T: “Set it up as straight as possible.” Crowd: “We want Tokio Hotel!!” Reporter: “Say thanks to the fans, the camera is over there!”
TH: “Thanks a lot! Thank you for being here!” B: “How long does it last?” T: “You know it, we had that back then, too.” B: “It lasts pretty long…” watch that sync editing damn B: “We always had like about 50 people standing in front of our door on weekends…” B: “They had campfires and the people were- it was some kind of attraction.” B:”We lived quite outside Hamburg.” B: “All those kids and all those people who were there, it was thrilling for them of course, to watch us all day.” B: “Then we got burgled
and that was the last straw.” B: “because we had a 2m fence
and security around the clock.” B: “But then we got a call and I already knew. I was like ‘Oh shit…'” B: “All of our personal stuff has been lying around, my underwear and pictures…lyrics…” B:”I know we went into the house and I knew I couldn’t sleep there for one more night.” B:”The thought alone… that the people who were inside there would probably be standing in front of the gate, enjoying their experience.” B:”It really was nerve wrecking, there were people there who were living in the neighborhood.” B: “That wasn’t just a normal ‘I just wanna have a photo and an autograph!’, that was…” B: “A constant siege.” B: “For me it was like… I knew I couldn’t spend any more time there ever again. So we packed our things…” B: “…and we said ‘Okay let’s just quit and go abroad.’ And then we chose a house online, rented a private jet…” B: “Each of us brought 8 suitcases along, we put the rest into a container and then we were off.” B: “Now we’ve been here for 6 years.” B: “I thought you had this in my car … Come on sweetie! Come to me!” good guy Tom B: “Say, can you still see Cappa?” *Bill singing some lines* T: “Or does it?”
B: “Yes, it does, it overlaps I think.”
T: “Nah…” B: “I need to listen to it once more, something caught my attention while listening yesterday…” B: “And I was like ‘Hm, I don’t like it that much.'” B: “Ah yes, I think in the second verse.” B: “And then the other part overlaps.” B: “It’s because it’s longer I think…” B: “It’s a bit offset.” T: incomprehensible
B:”You sure?”
T: “Yees!” B: “Why don’t you have internet? We could- Can’t somebody look up the route on Google Maps?” B: “My battery is empty.” Ge: “The decision was quite obvious, that the twins would go to LA.” Ge: “I would have made the same decision.” Ge: “I would have left too, I couldn’t stand it anymore.” Ge:”They have been looking for a second residence over there for quite some time because they like the city and wanted to get out.” Ge:”It just wasn’t a life anymore…” Ge: “They lived in a house, surrounded by a giant fence…” Ge: “I couldn’t endure that for one week.” Gu: “There was always something going on.” Gu: “You couldn’t take a peaceful shit without a chaos happening.” Gu: “Thankfully it wasn’t like this over here.” Gu: “Well one time there was a bus from Poland with 4 school classes in front of my parents’ house.” Gu: “But they left during the same day.” Gu: “We were on the road. My dad went outside and gave them some signed cards.” Gu: “I think it was the best solution for them. LA is only a few hours of flight away.” B: “Pumba!” B: “Come here!” B: “Noo! No no no no no.” no puddle for Pumbi T: “When we moved to LA we didn’t know the city at all.” T: “But I always found LA to be quite exciting.” T: “We had good people at the 1st concert we played here.” T: “It was like…it had some sort of charm. especially the night life.” T: “It’s just a melting pot of so many countries and regions of the whole world.” T: “And everybody just comes here to accomplish something.” T: “It was quite nice because we didn’t come here because of that, we wanted to to nothing.” T: “We just kinda wanted to live our life for once. Not being in the spotlight. ” B: “What I especially like about LA is the anonymity.” B: “After some time we realized that we could live a life here we couldn’t imagine would ever be possible again.” B: “Before, in Germany, we couldn’t do anything alone. Like normal, daily situations.” B: “Which would be normal for everybody else…shopping for groceries, airport check in…” T: “I have to say we’re doing a lot more ourselves than before.” T: “I made some experiences here like going to DMV, getting my drivers license. T: “Those were some very liberating experiences.” T: “Or like … lots of things. Even going to a restaurant or going to the cinema or to decide what to do that evening…” T: “We couldn’t do that at all in Germany.” T: “We have an assistant here but it feels like we’re getting some of that back now, like we’re getting more independent.” B: “When we were doing the first things on our own here, it was quite a changeover.” B: “For us it was optimal but when you live here for 6 years, you think about family and really close friends and emotional comfort…” B: “…you really got that in Germany when you come home, it feels really familiar, small and cozy.” Gu: “Elevator.” Ge: “I’ve been living for quite some time in Hamburg, too.” Ge: “I think I’ve been living there for 2,5 years.” Ge: “But after some time I realized that whenever I had a day off, I would travel to Magdeburg to see family and friends.” Ge: “That’s when one day, I decided to move back to Magdeburg again because it made more sense.” Gu: “Well that’s pretty nice.” Gu: “Amercia is pretty cool, for a few weeks everything is nice and fine in LA but after then I am quite happy to be home again.” Ge: “I like Magdeburg a lot, I liked growing up here.” Ge: “My friends from the past. to which I still have a lot of contact, are living here.” Ge: “To me, this just means more that living in a ‘more beautiful’ city.” Ge: “You’ve got the river Elbe here, you drive for 15 minutes and then you’re in the forest and can walk the dog, got your peace and quiet.” B: “Pumba! Hey! No!” B: “No! Get out there! Pumba! Boy…” T: “As a band we’re not that stuck together anymore, we’re not just renting big studios or jamming together or writing songs together.” T: “It’s more like the songs being quite advanced beforehand, there are always demos.” T: “We started in January in Berlin. We listened to material I produced before.” T: “And then we wrote like 5 or 6 songs.” B: “Exactly.” B: “Yeah, go again.” hi, pet me B: “Okay, go again.” T: “And then I try to record with the band as quickly as possible.” T: “I’ll record some bass with Georg…” T: “When I finish up a song- We often don’t really finish up songs as a band.” T: “I’ll record with the two, I just recorded some things with them early on.” T: “Normally we’re not like playing in one big studio in different rooms together and one guy is recording the whole thing live. It’s never been like this to be honest.” B: “It could have been like this in the past because the music was more like a ‘band’ back then.” B:”Today it’s just this electronical, we’re breaking up these structures entirely.” B: “The internet gives us the opportunity to send things around.” B: “If we need something, we can just say ‘Send me this/that.'” B:”So when Tom and I are doing the mix, the two guys are always in the loop and up to date.” T: “I think in the beginning it was quite strange for Georg and Gustav, us not living in the same time zone.” B: “And for one year, we didn’t do anything really…” B: “It was all a bit uncertain. But everybody knew, we told the label ‘We’ll be in touch’.” T: “Georg and Gustav weren’t really included in the decision.” T: “Like many times one has to say.” T: “We tend to not speak about some things.” T: “They just don’t know that differently, with Bill and me.” B: “We were in touch, it’s not like we did not speak at all.” B: “But I think everybody tried to respect us and to let us do our thing, not stressing us out.” B: “I think it was the same with Georg and Gustav, they tried to give us some space, to leave us alone.” B: “And uhm they gave us the space but they surely worried a bit.” *barks in German* Ge: “Come on!” Ge: “We’ve known each other for more than 10 years and we trusted us so much so that I knew…” Ge: “…the boys did need a break but that it will definitely continue one day.” Ge: “The ‘how’ and ‘in which way’, we just took things as they came.” Gu: “Sure, there wasn’t always chatting but then there were the Skype calls again and everything was fine.” Gu: “We knew back then even though everything had been quite tough, it still would go on.” Ge: “It basically was a rapid stop in 2010.” Ge: “The beginning was just amazing to me because I caught up with all the things I missed the years before.” Ge: “I bought a bike and travelled around with it.” Ge: “I went to parties, I just had fun and I did all the things I kinda missed before.” Ge: “Of course there came the point where one would be like…” Ge: “What you’re doing today?” Ge: “But I compensated that quite well.” Gu: “For a short time, there was a hole because there was that situation…” Gu: “You’re sitting at home and you know there won’t be anything anytime soon.” Gu: “Because there wasn’t a plan really.” B: “The two of them are having a whole different construct.” B: “They’re living way more simple than Tom and me.” B: “Tom and I have always been way more excentrical with our life styles and the money we spent.” B: “That wouldn’t have been possible for us, staying in Magdeburg in a cool penthouse.” B: “But for the two of them and what they’re spending each month…that was our monthly pool bill.” T: “The one with the best situation is definitely Georg.” T: “He’s doing all the financial things with the band.” T: “And he knows exactly how to deal with money.” T: “Not like Bill and me, money comes and goes all day.” T: “In Magdeburg, your monthly cost is like 2000 euros, you can survive a couple of centuries like that with those record sales.” B: “We can’t really explain our success ourselves…” T: “We’re here for the first time and our show is sold out.” B: “It’s unbelievable how many people there are…” Gu: “We’ve been on the road for ages, we have been gone for so long.” Gu: “Every day at a different place.” Gu: “And then your energy just vanishes sometime.” Gu: “We have been a lot to Japan, played and finished some tours there.” Gu: “And in the end everybody has been talking about a comeback but actually, Kings of Suburbia was the second comeback.” Gu: “Everybody can deal with it as they please.” T: “You have to be careful that when you’re taking a break- That’s what the label and all the other people and even we ourselves feared.” T: “That when you take such a long break, you have to be careful to not cross the point where you just stop.” T: “And then you have to get something done.” Gu: “Matey!” Gu: “Sit!” Gu: “Siiit…”