This is literally
the worst service – and I’m not even
saying this–
– No. Charity:
This is a Long Island.
The soda he’s not even
pulling from a refrigerator?
It’s sitting on a counter
right there
with the cranberry juice
and everything.
Jon:How flat is that soda?Get me on there. They’re going on
social media right now. Yeah, this might be ugly. We’re here right now,
and this is absolutely
disgusting. This is our table cloth.
Absolutely filthy. Hair, hair. If Jesus himself said, this is your gateway
to heaven,if you come
back and eat here.
I would have said,
I rather go the other route. Not going good so far. They’re gonna bury this place. The service is terrible. You’re taking so long. It’s been like 40 minutes. I told you, we shouldn’t have–
because the– – I know, he is cooking.
– They’re hungry already. – I know.
– Thanks, man. Let me know if you guys
wanna look at the menu too. – Let’s see what they think.
– Yeah. Jon:Oh, let’s see.– ( Ryan laughs )
– Oh, that’s not good. He almost coughed it up,
did you see that? That is not good. This is disgusting. Jon:
A Cosmo and an iced tea.
Two very popular,
pretty simple drinks. The manager is just
literally standing there leaning on the DJ bar. That pisses me off. You guys need more menu? Do you guys have
any vegetarian options
this evening? Vegetarian?
We can do vegetarian. Uh, the Cauli Chop Suey all we gotta do is
not put the chicken in it. – Time:We’ll do that,
– Dane:Okay, let me get my–And then we’ll do
a calamari. – Calamari? Okay.
– And then we’ll do an order
of wings for the table. – All right. Okay.
– Okay, thanks. I want you to make all this
at the same– I mean, come out same time,
okay? He said, I can do everything
at once, no problem, it’s easy. ‘Cause he’s so efficient. Those gloves that touched
that chicken – have touched…
– Jon: Everything. every plate, every dish. He’s a hot mess
when it comes to it. He doesn’t even have
a prep station to walk from, He’s walking to the freezer
and the walk-in everywhereand going in to get stuff.So they probably never
really set up the line ever. No. So far, it’s not going good. I had… I had some of
this drink, and I had another one,
the Cosmo was horrible and I’m not feeling good. Ryan:Jon, Jon, that board
that he’s cutting these
vegetables on
are the same one
that he’s been the whole night
cutting pork ribs
and chicharrón,
and everything.
– Charity:Ugh.Ryan:That’s the same knife,and this is a vegetarian.Ugh! They can’t
eat this. Oh, God!
This is not cooked. Ryan:
He’s a complete hack
is what he is.
– He’s also dangerous.
– Yeah. We can’t let them
eat that food. – No way, Jon. Stop ’em.
– I’m gonna get in there – before it gets to the table.
– Ugh. Space:
Look at this meat,
it looks rotten. It smells even worse. Stop.
Do not eat that. It is completely
cross-contaminated. That is freaking disgusting. Feel this, feel it. Where’s Michelle?
Michelle, come on over. Give me your hand. Feel this. You wanna eat that? Nice and juicy.
Right? Really fresh. Just the kind of food
you wanna eat, right? No. – I sent them in here.
– Mm-hmm. They are social media
experts. They have over
a million followers online. – Mm-hmm.
– Jon: What did you think
of this place. You seen us over here, you’ve been just
over there sitting
at the DJ booth leaning. Look at our silverware. – It’s sticky. Look at that.
– Jon: Feel it Time: I’m not feeling good
from my drink. It was horrible. I couldn’t even taste
anything. This is the stuff
that’ll put you
out of business. Let’s go in your kitchen
for a minute. Thank you, guys. Gentlemen! What is
the purpose of those gloves? Russell:
Safety for the food? Jon:
You haven’t changed them. I did tell them to do that. Jon:
Look, it’s torn! And then he picks up
the raw chicken with the same gloves
that he touches the cooked food with! Then he picks up plates
with the same hand and the same glove! – Did you know you shouldn’t?
– Yes, sir. But he did it anyway. Wouldn’t that make you
an irresponsible ass ( bleep )? What about the guy
who gets sick? Doesn’t he think
you’re an ass ( bleep )? Give me a second chance,
Michelle. Do you understand
she’s out of money? Russell: Yes, sir. She doesn’t have
a second chance! You already took it
from her!