Good, one more time. Do you see her start shaking ’cause she’s activating? Press. Now put your legs straight. Now tuck your legs in, pause, knees to your chest. Pause. Now roll up. Notice how she did that? She has the rest of her lats engaged. She has resistance against that plane and she has more core recruitment. Now roll down, let your hips touch, pause. Stretch away. Cool, one more time. Push against me, resist, pull up, roll all the way up, roll all the way down, pause. Now the hips are in line and now she can extend her hips and her knees at the same time. One more time. So flex everything, roll those hips up, come back down, stretch it out. It’s cool, right? One thing I want you to notice what she had to do on the return is after she extended her knees, she had to flex, them, pull and engage them as she rolled down. A lot of issues with toes-to-bar is an athlete will work as hard as they can to touch that bar and then they relax. And when you relax, you’re dead weight. You don’t have any activation coming back down. And then that swing happens. That swing we all love and hate. Then we come back up as hard as we can, kick it, then relax. At all points in time, as we go up we have to be engaged, as we go down we have to be engaged. And you’re cue them through it very slowly. Number one: active lat. Your hand is gonna be on the lower back and hamstring. Now she’s gonna tuck her legs in. First we’ll do bent. Knees to chest. She’s gonna push against that bar with that active shoulder bring her hips up, roll her hips down, then extend the legs. Active shoulder, there we go. Bring knees to chest, roll the hips up a little bit, pause. Kick the bar. Reset, squeeze the knees, knee flexion, roll the hips in line and then beautiful extension. My job is to pause her so she doesn’t get taxed out. One more time. Active shoulder. Pick up, roll it up, pause. Extend, back down, roll it out, full extension so the heels come slightly behind the bar from her being in a hollow body. Cool? Do you guys like that? Pause two seconds in each position so guys understand the movement. Then we’re gonna place some speed on it. If I an athlete that, they kick up to toes-to-bar and they relax on the way down, I reinforce that by physically throwing their feet back down to the ground. So when they come up, I push them back so they understand I want that pull with the hip. That full hip extension. OK, can you go up there? You’re gonna hit my hand, and you guys are gonna really see me push her down. I don’t care if you bend your legs. I’m really forcing her to pull her feet down when she starts doing that. You understand— Yeah, you’re pushing hard. [laughter] I am aren’t I? ‘Cause that’s what I want. I want you to get away from my hand after you hit it, pull it way back down. And that’s gonna help those athletes that even thought they understand the movement on the way up, they relax and force them to go that direction.