What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Times Square One of the craziest places in New York City And we’ve already done a video about tourist traps here And scams Today we’re going to be taking an insider look at some things you can do around here That are really off the beaten path I’m going to be using Atlas Obscura A really cool guide To show you around I’m going to link to the article down below if you want to check it out And i’ve got some really cool YouTubers who are going to be joining me Do you guys normally like coming to Times Square? Uhhh when I’m coming to see a show Yeah, it’s just a bit touristy Like I know that sounds bad because i’m British but.. It’s touristy Alright well we’re going to try to change that perception today Let’s go Alright guys for our first stop.. actually our first two stops We’re going to go inside the subway The N,Q,R,W station right here In Times Square Has some hidden ceramic art work By a Bronx Based artist That most people never even pay attention to And I personally have never seen it So we’re going to discover it together Let’s go We just walked in here.. we’re looking for the N,Q,R,W platform And this ceramic art Do you feel like this is going to be tough to find? Yes.. yeah We don’t know where we are right now we’re going to figure this out though I especially don’t know where I am right now They especially have no idea Alright so we have found the ceramic murals, check this out Broadway What else do we got? Guys what’s your interpretation of this? This is.. the chef from the Little Mermaid? Hahahhha So many people are just jetting by commuting to work Or just on there way somewhere else And they have no idea of all these cool things going on That’s really good music to, wow (violin playing) A lot of good art work there A lot of good street musicians Now i’m going to show you what they call the door to nowhere It’s actually used to be a secret door to the Knickerbocker Hotel We’re coming right upon it Check this out Romina’s trying.. Alright we’re about to get arrested It’s locked folks It would lead to the Knickerbocker Hotel And commuters would come here Through those doors and go drink at the bar Romina tried it it doesn’t work anymore Alright so when you guys think of Times Square Do you think of like.. overpriced Tourist Trap restaurants? Yeah.. yeah for the most part.. I’m going to show these two and everyone out there A little Cuban eatery.. That’s not to far from here That’s cheap And good And you won’t find many tourists there Let’s go What comes on the Cuban Sandwich Swiss Cheese,Salami, Ham, Pork, A little mayo mustard and pickles I’ll take one of those please Guys this is just the side dishes By the way.. This is the main dish And we got free chicken wings to.. yeah chicken wings while we wait Because you know we’re VIP I ordered a Cuban Quiet a lot of food I think
We have.. Swiss Cheese Salami Another type of pork I think mustard Pickles, thank you Romina Mayo All sorts of craziness Let’s see how it tastes Mmmm I love the bread Really nice mixture of everything together This is like a good lunch thing to go Alright guys we have just stepped out of the Cuban place And that sandwich filled me up a ton I’m going to show you a really cool art installation That you probably walked over a million times But I found two people.. Other YouTubers you might recognize Guys, one, two Tal Oh my bad Tal and Jacob They’ve been in a lot of my videos They’re just joining us for the journey You ready for some random stuff Let’s get random and kooky, you ready Jacob? He’s ready let’s go Guys subscribe to Jon he’s the best person on Planet Earth Thank you man Guys we’re shooting a movie here, please everybody out of the way Basically in 1977 An Aural artist set up this exhibit right here Where if you put your ear down She fell You will hear a humming noise And most people never pay attention to it So you can just put your ear right there.. right now I hear it a little bit A little xylophone It’s like an alien thing going on You hear it right now I just heard it I just heard it We’re going to put the microphone close you’ll hear it The thing that’s going like doo doo (singing israeli music) It’s my country guys, it’s my country Don’t do it please He’s ..oh god He’s crazy Tal is sacrificing the health of his ear Whoooa You hear it? No if you come this close It sounds like something out of final cut pro You got to get really close Like join us It’s really cool guys It’s like ebbing and flowing Tell me in the comments if you hear it (alien buzzing) How cool was that on like a 1 to a 10 That was pretty dope That was pretty cool, 10 I probably walked by this thing like 4 times in my life And I’ve never heard it I feel like I’ve heard this before and just didn’t realize what was going on We thought maybe it was machinery down there or something like that So cool.. Alright I’ve got Mason here This is like the center of the center of Times Square And we’re going to show you guys the next thing And you literally walked right over it I’m going to show you where all the theaters in Broadway In the Times Square area are located There’s a little map right underneath our feet guys Watch this All you have to do is look down We’re going to kneel My camera man Jacob is doing a great job And you just stare this way And it’s all you see The different theater’s And you see the streets as well Look you see 52nd street Neil Simon Circle in the Square 51st Ambassador 50th And so on and so forth Very cool thing And I admit I have walked by here so many times And I have never even noticed it Something new for you guys Compared to everything you’ve seen so far Have you been excited by this little tour? Yes, the most exciting thing was the door The door that led to Narnia The door that led to the Knickerbocker Narnia That was cool Alright one more thing coming up here we go Guys for our final stop we’re in front of the AMC 25 And this looks like a regular movie theater But this actually was called the Elkhinge Built in 1912 An original theater And if you go inside the lobby And look up You’re going to see something very very cool Let’s check it out This is where you look.. up up I just think that this is like Really indicative of Old Vaudeville Theater’s on Broadway used to be It’s not that large The ceilings really high The percineum which is the archway Over the theater is really large But.. the distance between the entrance and the theater is really small So there wouldn’t have been a lot of seats in here But it’s still really beautiful You know your history man.. I’ve got to bring you on more of my tours Guys you can take an escalator up and literally be.. Above where the theater was And stare out into the seats It’s incredible This is what I was talking about Where you can see the outside of the old theater And this right here.. You can see where the stairs were On the wall That led to the balcony seats Obviously they removed them But you can see it I seriously did not know that Jacob Knew so much about this theater I’m pleasantly surprised And it’s great for all of us including me To learn about this unique history Of a theater right next to Times Square And you can come and see these things Just don’t be to disturbing to them If you want to come real quick And look at a lot of this stuff Feel free Guys we’re about to go down the escalator right now.. I’m going to tilt the camera up And this is going to be one memorable shot You ready? Let’s go Alright that was the most fun we’ve ever had Going to the movies WIthout actually.. going to the movies So i’m going to put all of there information down below In the description Everybody subscribe to them Subscribe to me if you’d like as well A lot of cool New York City content Coming out And all of these ideas Also linked down below In the description Thank you so much for watching as always Guys, until next time This is going to be a very memorable shot Guys.. guys .. we’re Tal you’re messing me up.