Today we are playing our tenth show. Uhm and in Paris we already know exactly And that’s why I am a bit nervous Because Paris is defenitely going to be a very special moment we have been waiting for During this tour we have been drinking a lot of “Berliner Luft” That’s what we usually drink with our fans when we play a drinking game with them Bottoms up!! And obviously we have to activate our Power-Ranger powers Power-Ranger Powers activated! And Georg takes a shit before the show It is, what it is. I prefer you to go the toilet, instead of doing your business on stage. And you’d start smelling like a … Hey there! Who is your favorite daddy? Dude… it’s freaking hot in here! I think my tummy didn’t take the seafood too well So Georg, how do i look? Cute! Noo, wrong answer man! Fantastic No Fabulous Now don’t disappoint me! How do i look?? To fall in love with!! I told you a million times! How do i look? To fall in love with! There you go. Thanks It was sort of the first market Outside of Germany Where we started back in 2007 Since then, we’ve been playing on every tour here in Paris And the shows are always amazing! Always something spectacular Awesome guest list and always a lot of people Today will be again a hell of a ride How do look? Uhm… Kill Bill!! No! Now for real. How do i look? Wonderful! Lovely! Exquisite! No! To fall in love with!! I love the set up there One stick missing though Morning!! Classic drummer, right? I mean, the crazier the costume The higher the shoes And the freakier everything is set up The more confident i feel I believe, if you don’t feel comfortable You shouldn’t do it The thing is, Georg for example, unfortunately has no sense of style That means, I get to pick his clothes Most of the time, he is happy with that Of course he has to feel comfortable but he appreciates the guidance and the help The others are defenitely more difficult Tom is the most difficult one Gustav is at least open for suggestions Most of the times, he starts with the outfit I pick for him And finishes the tour in his tracking pants Fashion needs to be provocative It’s up to your personality Being invisible is the worst thing Thats why I love it I’m happy with negative criticism too It would be suspicious if everybody liked me That would be a nightmare! We look like fucking midgets Omg I still need to pee!! Shit Has the countdown started already?! Jesus, who was in here? Gustav, i think It stinks madly in here!!! It was your drummer Are you guys at all nervous before any show? A few minutes before i get a little nervous You are the one making me nervous today Are you alright? I make you nervous? Yeah Need to check a few things for the LED wall What is that supposed to mean? Is it broken?! No, it’s not broken. Just an error with the signal sometimes Ok It was pigmented wrong at the end Is one of our tools broken? Probably, yes But we’re this close to detecting the error You are this close to what? To finding the error Alright, please give me a little intro on what exactly is happening there There are a few colour streams floating over the wall In various colours The entire production is currently on hold This means, at the moment The entire show is not working We’ve desperately been waiting for over 30 minutes That someone can fix it But it looks like we need to improvise This is gonna be one of the best shows ever! What should we do now? Should we hit the road again? I don’t care about any reasons We need a well-functioning show And a functioning tool I need that tomorrow. Otherwise heads will roll Alright. I need to talk to someone from the production before we go upstairs and nothing might be working on stage Because you can’t do a show under these conditions If it looks like this we can’t do the show