Hello! Good morning! I got a very bad throat and my nose is blocked I just need a vacation! Our first show ever and I am kind of nervous! It’s different than performing on stage because that is something i have done a couple of times. But a fashion show is a whole ‘nother story! But I thought to my self: Lets do it, we will make it! So: We are going to show a bit of ervything! I want to present the roots of the brand and where it all started! And of course the new pieces! And for the first time we decided to create custom pieces Everything you see here is authentic streetwear from my youth Thats how i like to describe it! The motto of the show is: 90’s by the poolside! I’m not sure if this is only know where I’m from or if this is known everywhere?! The “Zicke” T-Shirt! This is my bucket list! This one was released quite a while ago. But now it’s rereleased in tie dye! Rob a bank! LSD tripping! Potato soup with Merkel! Nothing completed! That is my favorite quote from my youth for sure! Its from one of my favorite movies “basketball diaries These are new in! Just arrived! Upcoming season! But we are going to show them now! The left and right! They look amazing! I have to say: I really do love fashion – it’s my passion And because I’m doing this for the first time It’s way more exciting! More exciting than music, because im used to perform. I’m really enjoying it right now! So: She got 3 looks! Her as well! She has the Zicke shirt and does the finale! So then she only got two looks instead of three She got only two looks as well! Zicke trousers Black and white shirt for Malte Than he has to change very quick! Or we move him up here as the opener for the last section 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – we got 9! 9 Girls! Does this needs to be shorter? What do we wear to this one? White Buffalos? Which size is she? Give her a size smaller! I want to take pictures as well! The fashion boulevard is always nice to me everyone else is not! We got it! We just arrived on location! Styling is about to start! And we will have a final look at everything! And in … what time is it right now… ? In three hours it’s show time! Tom was on the phone this morning But to be honest: I think he would make me even more nervous if he was here! So it’s not that sad he is not here! He said he will watch the show on instagram. Just a little tipp: Always grab a drink! I was wondering if it would be nice to get the eyes a little brighter and not as dark as they are right now! I would love a more natural look! You again! Here I am. Changed, wearing the most beautiful t-shirt! How excited are you? I’m so excited you can not imagine! It’s my first show ever! I never thought I would be this nervous! It’s probably because it’s out of my comfort zone! You know what i mean? It’s something completely new! I have never done this befor! Fingers crossed! Lots of friends are here! Leyla is coming! She’s the founder of Lala Berlin! My friend Thomas Kretschmann is here. He shot our campaign for Vogue. My parents of cause! They wanted to join as well! Just lots of friends. Angelo is a good friend as well. He does a lot of fashion stuff! I would say we have a pretty nice front row! Heidi just texted my: Wow fingers crossed! Did you just take a picture of my butt? Thank you! Thank You! Everything worked out perfect! That was amazing, wasnt it? Yes absolutely! I think everyone loved it! It was better than I imagined! Everything worked out! The music the models! Everything was last minute but sometime I believe thats the right way! I’m so happy! Way better than expected! Im super excited what the people out there are thinking!