– My name is Bryce Hanson, and I work at Amazon. As a Bar Raiser, I’ve had the opportunity to interview over 1,000 candidates. Beyond exhibiting our Leadership Principles, there are three things that our most successful candidates have in common. First, they’re resourceful. Amazon operates like a series of startups, and there are few maps or clear lanes of responsibility that define how we deliver results. Candidates who can exhibit resourcefulness, despite changing circumstances, often thrive at Amazon. Second, they’re role models. We look for people that we admire, who we’d be excited to work for and with. Candidates who bring leadership or functional expertise that we can learn from and that make us better are often successful. And third, they don’t shy away from past lessons or failures from their career. They actually take those moments and are excited to share how they’ve informed future thinking or success. We like candidates who take risks and who are unafraid to learn from their mistakes.