(cars honking) – [Announcer] Hidden in New
York City’s garment district, on 37th Street, between 8th
and 9th Avenues, building 306, lies a one-of-a-kind freight entrance, and inside, you’ll find deliveries
and something delicious. You weren’t expecting that, were you? I told you it was hidden. (upbeat music)
Inconspicuous at first, but take a closer look
through these doors, and you’ll find a small but
mighty Latin American restaurant called Aquario cafe. Meet the owner. Thank you, enjoy. Enjoy. (knife banging) – [Announcer] The menu
is constantly changing, but customers can usually
expect pollo guisado, rabo guisado, espaguetis Dominicanos, and the most popular of them all. – Goat meat. We gotta make everyday
because they love goat meat. (speaking in foreign language) – [Announcer] But I know
what you’re thinking. Why choose to open a restaurant
in such a small place? – [Announcer] He sells
hundreds of these plates a day, and his success is all
thanks to word of mouth. (speaking in foreign language) I’m never going to move from here. (quirky music)