We spent the whole night
putting together debt
in this place. as best as we could. And we’re about $400,000
in debt right now.Most of these things
we didn’t even know about.
There’s no rent paid.
That’s $5,000 a month
screwing us.Over $100,000.Jon:
So you have to pay
the rent here
because of the cross guarantee
to the theater.
– And you know that.
– That’s correct. So you’ve made a decision
not to the pay the rent. You told me that.So now you need to understand
if they didn’t pay the rent,
you’d be out of business. I can’t bleed over there because this bar
is mismanaged. Well, here’s last month’s
bank statements. I’m really disgusted when
I see the real numbers now. What are these expenses? Rental car, rental car… cafe, golf clubs… Golf clubs! Golf clubs! – Jon, that’s–
– Golf clubs! – One month! One month.
– Golf clubs! I don’t take a paycheck,
she doesn’t take a paycheck
in four years. Golf tees.
Golf country club. Golf lunch. Jon, I don’t– No, no.
That’s embezzlement. – Scott:You can lo–
– When you run personal expenses
through a company… – I don’t take a paycheck!
– …and don’t tell
your partners? – No–
– That’s ( bleep )
fraud, Scott. So see, if you agree
to a paycheck, your partners know that. When you do this,
they don’t. That’s why it’s fraud. You robbed the bank
and you didn’t get away
with it. This is the most incriminating
set of information against a manager
I have ever seen. ( scoffs )
Ah, God! How do I live?
How am I supposed to live? Are you that much
of a ( bleep ) idiot, Scott? – Scott:We don’t get
a paycheck.
– He doesn’t ( bleep ) get it. We don’t take a paycheck
for four years– Howard:Oh, my God.
The same ( bleep ) thing.
– How do you live?
– Barely! You’re getting
money from somewhere. Where? From the business. So you are getting paid then.
Aren’t you?No, I’m not getting paid.
Getting paid is getting
a paycheck.
– Jesus Christ!
– Scott:I used some money.Look, Jon,
if you add that up, that doesn’t even come
to $3,000 a month for two people
working 70 hours a week. – Two people working–
– But you have time to go to
a country club for dinner.Six times.But you’re working
all the time. All this is
on your head. Gonen, you are
a ( bleep ) clown, okay?Just shut your mouth,
all right?
Jon Taffer just called you
an embezzler. You’re a minority owner
in this business. You don’t have the right
to take a ( bleep ) dollar without their approval.And the fact that you’re
spending their money
and acting like a big shot doesn’t only make you
a failure, it makes you
a complete jerk.