I’ve come up to Pattaya in Thailand and
I took a bit of time choosing this room but it’s actually not what I expected
it’s very dark inside and it’s got a balcony but it’s too hot out there and
too bright if I go out for five minutes already I can’t keep my eyes open and I
just have to come back into the aircon so I wanted to look at choosing a hotel
and some of the things to look out for now because I’ve been travelling so long
when I go somewhere I want to stay a couple of weeks so I want a nice hotel
that can relax in and because I’m working all day I want to have at least
something to look at and a nice view out the window or just a lot of light in the
room I’ve got a lot of luggage and I don’t want to keep changing rooms
because it’s a lot of work to do that especially so much stuff to pack up
again and then a heavy case to move somewhere else so let’s look at the room
that I’m in first of all and it’s here seahorse Pattaya I kind of did the right
things it’s three-star and got an eight review and I look for that three-star
and a review of eight or above if we look at the pictures then they look okay the view out here isn’t so great but at
least it’s got a view and the rooms look okay here got a balcony so you can sit
outside and it looks quite nice but there’s some things that I missed and
the first one is this that if you see the pictures of the rooms then they’re
all lit by a light here not daylight and the only actual light coming into the
room is over here which is not even into the room it’s into a little kitchen bit
so it’s really dark and the other problem you can’t see it here but the
aircon is just above these seats so it’s really hot outside there and the Sun
also shines this way so the sun is shining directly on here and you’ve got
aircon above it and it’s just not comfortable
it’s not nice to be there so let’s look at what I did and what I’m gonna
actually move rooms so let’s look at another room that I could move to I’ve
done a search on Pattaya here and I put in a date actually this is not the date
that I want to move I need to check what day I’ve booked until but let’s go down
and see what I’ve checked off on here these are some filters you can add so
I’ve added air conditioning make it 8 or above three or four stars and that
was eight and above here again no smoking because I did look at a room
before and then it said smoking and I know what it’s like if you go into a
room and someone’s been smoking it just doesn’t smell nice so I put that one so
those are the filters and let’s see what results we’ve got I sort these into
lowest-price first because I want to get the best value for money and the first
one here you’ve got Corner Lodge and the first thing I’ll do is just look at it
on a map so I’ll click show on map and I can see the location here it’s actually
quite a way from the main part of Pattaya quite away from the beach but I
actually don’t mind because I’ve started trying to walk a few kilometres a day
and I’ve actually stayed up here before it’s okay it’s much quieter than the
city so I’m happy with staying there let’s look at the pictures of it next looks quite new for start it’s actually got a small swimming pool which would be nice and a small gym it looks quite clean and tidy
not really interested in what the foods like this room looks pretty big here and
the good thing here is that it’s got a big window so it’d be nice and bright that’s looking at the whole of the
pictures but let’s look at the rooms individually so I would be just going
for the cheapest one here which is the King studio let’s click on that one
and the first thing I check is that it’s fairly big I look for something 20
meters or above so this is 25 meters that’s fine I’m also looking that it’s
got a refrigerator then I can buy some milk and things to eat some fruit so
it’s got a refrigerator and it probably won’t say desk here but I’m gonna look
in the pictures and check there’s a desk and then I’m also interested in whether
it looks light as well so let’s look at these pictures of the room sometimes you
don’t get many pictures of each room but here you have so that looks okay you’ve
got a desk here and it looks like the window over there thats it there’s a
better picture of it yeah so you’ve got a balcony there and here
you got one these move quite quickly between each one they don’t stay on it
so I’ve got a desk there and a balcony there it looks like I could move the
desk in front of the balcony which would be quite good anyway these are
just flicking through really quickly so you can’t see it so I think this is
okay it’s got a desk it’s quite clean and modern and new and it’s got a big
window there with a balcony on it that’s giving plenty of light inside I could
sit in front of the balcony move this desk around and sit in front of the
balcony so I think that’s okay what I do normally then is just pick a
few more and check them and just do the same thing check that the rooms okay
just check it’s got a fridge it’s got a desk normally I want to have a safe as
well and check it’s got plenty of light and that I could actually move the desk
so I’m looking out of the window or the onto the balcony