My name is Marita and I come from Ecuador. My name is Habiba. I come from Algeria. I am Helena, and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. My name is Zina. I’m from Syria. My name is Diana. I am from Jerusalem, Palestine. Jody Scaravella: I’m the owner of Enoteca Maria,
where we feature grandmothers from all over the world. Every single day, we feature two grandmothers. One is Italian, the other one is always from another part of the world. From years ago, the people they come over here say:
“Oh, my nonna used to make this!” “That’s why I come over here, I heard you make this,” and then, you know they’re very happy. Enoteca Maria came about ten years ago actually 12 years ago I lost my mom and prior to that I lost my grandmother and my sister and I think subconsciously I was just trying to patch those holes in my life and seeing an Italian grandmother in the kitchen cooking was my idea of comfort. I think there’s probably about 30 different cultures represented, so basically, my idea is to celebrate the diversity instead of using that diversity to divide us, it brings us all together and I think that’s a project worthy of our time. These ladies, they get these recipes from their mother and from their grandmother and of course their grandmothers got it from their mothers and their grandmothers, so every time these ladies are in the kitchen cooking, you have hundreds of years of culture coming out of their fingertips and I think that that’s magic. I am here cooking the food from our culture. I am a nonna. I am nonna. I am one of the nonnas. Soy una nonna. I love the nonnas and the nonnas love me.