What’s up my ROYAL brothers and sisters? Today on Passport Kings i’m going to give you the Pros of using online booking sites like HOTELS.COM to buy your tickets ENGAGE! Today’s episode is brought to you by
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say that buying tickets at the spirit help desk at the airport is cheaper been buying tickets online. And you probably figured it might be the same with Hotels Well, it’s usually not! So here are my top
three reasons for booking your hotel through an online booking site like hotels.com Pull up 3 screens in your browser… one should be Google Maps and then
search the area of town you’d like to stay around. Now the other 2 tabs should
be the hotel’s official website that has a location
closest to the area that you would like to stay and when you find it figure out how much
the price will be if you brought it directly from them so get all the way to your “purchase now” page on that site and then, on your other tab, go to my website. www.passportkings.com And use the hotels.com tool on my main
page to find the same hotel that you just searched an as you will realize, the hotel always have a higher price than what you
will find quoted or hotels.com So obviously, if you’re going to stay at the same exact hotel, for the same days, you might as well get it for a lower price and here is Advantage 2 Hotels.com rewards program, really looks out! As they say on their website, this is the only rewards program that will let you earn
rewards while you sleep. and their actually give you 1 night free
every time you collect 10 nights and they’ll let you use that free night any day and to top it off, it’s free to sign up! So imagine if you
you are going to stay in Brazil for 14 nights, why not get the 15th night for free? It’s a no brainer and it’ll save you some loot! and you’re probably thinking now that I’m getting a little advance off of getting you to go to hotel
.com and you know what? they’ll probably give you a little affiliation but that doesn’t mean that you are not getting a better discount by going to that location. But, They’re other sites out there sites out there and you can use those as well. Advantage 3!!! Of course, in my case, I’m always flexible And if you’ve seen 1 hotel room, you’ve seen them all. as much as I feel that loyalty is a good thing, there used to be unbelievable perks when you lodged with the same brand hotel chain. But, just like I said in advantage 2,
sites like hotels.com now got perks too! And you know what they say… when companies compete the customer wins! Plus a big part of my
excitement about traveling is checking out all of the different hotels and seeing what they have to offer that’s different. So yes, they all have the same mandatory bed, TV, workstation bar and bathroom but there are
things that are sometimes glaringly different the service, the views, the food the bar and a lot of other things! And yes, you can read about those differences on online review site but to me there’s
nothing like experiencing things for my own self and the only way to get those different
experiences is to book a different also each time. So, to summarize, the 3 main advantages of booking a hotel through an online
booking site like hotels.com is *1 lower price 2 the rewards are still awesome. and 3, you’ll have the option to choose from many different hotels Alright Passport Kings, that’s my show for this week. Tune in every Wednesday right here
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