(grunting) (laughter) – [Sylvia] Ow, we’re getting punished. – [Gunnarolla] Hey, I’m Gunnarolla, world traveler, food lover. Taiwan is one of my
favorite travel destinations and last fall, I had the chance
to cycle around the country with my partner in photo shoots, Sylvia. This trip was a great way to experience all that Taiwan has to offer and challenge ourselves by doing something we’d never done before. From breathtaking views
to the freshest seafood and bubble tea every day and the occasional booch. – [Sylvia] Booch it! – [Gunnarolla] This
was our trip to Taiwan. You ready? (vibey music) So, the cycling part of our trip is done. – Woo-hoo. – It’s time to treat ourselves. We checked into a beautiful hotel in the heart of Taipei. – W Taipei, – Five-star luxury. – Count of five stars. – Alright, time to check out our room. They’ve brought all of our bags. So, all we gotta do is open the door. Whoa. Oh my God! We got an exquisite Baller Suite. They had macaroons waiting for us. We had panoramic views. We could see Taipei 101
right from our window. – You could see Taipei
101 from the jacuzzi. – Oh my God! This bath. Look at these views. This is a sexy room. And if that wasn’t enough, the toilet. Want to see a magic trick? – It went up on its own. – That’s how we do that. It was the height of luxury – The height, we were all the way up. – [Gunnarolla] It was the literal height. – Literal height. (violin music) – So once we got settled into the hotel, we had some time to explore
the local culinary scene. Starting with– – [Sylvia] Comes to Taiwan,
goes to Kispy Kreme. – I gotta get my Kispy Kreme. And then I got to meet
up with my dear friend who I met the last time
I was in Taiwan, Elsa. – Hi Sylvia. – Elsa. I feel like I know her already. – Hi, how are you? – [Sylvia] Okay, where are we going? – Are your guys butts sore? (laughs) – I mean– – [Sylvia] Yeah. She took us around for
some real Taiwanese treats. – [Gunnarolla] Do you remember those buns? – Oh my God! Thank you. Oh, it’s so cute. A little juicy, a little greasy. – [Gunnarolla] Made fresh,
right in front of us, out of a stall. – [Sylvia] It was amazing. So then we went to Ximending,
which is this really cool, trendy, hipster, young district of Taiwan. – [Gunnarolla] Yeah, you’ve got shops, you’ve got restaurants, street food. We met up with some of our friends. It’s kind of like the
Harajuku or the Yong Dong. – [Sylvia] Exactly. – [Gunnarolla] of Taipei. – [Sylvia] It really
reminded me of Yong Dong. This is my last night in Taiwan. We haven’t turnt up at all. – And I’m saying, maybe it’s a good thing
to just have a nice trip, that we can remember all of the details. – Yeah, where we just cycle
and eat and cycle and eat and then blackout. Of course knowing us, we had to try all the food in the area. – [Gunnarolla] All of it. – Including stinky Tofu. – I can’t see it but I can smell it. Their stinky Tofu is somewhere nearby. (gags) – [Sylvia] I’ve never
tried it, should I try it? – You know I love food. – Alright. – This is one of those thing I can’t eat. – [Sylvia] Let’s get that sauce on there – I have a very strong sense of smell. Sometimes I can’t eat Parmesan cheese. I’m not breathing, it tastes great. – (Man) Eat it with the
veggies, it’ll taste better. – Yeah, okay. I can’t. (laughter) – Probably some of it is psychological. I just remember how it smells
and instantly I can’t eat. – [Sylvia] It’s trauma
– Yeah. – [Sylvia] You have to
heal that wound, Andrew. – I did eat the Trylobite, so. I didn’t like it. I tried, twice. Now, I know for sure. Maybe the first time was the food. The second time was just as bad. It’s like if you took gasoline and put vinegar in it and garbage. That’s what stinky Tofu is. But to make up for it, we did have my favorite Taiwanese snack. – The scallion pancake. And I did this because that’s exactly how they [Together] fluff it up. – [Gunnarolla] You can have
a lot of different filings. Today, we’re doing egg and basil. Pretty basic but delicious. So good! You have to try it. A little spicy sauce in there too. – Oh my God. And of course, no night out
is complete without Karaoke. – Listen, they don’t have English songs, I’m gonna sing English
lyrics to Taiwanese music. But it seems like everyone in Taipei had the same idea so while we waited for our karaoke room, we went across the street to get massages. – And honestly, we really needed it. After cycling, after
walking around, all day. – [Sylvia] You good bro? The sweat from– ow! Ow! Ow, we’re getting punished. We finally got a room. It was, again, Baller. – [Sylvia] The urinal in our karaoke room. – [Gunnarolla] We got
our own private bathroom. ♪ I just met you ♪ ♪ And this is crazy ♪ ♪ But here’s my number ♪ ♪ So call me maybe. ♪ So many snacks, they
could not stop feeding us. (Karaoke singing) But what they didn’t have, – [Together] Was all or nothing. – Our favorite karaoke track . – That’s the only song
we wanted to sing really. So we ended up singing it
over every single other song. ♪ Cause I want it all ♪ ♪ Or nothing at all ♪ – [Gunnarolla] It was pretty odd, we always ended up with
the mics in our hands. It was almost like no
one else wanted to sing – [Sylvia] Or the mics
just never left our hands. – That’s probably more likely. Good morning. – Good morning. – It’s time to get breakfast. W Taipei has the best breakfast buffet of any hotel I’ve ever
been to in the world. – [Sylvia] It truly made them five-stars. – [Gunnarolla] This was not
your continental breakfast, they had every type of cuisine, hot dishes, cold dishes, noodle soups. – [Sylvia] They had fresh fruits, juices that you can make on
the spot and even Gelato. After breakfast, we had a chance to check out the amazing
amenities of the hotel, including the outdoor pool, which made it the perfect location for a [Together] Photoshoot! (funky music) Then it was time for us to live our best, crazy, rich Asians life. We had afternoon tea at the Yen bar on the 31st floor of W Taipei. (soft,jazzy music) – [Sylvia] The real Taipei 101 and the better Taipei 101 (laughs). (soft, jazzy music) – Listen, to be able to enjoy
such a diversity of treats in one of the most spectacular venues, look at the view over there, incredible experience.
– Yes! It was really nice to have a taste of premium, elevated life. So if you’re in Taipei, make sure to try out
the afternoon tea here at W Taipei. – Crazy, rich Asians. – And then it was time
to say goodbye, to you because I was staying
for a couple extra days. – It was so hard to leave. I did not want to leave you or the hotel. – We had a really good time. I was not sure what to
expect out of this trip. I just wanted to get to Asia and I thought that cycling
would be a cool thing to do. It was really cool, it was also very hard. – [Sylvia} It was a true testament to how strong our relationship is. Cause they always say, a trip makes or breaks a
friendship or a relationship. – [Gunnarolla] Yeah, you get
to see someone at their best and their worst. How they cope with change, how they are when they
have no responsibilities. – [Sylvia] In their most
uncomfortable state. – [Gunnarolla] I mean, we
did pretty well together. – [Sylvia] Yeah, honestly, I think we respected each
other’s space as well when we needed it. Our down time, we kinda took to ourselves, it was nice. We were together when we were together and we had our alone time. We also have the same
tastes in everything. – [Gunnarolla] We do! – [Sylvia] We wanted
to eat the same things, we wanted to see the same things, we wanted to sing the same songs. – [Gunnarolla] So, if you’re
thinking of taking a trip, go to Taiwain. And try cycling there too. – Yeah. – It’s built for cyclers. – Beautiful. Scenery, food, people. – Vivian. – Vivian, booches. – [Gunnarolla] Don’t forget some booch. See you next time. – à la prochaine!