What’s going on guys? It’s D. All right, so the
city’s first ever Chick-Fil-A has opened and we’re here on opening day and as you
can see, the excitement is real. There’s a lineup and it’s around the block. Now with the excitement, there’s also a lot of people that are upset due to the
controversial beliefs of the CEO, so we’re here to check out the scene, talk
to some people and see what’s going on. D: So I just want to know how long have you been waiting in the line today? – Since about 4am – Oh, 45 minutes. Not too long,
not too bad. – Like about an hour D: And why was this so important for you to
be one of the first here for Chick-fil-A? – Bro I’m from the US and like Chick-fil-A’s
awesome over there. – I think I probably first tried Chick-fil-A maybe about
eight years ago in Virginia and I’ve loved it since. D: Given some of the
controversy behind Chick-fil-A, were you hesitant at all today to come and what are your thoughts? – Not really to be honest with
you. It’s just anybody can believe what they want to believe and support we do
want support. I’m just here to try chicken and I’ve never had it before and that’s
my main focus today. – I mean they’re right, but like if we’re picking hairs
like that, I guess we’re going through every company that funds horrible
endeavours, right? – Because it’s not just them. They’re even
saying it’s other places like Walmart as well. I don’t know if like Best Buy
or Home Depot or like other places, but I know they specifically said
Walmart, but like you said you can’t pick and choose. [Protesters chanting] D: Alright so the line is moving over here but you can also see that the protesters are over here in full fledge at full
attack, so let’s talk to some of the protesters and see what their opinion is
and how they feel about this. – We are protesting, a peaceful protest against Chick-fil-A because we both believe that it should not be anywhere in Toronto or
in Canada. – Well this is a horrible company. There’s no place for it here in
Canada. We have no room for this kind of hatred. They use their profits to do
really awful things. Why would people want to accept that? D: What are your
thoughts about the fact that this is not the only location that they’re opening, but they’ll be opening several the GTA and across Canada? – Well being one of
the first, if not the first, I hope that this sends a nice clear message to all
the other cities and hopefully detract a little bit of their business. D: People
waiting in line for a while now for Chick-fil-A. What would you tell those
individuals? – I’d just tell them, you know what? Google it. Look at what you’re doing. Would you turn around and support organization that was suppressed women? Would you turn around and [support] an organization that suppressed
black people like me? But the thing is is this. You know what? You gotta look at the
facts and if you think getting a piece of chicken is more important than
your personal right, what are you gonna say to your gay aunt? What are you gonna say to
your gay friend? What are you gonna say to your gay cousin? They have a right to tell you to cluck [or] F-off