how do you find the clotheslines in a 5 star hotel? in your room before I’ll show you ı’m going to eat breakfast first I am in Hilton hotel in Istanbul Im going to show you their pantry during breakfast Omellete please you can order everything you want I’ll be back you have to choose whatever bread you want I wıll try these cheese thıs ıs yogurt a lot of dıfferent kınd of sausage make salad at your own vegetables are all ready ı want tea get you own tea or coffee I will eat first before I hang clothes all are delcious it need to have card to scan before you go to your room if you don’t have card the lift will not go up good morning I am in the toilet to find out where the clothesline to hang clothes if you see a metal you have to pull it and check if there is string you have to check the other side if there a whole in same level you can check it on top of the tub that is the string you have to pull it and connect on the other side that is removable put it back if you want to use again that is the clothesline in a 5 star hotel it will dry fast because there are exhaust fan to zip the water that is my story about clothesline I already finish my brekfast don’t forget to subscribe for my next story this is Jamalia dela Cruz see you on my next video