So you plan a trip to Korea and you think to yourself “I’m gonna swing by a couple of Korean bars, it should be easy, “..Bars are bars, right?” Wrong! Bars are very different here in Korea so today we’re gonna give you our tips for surviving Korean bars And we’re gonna drink on camera Cuz what else do we do? Is that alcohol? Let’s make a video about it! For Science! Of course! Make sure you don’t limit yourself to something that’s on the ground floor A lot of awesome bars in Korea are on the 2nd, 3rd,4th, 9th floor Korea is very much a vertical society so… Look up This little table right here this is our own little individual booth There’s no mingling going on here I can’t just walk around with a drink and pick up fly honeys ok wait a second I’m in my own little antisocial booth right here just my friends You can be social with each other but not with strangers You also used the word fly honeys which is probably gonna prevent you from meeting anybody anyways It’s a good thing you’re married Girls like being called Fly honeys, don’t they? Do they? Cuz I’m a girl That’s what I learned from rap songs Uh oh The point is if you’re coming to a Korean bar to pick up it’s not the place to pick up You’re going to have to go to a different style Korean bar So if you walk in the door and you see booths turn around and walk your way out This is for friends and dates That’s right, you don’t call the waiter you don’t try to get his attention or eye contact or smoke signals You push a button it ding dongs, he gets a little number on his arm and he comes over and takes your order Consequently there’s no tipping in Korea so you don’t have to pay someone for good service if they had eye contact with you the whole time No…you buy food, you pay for food, that’s it! HIER FIERV Now when it comes to drinks which is probably the key part of coming to a bar if you’re expecting to find something like a long island iced tea or like a rum and coke you are not gonna find it Simon: Nope A Korean bar is gonna serve things like Makkoli which is like a rice wine You’re gonna get Soju which is basically like the alcohol of choice in Korea And it’s a one shot kind of beverage We’ve done a lot of videos on it before which you can check out if you’re interested in that And also local beer That’s about it And we don’t mean like microbrewery beer Simon: No we mean like the local basic Korean beer Simon: the cheapy cheapies the cheapy cheapies So don’t expect rum and cokes you’re gonna have to go somewhere else for that ♫ Funky Music ♫ Martina: Oh yeah Simon(off camera): K my turn Martina: uh-mm(no) Simon: Share some with me! Martina: This is my pineapple! I believe I ordered a pineapple for me Simon: I remember when you used to be nice to me I’m all for like a really good manhattan and like a really good old fashioned once in a while but sometimes I just want a pineapple hollowed out and blended in front of me with alcohol in it you know what I’m saying? Simon: That was delicious Martina: Wasn’t it? Simon: I didn’t taste any, I’m gonna have to taste another Martina: It’s almost like a pina colada without uh any… yeah no it’s just straight up like a pina colada Next time we smuggle in our own coconut cream *gasp* Now one of the weirdest things about bars in Korea is that when you come to one of them you can’t just order drinks Like in North America you can go to a bar and order like a beer? Or like a rum and coke or something? In Korea there’s something called “Anju” which is basically side dishes for drinking and it’s mandatory that you buy one of them Simon: Think of the side dish as a main dish you need to buy a main dish with your drink here Martina: This might be confusing to some people that are visiting because they think that they’re being ripped off or they’re being pressured or they’re being kicked out because they’re foreigners but that is not the case Simon: You might be a little weirded out by Anju prices because like from here we got ‘em from like 15 dollars, 16 dollars 18, 19, 20 dollars Martina: They have like the 50 dollar set combos for couples and stuff Simon: Don’t think about these as individual meals that you’re having yourself you’re ordering Anju that you could share with your crew of people so bring as many people as you can so you can all chip in and pay for this gigantic meal Korea is very much a food sharing society. You don’t just have “a” dish you have one dish or a couple of dishes and everybody is reaching in So remember… “If you’re sick, don’t be a dick!” and go home ♫ Sexy Food Porn Music ♫ Martina: Ok, you can get a lot of this on the street but this is like an ante up version Simon: I mean, come on Martina: So we got uh, deep fried squid These are fish cakes but don’t think cake as in birthday cake Simon: Cakey Cakey Cakey Martina: Think like savory food like pressed fish cake but it’s soaking in ddeokbokki (Simon drools more) which is like a spicy sauce and it’s got little rice noodles in them that are like chewy(?) Simon: And this thing is my favorite – it’s a doshirak This is just rice with egg and kimchi and… Martina: Usually spam Simon: SPAM! Yeah Simon: And it’s pretty much, this is like a Korean lunchbox Martina: Old-school like 90s Simon: Old-school! Like these things are so warming to the soul Now the way you eat one of these doshirak right here Take your spoon Chop up the egg like so Martina: You wanna break it into little pieces so it evenly shakes through Simon: Now we get to the mixing part!! Martina: Make sure it’s closed properly Simon! Simon: Ughh yeah you like them doshiraks Martina (singing): I like do-shi, my doshirak My doshirak I shake all day~! Simon: So you can see this. It was supposed to mix up It really just mushed everything around -_- So it was almost there So you got some kimchi. We got some egg. We got some rice right there. *Martina rapidly hints Simon to feed her* Simon: We got some deliciousness Martina (sadly): Ooooohhhhh 🙁 Simon: Mmmm! Martina: I trusted you! Simon (mumbling): I trusted you (?) Martina: I trusted you! Simon: Okay! Martina: Now there are a lot of different choices on Korean bar menus Usually you have like, fried food that are kinda like finger foods Simon: Aww f*baas* I dripped sauce on my pants!!! Martina: Maybe if you stop shoving food in your mouth for a second Simon (whiny): Mmmm Martina: You know there’s a plate, right? Simon is like, “What is plate?” I just eat from bowl! Simon: What is plate?? Martina: Now Korean bar food is usually goes from like ummm…dried squid… Maybe some finger-food, all the way up to like, soups that you can share So it’s really up to you if you really wanna like, stay and talk and chat over your food and linger or if you actually just wanna shovel food down your throat, like Simon’s doing right now! Simon: See, you, look. Martina is gonna keep on talking forever I’m gonna eat this before it goes cold Martina: I’m gonna take this giant fish stick Ooh look! There’s steam coming off from it! Simon: MMMMmmm! Martina: Can you see that? Simon: Oooh yeah! Martina: Mmm… Simon: Leigh! If you can answer this skill-testing question *Martina laughs* Simon: We will give you… all of the food here Plus, a brand-new car! Question: What…is my name?? Martina: 10 second limit! 10… 9… 8… No answer! Simon: I’m sorry! You can’t answer that because you’re not here! And not filming with us right now I’m sorry Leigh! No free car for you! Martina: We sent everybody home and we’re like “Oh! We’re sooo tired!” And then we go to a bar! *Both laughing at their cleverness* Simon: So that’s it for this week’s Food Adventure Program For Awesome People! I hope that you found these tips useful So you can learn how to navigate through a Korean bar We got some more top secret tips including… How to get free birthday cake if you’re in a Korean bar! If you wanna know how to get this free cake We’re gonna tell yeh Click on the link right here, and read a lot more about it! Martina: Simon, you’re giving away my pro tip secrets! Simon: This is what we do here We tell you how to live (Martina: Sharing is caring?) yo lyfe to the fullest! Gonna drink more of this pineapple! Martina: Ducky! Hey! *record scratches* Noooo! You are so cut off! Simon: Oh man! (singing) I love the co-co! Martina: That’s not a co-co, Simon. Simon (singing): I love the pine…appleeee… Check out the other bar video and bloopers! Martina: Nothing!! Martina (hopeful): Maybe I can just…ehh… Simon: Hold on! Wait! I got it! Martina: *Gasp* Noo! Sharing is caring! *Simon smacking lips* Simon: That was delicious! *More lip smacking* Martina: So rude! *More lip smacking*