out at the Shibuya crossing And tonight in Shibuya in style at the rainbow karaoke to catch up on a few drinks show off your karaoke skills and lose your voice for just 380 n3 u.s. Dollars per 30 minutes Now let’s move on to the Roppongi district Roppongi is best known as the foreigner district of Tokyo for its many embassies International companies and its nightlife now before you start your opening night live adventure You should check out hollow point at hollow points you can shoot famous video game airsoft guns while you enjoy a few beers with prices starting as low as 300 yen – US dollars and 70 cents US per gun Going down K. This guy is gone If you are new to Tokyo than the best possible thing you can do is join the legendary Tokyopop crawl 500 The Tokyo pub crawl team takes expats travelers and locals to three bars and one epic nightclub twice a week Which makes it incredibly easy to make new friends half a ton of shots and learn everything there is to know about the latest hotspots in Tokyo all this for just 24 US Dollars special tip visit reform to get an exclusive 20% discount on tickets the crawl usually starts at propaganda bar for a few warm-up shots Now one of the good things to both the Tokyo pub crawl are the unlimited shuts another on here another one Then the party moves on to bars such as Milwaukee for karaoke battles Salsa su da da where you’ll find the outrageous fire spewing bartender But also places such as shada bar and ibex Tokyo o N free shots do make the rounds in between bars Often ending with the Tokyo pub crawl at either Lang club Or the upscale El Tokyo nightclub El Tokyo is a beautiful nightclub with a large dance floor and solid EDM music in the basement You may even run into a full-blown burlesque show Also the main dance floor has gorgeous dancers L Tokyo offers outrageous bottle service packages. So if you like upscale, this place is your spot Please keep in mind that nightclubs in Roppongi really start to get going at 2:00 a.m On weekends buying a beer at L will set you back 1,000 yen nine US dollars. Another thing to remember is trains stopped running in Tokyo at 12 a.m So everyone is basically stuck and little party until the first train starts running again at 5 a.m Meaning if you find yourself at a big party It will continue to stay fun until the end of the night a handy side note phone chargers are widely available at clubs in Tokyo honorable mentions to enter night Roppongi includes Jokers Club a famous bar among Kiwi expats where you can play the fun crocodile dentist game There is also Jumanji a bar I used to visit quite often, which is another great spot to meet locals on the weekend and Lex Tokyo Which is visited quite often by famous a list celebrities and many Eastern European models Okay, next is a life one of my personal favorites and considered the best nightclub in Roppongi a life has three large floors with each as their own vibe, but the main party takes place in the basement at the entrance fee at a life is 3500 yen 32 US dollars, but does come with two drink tickets If you like hip-hop rap and RMB and then one oak is your spots One oak is Absolutely, massive with a spacious dance floor and a large balcony level from which you can peek at the crowd below I really like this place so definitely do check it out If you have watched my previous episodes from Japan you may have noticed that I am an effort para para fanatic She will often find me at the maharaja nightclub where you can dance japanese para para to high-speed euro beat music These para para parties are quite unique and are 100% Japanese in origin now the Absolute best nightclub in Tokyo is by far Ageha also known as Studio Coast Ageha is quite far from the main nightlife districts of Tokyo Thus you pull an all-nighter here But for good reason akiha hosts the biggest parties in town often featuring a major djs and the gorgeous cyber Japan dancers with an outdoor garden food trucks multiple rooms and the main stage with its massive dance floor This incredible party complex has a max capacity of 5000 people the entrance fee can be a bit pricey usually around 4000 yen 36 US dollars, but absolutely worth the money 100% The robot restaurant the most famous show in Japan the robot restaurant is another insane Japanese experience That should not be missed Although a bit on the pricey side 7,000 yen 60 US dollars, but again, I have another 34 percent discount coupon on reform So be sure to check the links in the description box below If you like sucker check out booty they have sucker slushies from all over Japan Sockeye slushie I visited this place with my good friend header Saiga slushy time This is the sake slushy bar in every suit headers recommendation. Let’s see if that goes down well, but a brain freeze there Try one of their delicious meat skewers as well there is a hidden secret I had no clue about None Nile by if you liked the movie a lost in translation and then visit the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku one beer is 12 bucks and there’s a table charge as well The New York Bar has some of the most incredible views of the entire city with often a live band playing at 8 p.m Now the night is finally coming to a close so it’s time for some serious eats This is cafe 8 open 24-7 and the most bizarre Chinese restaurant I’ve ever set foot in I will let this footage speak for itself My favorite dish at cafe 8 is the crispy Chinese duck Haruna knows very well how to do this. She does this every day If you like karaoke weird costumes and the best view of Tokyo while singing your heart out visit she rocks karaoke in Shinjuku She ducks is the best place for karaoke, but can be a bit pricey on the weekends Especially for rooms so went for to ceiling windows Next stop the famous golden guy bar district, which is also located in shinjuku The golden guy is a massive conglomerate of the tiniest bars You have ever seen sitting no more than five people per bar in some cases. This is the Halloween both booze party in Tokyo the Japanese absolutely love Halloween so much that you can even join the Olli can drink Halloween both booze parties throughout the months of September and October we are now going underneath the Rainbow Bridge On the Halloween Bocuse party on September the 30th during this boat cruise You will cruise through Tokyo Bay for a few hours of epic fun while you watch these yukata dance-off parties Go visit reformatted calm to download my complete map with all the bars and nightclubs I mentioned in this video just click on the link that appears on your screen right now including photos prices discounts and All my extra tips now if you think I missed a good bar or nightclub here in Tokyo then please let me know by leaving A comment in the comment section below now These are my bonus tips if time permits visit one of the bigger events in and around Tokyo like sensation Tokyo And Ultra Japan what I actually ended up backstage Please do keep in mind that Japan is a cash based society credit cards are not widely used at bars and nightclubs So stack up on those Japanese bills before you go out the Japanese use the line app for day-to-day communication So stay connected at all times by renting a super-fast pocket Wi-Fi station for just six dollars a day which works all over Japan check the link in the description box below for another sweet 30 percent discount on a Ninja Wi-Fi router there are tons of different plants my favorite plant being the unlimited data plan as a side note English is not widely spoken yet in Japan So if you don’t speak a word of Japanese, then be sure to join the Tokyo pub crawl which makes socializing in Tokyo a lot easier in conclusion as the Tokyo nightlife is beyond massive and will take more than just a few weekends to Really soak up now go and please like this video and subscribe and hit the notification bell right next to it So you’ll receive an automatic update every week with my latest video now go and please help out very for much I’ll be sharing this video on your social media or send it to all your friends that are considering of visiting Tokyo See you in the next episode. Bye. Bye a Banana vending machine if you craving a banana after a long night of partying, this is your spot I need someone to hold my hand. Yes. Are you it that holds your hand cut? Alright. Thank you